Karate Kyusho – Bunkai Tekki Shodan

Hello dear budokas,
I hope you’re great. Today, we will train on Kyusho, pressure points, specificaly on Tekki Shodan Bunkai or Naihanchi Shodan. When training on pressure points, we need to think about that it’s not something new, it’s around for centuries. The teachning started a very long time ago from the previous generation. Sensei FUNAKOSHI, founder of Shotokan Karate wrote about it on his book released in may 1936! Karate Do Kyohan. So it’s NOT a trending knowledge, or something new. It’s really something old. I am NOT an expert, so please forgive me if I made some mistakes. He grabs me and wants to strike me with a hook punch. I block his strike and then I will go for LUNG POINT 6, just here. Then going to STOMACH POINT 5. Here is the first part of the bunkai. The strike on LUNG 6 needs to go this way, toward you. which will give me access to STOMACH 5. This is the bunkai of this part of the kata. You can see when I am doing the bunkai I stop my strike, not even going over my arm, because I would do it fully, I would go through his head. Now, I will strike SPLEEN POINT 6. You can find it here and it’s really painfull. You can strike softly wih the ball of the foot or strike hard with the heel like that. You can see , it really hurts. Now imagine that you’re wearing boots. Yeah, it would be a disaster for his leg. So I will go here, and from here I can go this way to LARGE INTESTIN POINT 18 or you can strike on the other side. As you want, like 🙂 Of course, I can do it if I have my other in front. He attacks the same way, I do the same and now I performing Nami Gaeshi on the outside and follow up with the strike. It’s all in the kata Tekki Shodan or Naihanchi Shodan. When you’re here, you can strike with a forward strike or a side strike. As you like. Depends how you learn the kata. I am allways striking the STOMACH 5 POINT. So you can strike it from above or under. Kyusho are not secret and not something you strke light and he falls. NO! Don’t think about a needle point but about a area. Striking an area like… I am striking this area and toward me so I can follow up. And now, Leeroy Roder sensei would say : ALL IN THE FACE! I aim this area. If I have ths leg in front I use it. If it’s the other one, I use it too. Then I can strike there on the throat I hope that you appreciated It’s been quite sometimes that I train on Kyusho Karate, and I am not an expert. Learn from the best like Serge REBOIS, Chris Thomas, Leeroy RODER. See you soon for another video, and you too improve you karate with KYUSHO like myself. Take care. Thanks. Ciao.

13 Replies to “Karate Kyusho – Bunkai Tekki Shodan

  1. Encore une vidéo de très bonne qualité ! Autant sur l'aspect vidéo Que la construction ET le montage ! Merci pour ces notions !

  2. Bonsoir, Lionel toujours aussi brillant dans tes techniques et instructions, et bien sûr sur les démonstrations, bonne continuation et à bientôt , bravo !

  3. Excellent move . The H pattern system is great when applying pressure points. Look up Master Mark Kline DVD on it. It’s superb

  4. Interesting – Exactly as shown in my DVDs and videos for the last 20 years. Good to see others following that example! The 2 DVD set Tekki Shodan & Tekki Nidan show a vast number of Kyusho Bunkai from these 2 Kata.www.kissakikarate.com

  5. It is always good to see knowledge spread. It is also always good to look for the real source of this knowledge: hanshi Vince Morris, a master who is able to apply it for real in a real fight. Check for Vince Morris + Tekki and Kissaki-Kai Karate on Google, Facebook or YouTube. Recommendation to also watch his Tekki bunkai dvd’s.
    Et le meilleur reste à venir pour les gens en France: il vit maintenant en France et donne régulièrement un séminaire (région de Béziers). Plus que cela vaut la peine d'y participer si vous voulez vraiment apprendre quelque chose sur le kata bunkai dans un vrai combat. Faites-le!

  6. Merci Lionel, on peut même dire que la zone du point de pression est l équivalent d une petite pièce de monnaie. Bonne approche comme toujours et on comprend mieux certaines planches de bunkai de nos anciens avec des atemis précis au niveau de certains membres. Merci ?

  7. La rĂ©alitĂ© des arts martiaux… Très bon travail et très belle explication….Le Pimmmm' j'adore ?. Respectueusement Stef

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