Karate SIDE KICK Part 1 Tutorial How To do a Karate Side Kick correctly? Martial Arts Technique

Side Kick, Today I am going to talk about the side kick
And the basics behind the side kick. Very Often People show up to the kicking seminars They want to increase speed, power Side Kick Flexibility, Height Side kick, endurance and focus And they do not have the correct side kick kicking technique I would like to go over the side kick technique
And the misconceptions about the side kick And stuff like that so that people who So that people who have been throwing incorrect SIDE KICK
For years, can adjust their side kick a little bit. First of all there are two common ways to throw a side kick. I am talking about A front leg side kick First way to throw a side kick Is to raise The side kick chamber forward Having the non kicking leg Or the supporting foot in the same direction And twist or turn as you throw the side kick As you bring the kicking leg back Switch the kicking leg back That the first option Some martial arts styles employ that kicking option The way I throw the side kick, the way ElasticSteel
Practitioners throw the SIDE KICK We do not Bring the kicking leg up here As if we are about to do a front kick Once the chamber comes up, the supporting leg
Already turns in preparation for the kick The chamber of the kick is 45 degrees to the floor It’s not parallel to the floor It’s not perpendicular to the floor The side kick chamber is 45 degrees and Than a side kick comes out One more time, I will demonstrate the side kick
The other way or with the other leg first option Bring the kicking leg up here Kick and pivot Bring the side kick back And Pivot the non kicking leg And of course the other side kick option Kicking leg comes up Once the chamber comes up “SIDE KICK” The supporting leg toes are already facing away
From the kicking target and the heel is facing
The target And the side kick comes out Those are the two side kick options Two basic problems first problem {Side Kick} Is that the heel of the kicking leg is too
Far forward if this is the case The line of the kick will not travel This way It will travel this way The target is here Not utilizing enough quadriceps muscles in the side kick Mainly extensors of the hip What other people do is The bring the kick leg, like so And deliver their side kick as if it was a funny round house kick Still Trying kick with the heel the goal here is To pull the heel back enough that it would
Come out in the straight line The way to do this is not to start with a chamber
Of a side kick I have never seen anyone practice the SIDE KICK,
They way I am going to show it to you But in my opinion it’s a correct way to learn a side kick What most people would do is bring up side kick chamber And they would hope, I am talking about
Most martial arts instructors And they would hope that the Side Kick
Would come out In a straight line The other way to do it, is to use a little
Device I have here. Start with a straight leg, with extended side kick And than pull the side kick in What I have here Is a vertical line That can be drawn on the wall It’s 90 degrees, it’s perfectly vertical It can be a strap It can be rope It can be anything to help with the side kick Another line on the floor What you would do Is put a non side kicking leg My left leg right now is my non-kicking leg On this line it’s facing away With my other leg Side kick heel in line with the heel I would bring it up and from here Pull the side kick straight back And extend it Than bring it back And extend the side kick straight out A lot of people who are not used to practicing the side
Kick this way Are probably going to get pain In the abductors In hip flexors Side Kick Supporting Leg Midsection These are the things, because the
Body is not used to doing the [SIDE KICK] this way You may have to hold on the chair or partner To perform the kicks this way In my opinion “side Kick” is best to start with
A straight leg, Pull it straight back Let the Side Kick come out straight forward Starting slowly And picking up the speed What a lot of people do Knowing that the side kick needs to come out straight Talking about the heel now, the heel of the side kick
Needs to come out straight, not the edge of the foot not the knife foot But the heel of the kicking leg What some people do is bring up the side kick chamber And they believe that To make a straight line with a SIDE KICK The heel Must be back here By the glutes because in their mind The kicking heel is right over the supporting leg And they would throw the side kick like that That not it. That’s not the case. Once the kicking heel comes up The center of gravity Moves back So the supporting foot of the side kick Is not directly Under the hip The supporting leg is a little forward of the hip Because the weight shifts back The kicking heal is not here It here It’s not directly Behind the hip It’s forward for the side kick That’s where the heel for the side kick is And than comes straight out There is nothing wrong with doing side kick chamber stretches For a lot of people who can’t hold a prper chamber before the kick properly There is there’s nothing wrong with Doing side kick chamber stretches some people This is a far as they can go with their side kick Some times, it’s the strength Sometimes it’s the flexibility there’s nothing wrong with Doing this stretch In ElasticSTeel, it’s 45 degrees. Supporting leg is facing away from the target and after a while Bring the kick out and stretch This is not the actual kick, but you can use it
As the warm up Second device I have here
(Watch Part Two)

100 Replies to “Karate SIDE KICK Part 1 Tutorial How To do a Karate Side Kick correctly? Martial Arts Technique

  1. Thanks for the response, and quick too!

    So would I be right to say the following?

