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– Good evening, welcome Champagne-Ardenne. Here are the titles of 19/20. At 7:15 p.m., “Here and not elsewhere” tonight we learn karate
by Internet. The idea of ​​an inhabitant of Langres, and in addition you will see, it works. “Here and not elsewhere” is tonight at Langres in Haute-Marne, Nazim BENABDELOUAHAB KLASS and Xavier will make us discover a start up of a new kind. It offers, in fact, to learn karate Internet. Langres management with two black belts. – Welcome to Langres. If we are “here and nowhere else” is to go to meet Bruno BANDELIER, a karate enthusiast who decided to quit his job to devote himself to his passion and above all convey. A Dojo equipped like a TV studio that showcases the system D. The idea of ​​Bruno BANDELIER is putting its courses Karate Internet. black belt, third Dan, it has been five years that makes videos for everyone to train at home. Bruno, you present your Dojo studio? Yes, listen I’m installing my camera. In fact, this is my téléphone.qui camera I use. And if not, I settled carpets, behind a green screen and then lighting to make videos “professional” because for the moment I have not a hyper sophisticated equipment, but it will come. – Hang or rather, tie your seat belts, the lesson will start with always the same formula that fly. – Hello. Welcome to karate-blog.net, clear and net karate. I BANDELIER Bruno, Prof. karate net and today I will introduce the basic techniques Zuki. So the punch. We very firm fist and then it hits like a fist was going belly and knock. So Mawashi Geri, it’s love
circular foot. It rises on the side and is rotated. It really is the roundhouse kick. I hope this video you liked and tells you soon on karate-blog.net, the crystal clear karate. Goodbye. – More than a martial art, karate became at Bruno a real lifestyle. Among its course, it also offers nutrition advice or meditation. – You will imagine your left arm becoming heavier. Your left arm weighs more You feel the weight of the left arm
on the mattress, on the floor, on the carpet. In the same way we wash, wash his mind of all thoughts that we have, whether good or bad. In fact, the goal is to empty the mind. A Two Three Ichi Or San Ichi Or San Ichi Or San Yes, it’s Nazim. In fact, you have to
like that. We must imagine an opponent. is blocked, and one against a kick. But systematically, imagine the opponent. – And just like that with the videos,
enough to be able to improve? – Yes, in fact, the principle is to
self-correct, to be an actor of his workouts. When you go to the club, in fact, we tend to do what the teacher says and does not reflect A really, what to do. There, when you are in front of the video, you are forced to reflect and self-correct you. monitor yourselves
and then you self-correct. In fact, alternating courses Dojo and courses at home, you grow a lot more. – Surrounded by two interns, Bruno
is betting to live of his videos as it can reach a wide audience and beyond the region. This framework SNCF was surprised not to find on the Internet karate tutorial. This is why it has embarked on this adventure and was laid off from his job since early February. – My plan is really to develop
as much as possible over the internet karate therefore, there is as much of the world that benefits both videos Free and paid products through karaté3G is brought into line. In fact in the future, I plan is to have a team increasingly large with cameramen, editors, Marketers. That, really have a team around
me and I make videos especially because this is what people want. is that
I give them online karate. – It is above all the challenge side,
since this is a start-up that comes to launch We really all communication to do all that is marketing-design which Margot deals. This is really a product that therefore did not exist throughout the Francophonie. It’s really something to throw. Ichi Or San Then Nazim, by cons, with karaté3G you can do karate in your living room, but not on the couch. You still
sweat a minimum. – Promised. First I’ll go buy a kimono and thank you for the advice, anyway Bruno. We, for our part, we meet soon
Moreover Champagne-Ardennes.

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