‘Karate Kid’ Star Ralph Macchio Reveals Role He Beat Will Smith For | Heat Vision

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  1. omg…i can't believe that ben stiller and will smith auditioned to be in my cousin vinny! i'm glad they didn't get the part because ralph macchio and the other actor did phenomenal jobs and acted the roles perfectly…i can't imagine the film being any different and replaced with any other actors

  2. As a happily married man I'm not ashamed to say that ralph looks great for his age he's holding on to his yute haha

  3. Well, people do tend to look thirty five years older than they did in 1984, this is not a shocker, I know I do. Ralph looks great and seems like a lovely, very personable guy, as do William Zabka and Martin Kove (who surprisingly enough also no longer look as they did in '84). I loved Cagney and Lacey too – tv and films were so good back then. I'm glad for Ralph, he's a nice guy and good actor and it's nice to see him getting success again with this and The Deuce. Good for Ralph and the other guys. LOL at him not thinking he was getting enough attention from Coppola and putting his hand up…typical twenty year old guy thing to do.

  4. He's living a clean life..probably not drinking, no smoking and messing around with other women, which can contribute to stress and aging on the body. Not doing those things is probably what is keeping him "Yutful." 😅

  5. This was a great interview! So many new stuff I didn’t know before! And I consider myself an expert when it comes to Ralph Macchio! 😄

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