    1. Horizontal chamber is okay IF it doesn't detract from the rest of the kick.
    2. You suggest the 45 because it's easier to deliver the rest of the kick with proper form.

  2. Can you train your leg muscles by kicking in the air or is it best to lifting weights with your legs & THEN stretch…Don't you get kind of stiff if your lifting weights all the time?

    I can only lift my leg up to my hip….

    Btw how long did it take you to be able to do high kicks & do you have to stretch every single day?

    I'm kind of new so sorry if i'm asking lot of questions.

  3. HI.. This is what i was looking for.. Thanks a lot.. 🙂
    If u don't mind, i have a ques for u..
    I used to Go to GYM 3 years a go & i was Very FIT. But i met with an accident 2 years ago & frm then, i have quit exercising. My body is Bloated,Fat but vry STIFF now!! can i gain my ioriginal shape back? & should i reduce Weight 1st or can i Go with Stretch? Pls Reply!! Thank u again..

  4. yourshiva1,
    I have no Idea what your situation is.
    There is now way I can give you correct advice with the information you provided.
    It's best that you look for a PT or a trainer,
    who can take your history, test your fitness level and go from there.

  5. @Rastapulse

    That's the "problem" with alot of martial artist, they need the distance or constantly keep away in order to kick.
    Focus on other arts aswell..
    As for your question; Knee, elbow or even a headbutt will work if done right.

  6. That is indeed a perfect TKD sidekick! I'm a blackbelt TKD fighter, been doing TKD for 8 years now and my instructor isn't the brightest out there so I had to figure a lot of stuff out myself. In my early days, I always had problems with the side kick going of line. The method that I found doesn't involve a wall, but to keep the heel, the butt and the shoulder on the same line while bringing the leg in and out, pretty much like you explained it.

  7. @yourshiva1
    The uploader can't help you, but maybe I can. That is if you don't mind. You should go for stretches first. Since you wight is more, you will have lesser problem in finishing your stretch than if you were slimmer. It will hurt at first. Then you'll be used to it. Then, you start doing some kicks. Once you can do them well enough, then you reduce your weight for easier, faster and stronger kicks. But you must do so with an iron will as it will be tough. I have some experience in this

  8. Question now obviously the second kick is faster but does it lose any power because with the first one it remided me of a boxer throwing a straight and pivoting off his back leg

  9. this man is amazing, i increased my kick from rib height to over my head in just a month of stretches and practice at home.

  10. Does it matter if you step behind or in front when you do a side kick? I seen some school teach step behind and some step in front.

  11. Would you say that the side kick with vertical chamber is stronger and the one with horizontal chamber is faster or it doesn’t matter?

  12. Side kick put’s you in bad position, because the other guy is on the side of you. Inn MMA you can get taken down like that.

  13. I seen a lot of good tutorials from you on kicks, splits, footwork. Are you going to or do you have already (can you link them.) do tutorial about kick boxing knees and punches.

  14. I can kick straight slow. I watch my fast kick in slow motion and they don’t move straight. I got that idea from you. Any tips?

  15. You still do the rotation, it won't show well in the butterfly stretch. Have you tried massage? How wide is your straddle?

  16. False. Practising only gedan does little to extend you as a martial artist. It's simply lazy and a cop out. Kicking high improves strength and balance far more than kicking low. Some people simply can't kick higher than gedan due to age and/or disabilities; that's fine. But to say "True karate don't kick above the groin" is utter garbage.

  17. Sir, I've seen your video's and quite frankly love these video's. But I too have a problem. I'm dominant with my left leg. So forth, I kick using it mainly, although I practice both. My supporting leg has some hip pain that comes and goes. What might I be doing wrong? My guess was I was turning my foot too much (rotating the supporting foot) but I'm not sure.

  18. Got a serious question, some one please answer. Can some who is not very good at full splits (i cant strech my legs apart completely) learn this kick ?? or do we need to learn the full center and side splits of legs first ??

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