KAAPELILAISET – Auvo Niiniketo

We came here with our gear in 1989 for the first time. In the beginning, in this corridor there was only us and the Athlete Club. When the cable machines gave way, we started building walls. We did everything ourselves back then. There was nothing in here. The destiny of the building was uncertain. We didn’t know if it would be demolished. Now that we have this cultural centre, it’s easy to be here. It’s easy to pop in and we have all the necessary facilities. I never thought about what I would become. I’ve always just ended up doing things. I like to do business, if I come across something interesting. That’s like sports too. You put different bits and pieces together. Business is like sports. This jiu-jitsu technique is trained in 24 countries. I have followers in many countries. I’ve achieved a 10 Dan status in jiu-jitsu. That’s the highest in the world. These Japanese martial arts always have titles. My title is Soke. Only one in each technique can have that. So only when I die, someone else can become a Soke. Not before. I’m thankful to my old boxing trainer Onni Pallas for this martial arts idea – and for training me. As a boxer, he was old school. A house in Sammatintie 5 was home to – Pallas, seven-time Finnish Champion Hannes Koivunen and Gunnar Bärlund. They were buddies and had a good attitude towards sports and boxing. Pallas was a sports idealist. All the problems in the world could be solved through sports and training. That picture was taken in 1979 or 1980. Back then having hair was still in. Now it’s not anymore. I see martial arts in a different way than many others. It’s like playing chess. The moves are just really quick. The opponent is put his back against the wall and then it’s just checkmate. When my oldest daughter was not yet in school – she had played with my medals. Someone from our house brought me the medals he had found in a sandpit. ”These must be yours?” the man introduced the medals. In a sandpit! The only time they’ve been put to good use. That’s allright. At The Cable Factory since 1989

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  1. Voi että miten on Ave muuttunut HIEMAN leppoisammaksi. Hyvä juttu. Paljon on tehnyt Suomen kamppailu-urheilun edistämiseksi ja tekee edelleen. Kuunosta seuraaja, ellei siellä salilla ole tapahtunut suuria muutoksia henkilöhierarkiassa.

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