KARATE NERD IN OKINAWA | Season 2 (Ep. 5) — Jesse Enkamp

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  1. It is always a pleasure to watch the episodes of Karate Nerd, observing the attack and defense at the same time, there is a consideration to do. The work on distance becomes fundamental, the attacker is faster than the one who defends himself, because whoever is defending beyond the ability to react has first the perception, adding the two are slower than the attacker.
    For example

    attacker: 200ms

    Perception capacity: 150ms + Reaction capacity: 200ms = 350ms
    work on distance is important here.

    I hope to organize a seminar in Italy with you to share your fantastic experiences with our practitioners

  2. Great 😀😇😀😀😀video…….this musical instrument is awesome..😉😉😉😉……thnxx🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇👊👊

  3. Jessi San your kobudo is 3 star in Japanese I would like to say sugoiii San please can u upload some kobudo kata video

  4. Love the new video Jesse-san! I've recently started kobudo and seeing you practice makes me inspired to become better. What I really like about this video is that we got a look into your excellent capabilities as a teacher and speaker. Perhaps if you ever feel like taking up a new job along with this one, you should really become a motivational speaker!

  5. Very inspiring and motivated art of karate, thank you again for the sharing, gracias ALL MY RESPECTS TO YOU ALWAYS 👍👍👍👏👏

  6. Hello Sensei. Great show as usual. I got a question, im very interest in learning this concept of strike-defend at the same time in a flowing motion you mention, have you taught that in any of your KNX Seminars that you have available for sale online? Keep up your good work.

  7. Hi Jesse I’ve only recently discovered your videos and i have found them inspiring, it makes me want to take up karate again. To cut a long story short I gave up karate for medical reasons, then I moved location and never took it up again. It has been six years since I have worn a gi and long to get back into one, stand shoulder to shoulder with other karateka and begin my training anew. Other than a terrible drop in fitness level, my main concern is my feet. I forget the name of the condition but the bottoms of my feet get sore very quickly. Can you recommend any exercise that can help with my feet? Thank you in advance, now it’s time for me to watch more of your videos. Keep up the great work 👍🏻

  8. Awesome episode (all of them are). That sneeze of yours must have had some serious kime 😜. Those sweat bands on your ankles were something else. Must be 100% humidity all year round.

  9. It's been said already but I absolutely love these videos as well every week I'm pulled in even when I don't have the time thank you and keep them coming

  10. Hi Sensai Jess. Another fantastic episode. Great idea to use sweat bands at ankles- I too suffer with slipping on my sweat in hot weather!! Absolute speed vs relative speed and flexibility vs mobility – great advice. Thanks again for a super great video. 🙌🏻 your karate fan from Melbourne Australia.

  11. Fans of Hemingway cite how the author never forgot to describe how good food tastes. You do that too Jesse! Alongside another surprising and wonderful travel log packaged within a beautiful karate show. And the sentence you speak at the very end sums up what makes it great in my opinion.

  12. For me, the most important piece of equipment during the tournament was pocari sweat. Seriously, I drank that stuff in tankerloads, it helped with the sweating right up until I couldn't stand because I had too much pocari and not enough water…

  13. Don't EVER stop making this series!! I enjoy every bit of these vlogs! From the training, history, interviews, culture, everything! Jesse San, you're the man!! Keep doing what you do sir!!!

  14. Hey Jesse, when you learned the Japanese language, did you learn it over time in small amounts, or did you become totally obsessed with learning it, and didn't stop until you were fluent in the language? Thank you for your great videos. I hope to see Oliver fight again soon 🏆

  15. Reminds of me my kyokushin shihan.. He did kyokushin and also played guitar in a band 😀 Some time he was in karate camp's, teaching and other times he was playing in some event ;D

  16. When you spoke about Sensei Matsuda Yoshimasa in the beginning of the video it reminded me of an important lesson my Sensei here in Germany taught me once.

