Karate America Appleton: After School Program with Martial Arts

with family schedules parents working or
other commitments many kids are now in after school care this growing need has helped us
recognize that parents are looking for something more for their kids positive
role models an environment that reinforces respect building self-esteem
and confidence along with teaching self-discipline all
in a structured fun environment the staff really cares about the kids
are in front of them and their present with those karate students and that’s
just one of the things that i personally love about being a part of the Karate
America family. With my husband we own and operate karate America appleton
which we established in 1995 there’s complete trust in the staff from
the younger staff members all the way up to the owners, the Denus are just
fabulous and everyone they hire there are just so encouraging and my kids
absolutely love them martial arts is highly recommended and
proven to help students with focus respect confidence self discipline and
leadership skills we’re not just dropping our son off for
him to be watched her baby sat we’re dropping our son off and he has an
opportunity to learn about some of those values that my wife and I find so
important in life what makes the Karate America after
school program different our after-school martial arts program is
offering transportation in our karate van first and foremost it was very
convenient for my wife and I they picked him up right at school in a van that was
very easy for Cameron despite was very safe way for him to get from school to
karate America structure down time for homework snacks quiet reading time arts and crafts and
games but i really enjoy the fact that my kid comes home excited to show me
that their homework is actually done which is that is a nice plus then all i
have to do is really kind of look it over and sign it off fun interactive physical activity karate
exercise for healthy bodies but then when it comes to after school time I
think they also need an opportunity to be physical and to work out and work off
some of the energy that they build up during the school day regular karate classes with belt
curriculum and daily lessons on life skills plus we offer full-day programs
for free for many school days off they are able to have the kids are those
days when there is no school in session and we know that our son is in a great
environment where he’s cared for and nurtured throughout
the day as a fellow parent of three small school age children I understand the after school routines
and need for positive downtime and structure. Hand selecting your child’s
social groups role models and demonstrated behaviour is something that
can affect your child long-term academically mentally and their overall
well-being and as an educator the kids need to know that you care
before they care what you know and I think that really sums up the
relationship building that the staff have with all the karate students at
Karate America if you feel like your family can benefit from our martial arts after school program we’d love to meet
you contact us today to set up an appointment and get a tour we look forward to partnering with you
to reinforce the benefits of martial arts in a safe positive structured after
school setting here at karate America Appleton

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