#karate #kicks #tangsoodo #martialarts #hwarang Kicks for combination, first lesson

Good evening guys, Here I am again (fhilip, Tang Brothers). Today I am not holding the Bo But why? you ask yourself Today I am gonna show you how to kick because in the future I will combine them with techinques of Bo First I wanna be clear with something. The kicks I will show you I will refer them in Korean language Because this is the kind of martial art that we are practicing on. That’s why we call our self as Tang Brothers. i will show you two kicks I will show you one kick which is side rotary (google translator because I do not know how to call it) and in the second kick you will bend your body in 360 degrees So, let’s begin First, I will tell you how to stand in order to accomplish the kick You need to have your front leg a little bit bend and your other leg which is behind need to be straight the kick that I will show you its called as Dolyo Cha Gi or side rotation kick easy, don’t you think? I will show you the same kick but in side position First you need to bend your knee and then lift it up as I do and then you kick because you kick in the center we call it Dolyo Cha Gi Choong Dan You can do the same kick a little bit higher Its ok? So, this kick is very useful if you can not kick your bad enemy in center or in the stomach in order to defence yourself or in the trunk or their legs The second kick its called Dwi Huryo Cha Gi Dwi means bend and Huryo means hook Let’s see what I mean Let’s imagine your have an enemy front of you and then you will bend your whole body in the direction of your leg which is straight As I already told you, you need to have the one leg which is frond of you a little bit bend and your other leg which is behind need to be always straight You will bend in the direction of your straight leg and You will do whatever I do Let’s see now step by step what are the steps in order to accomplish it First you turn your whole body and when you have rotate 180 degrees then you will rotate your head as I do because you need to see your target your target in this case is a bad guy which is ready to kick you first you stop his/her kick with your hand and then you turn your whole body and you kick the target let’s see he kick one last time before I finish the today’s lesson That was the today’s lesson Thank you for your attention until the next time, Bye 😀 😀

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