Karate Vs Mafia (1980) trailer

Hong Kong. An Asian city where the world’s
traffickers meet up to chill and stuff. Lai-Chao, a young, martial arts expert sailor, gets involved
with some diamond smugglers. Not in that way. His mastery of karate and kung fu fighting
leaves his pursuers trembling in fear. Lai-Chao, the young sailor. Tiu, the expressive young girl in love with Lai-Chao. Chang Di-Ku, a dangerous enemy Ma Ko-Ki, a badass mafioso. Dragon King, a final boss on holiday. Kleen, the canniest commish in Hong Kong. Grandmaster Kao-Ky. No traits to speak of. KARATE VS. MAFIA A film full of adventures and punchups. KARATE VS. MAFIA! The film that will occasionally make y heart thump with excitement. LA L A LAND-I mean, KARATE VS. MAFIA
Dynamic and actual karate fights. STRICTLY COME KICKING!
Who was pulling the strings of the diamond smuggling? Kao-Ky, the blind Grandmaster who could see further than many people. His wisdom achieved extraordinary magnitude. MIDSOMER MURDERS GOES EXOTIC! A diamond was worth more than a human being HONG KONG ABBEY Featuring the best karate stuntmen in Hong Kong. The best actors to ever go to a Chinese audition!
It’s KARATE VS. MAFIA FAR EASTENDERS The dynamic film that will make you
forget the real world. A meow-meow movie. THE GREAT HONG KONG FACE OFF Where you can learn how to kick ass
like a karate God. (Not proven scientifically) KARATE VS. MAFIA Please don’t miss it.

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  1. El Kao-Ki no solo es maestro de Karate, parece que tambien le cortó el flequillo al protagonista.

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