Jujitsu Throws & Chokes : How to Use a Jujutsu Throw to Counter a Charge

MICHAEL LEWIS: Michael Lewis here with Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to go over today a few break falls
and throws that we use in jujitsu. Now we’re going to teach you a little bit how to defend
yourself with the throw from someone who’s shooting in towards your feet trying to grab
your legs. Also keep in mind that when someone is trying to shoot in they are carrying a
lot of momentum a lot of force so the best thing to do is stepping out of the way and
redirecting the motion. And now we’re going to demonstrate it for you. Okay, as he shoots
in I want to take a step back with my right leg to get myself completely out of the way.
Also if you notice I’ve placed my right hand on top of his head. I’m going to push down
with that and continue to push him all the way around. It’s going to cause him to flip
over. Also, my left hand has hooked underneath so it’s a motion of pushing down, pulling
up with one hand. So as I step out of the way it’s all one continuous motion and he
roll straight over. I will show you full speed. Very easy. There you go. That’s a redirect
of someone’s weight while they’re trying to shoot in to grab your legs.

9 Replies to “Jujitsu Throws & Chokes : How to Use a Jujutsu Throw to Counter a Charge

  1. Jiu Jitsu is all ground game it has no effect in real life unless they want to take u down which they probably won't where as Ju Jitsu uses stand up and ground

  2. @The01Toby lmao im guessing your one of em MMA junkies that think there is only one type of ju jitsu. Look up Japanese jujitsu. It is were jujitsu first originated. It is a complete system with throws, take downs, joint manipulation, striking, and ground fighting. It is only used for only self defense due to the deadly nature of the art, after all it was used by the samurai out on the battlefield. You are thinking of Brazilian ju jitsu which was adapted for competition and MMA events.

  3. @urfaceismessed no I'm Lmao you obviously didn't read my comment correctly: I said Jiu Jistu is all ground game (as in the Brazilian spelling) Ju Jitsu is stand up and ground; I would know this because I am a Japanese Ju Jitsu practioner.

  4. @The01Toby Oh well considering on how you would put that on a Japanese jujitsu video you would see how that mistake would be made.

  5. @urfaceismessed Well I can't remember because I commented on this such along time ago but I think I was clearing up the difference for a previous comment and forgot to direct it at that person; I could be wrong though.

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