    He said that every Karate practitioner should not only focus on martial art but on other arts as well.

  17. Jesse Enkamp – I have a question. My old master is from okinawa and was wondering if he is still there and alive. His name is Master Fusei Kise. He taught Okinawa Shorin Ryu Kenshin Kan Karate Kobudo. Thanks for any help. I was 12 years old at the time I was taught so that's all the info I have. Sorry it's been over 25 years ago.

  18. I am looking at traveling to Okinawa for the first time sometime next year. I am planning to travel to Chatan and/or Okinawa city away from Naha to try to meet some Senseis there. Would you say that is better to get a taxi or to rent a car? I know they drive different than in the US and don’t want to get in any trouble.

  19. Jesse, please, if you can put the option of subtitles in Portuguese in your videos, I really wanted to see your content, but I do not understand English, I had to go to google translator translate this comment to post.. Thanks!!!

  20. Very inspirationnal as always. I hope to meet you one day ( Hope you come to France maybe to martial arts festival in march ^^ )

  21. Hello
    I wish you more lessons for Luca Valdesi or Luca Morinua and thank you very much for your valuable and wonderful videos. I love you so so so so so so much.

  22. I started in 1987 with Kyokushin in Norway as a young teenager, then I moved to the US in the late 90's and started Shotokan in the town I lived in as a white belt again. I got the privileged experience to be taught by living legends of Shotokan. But you my friend are living the karate nerd dream, Jesse San 🙂

  23. Mr. Jack which Karate is the First? Is that SHOTOKAN or GOJURYU?
    And what is style that DANIEL LARUSSO used in KARATE KID & COBRA KAI Serial (1984-1989 & 2018)?

  24. This is awesome! It's great to see many of the higher-level GKR practitioners in this vid, especially the ones from NZL, whom I have trained with in the past. I've gone back to GKR from Kyokushin recently, as I found my kihon started to slip due to the fight-focused training in the Kyokushin dojo.

  25. I freaking Love your kobudo training. The camera work was beautifull!!!!! You are an amezing artist. You have a Brasilian fan.

  26. Two Questions just arose in my mind…
    1. Why do some of the seminar people where red belts? Isn't that like 9th and 10th dan only?
    2. How come your belt is whiter than the one of your mother? Was it dragged behind an Aeroplane by accident? xD

  27. There’s a quote from somewhere:
    If you want to be interesting, be interested.

    This guy Jesse is interesting! He is interested. Let’s hear it for his karate teaching!

    But also let’s hear it for what’s around his Karate:
    -He is multilingual and fluent in 3 languages including knowing english with familiarity of english street expressions (slang). Except for his slight accent, you’d think he was raised in the USA the way he speaks.
    -He’s a clear and crisp teacher and very motivating, A++++ for teaching ability
    -He’s humble
    -He’s funny
    -He has deep wisdom
    -His videos are high quality in storytelling when he travels
    -He’s an excellent filmmaker, covering food, culture and history when visiting new locations
    -He’s an excellent interviewer like a good journalist or philosopher
    -He includes drones and music in his footage which adds to great filmmaking
    -He’s an entrepreneur, starting his own Karate equipment line
    -He manages social media with ease and connects it all together
    -He’s a thinker which means not just having vast knowledge but wisdom too

    When you do something as a skilled specialist, think how to develop your whole person, how to affect character. Jesse has done this.

    This dude is interesting! And brilliant.

    In gratitude, I practice my goju-ryu more because Jesse gets me excited to make it a way of life, to build my character.

    Thank you for sharing Jesse! You’re a Light in the world. Keep that Torch lit.

  28. i really like your bo skills. would be nice to see more of your kobudo training here like an training montage with some key notes on the side which things are important for the exercises.:)

  29. 空手の教え方がとても上手です!勉強になります!ありがとうございます!

  30. Many of those participants in your seminar, including your assistant, were wearing the same patch on their gis. What was it?

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