Jujitsu Throws & Chokes : How to Use a Jujutsu Twist Throw to Counter a Charge

MICHAEL LEWIS: Michael Lewis here with Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to go over today a few break falls
and throws that we use jiujitsu. Now we’re going to show you a technique instead of completely
moving out of the way, you’re actually going to redirect the person’s weight and is going
to be in front of you. You’re going to be able to get to the rear side of them and also
be able to execute a choke if needed be but also this is from a person who’s shooting
in to grab your legs but they also have a hesitation. They don’t follow through with
the whole technique so you’re able to sort of gain control while they’re still in front
of your body. Okay, he goes in and shoot in towards my leg, I immediately instead of stepping
around to the side, I step straight back. I am keeping my hand on top of his head to
push down and also maintaining my left hand underneath his arm. Now, instead of just pushing
straight down, I’m also going to push down and twist the motion around so that I step
back, he continues his motion forward, he falls. From here, I can drop down and actually
get him into a headlock from here if I need to or make a choke and exposes a lot of opportunity
since he has his back turned towards me. Now we’re going to do it in full speed. He comes
in, step back. And there you go. And that’s another variation of a self-defense technique
in throwing an opponent down to the ground when they’re trying to shooting in for your

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