Jujitsu Grappling Techniques : Jujitsu: Triangle Choke

We just showed you how to get a head and arm
control, standing. Now we’re going to show you different finishes, this is our first
finish, taking it down to the ground in our arm triangle choke to choke the guy out. So
let’s say we’re wrestling around, we got a collar and arm tie, we’re going to do our
duck under, you’re going to see underneath the elbow, you’re going to drop underneath,
shove the arm up, or at least make it so he can’t drop the elbow so I can get underneath
him. Pull the head down and get to here. Keep your head tight to the arm so he can’t pull
it out, and we’re going to shoot so some kind of standing control, however deep we get him.
Okay here, now we’re going to go to that osoto gari throw I showed you earlier. You’re going
to step in and take him with an outer reap, you take him down to the ground, follow up,
put your head to the mat. So once we’re here I’m going to put my head to the ground. That
stops him from getting that arm out. This arm is going to cut off this artery, the neck
has two arteries. This arm’s going to cut off the artery on this side of the neck. I’m
going to drop my head so he can’t get the arm out and go to the triangle like ringneck
and choke type of position, go to my own head on this one, get my weight off my knees and
drive in and cut off the neck. Okay, so here, touch here and squeeze the neck, there’s your
arm triangle finish right from the standing. I’m going to rotate him around here, the artery
on this side of the neck is going to get cut off by the wrist bone. And here’s a different
angle to show his neck. My side of my wrist and up my forearm is going to cut off this
artery on this side of his neck here. His own shoulder is going to compress and cut
off his other artery as I drive in with force. I’m here in my position, then to finish the
choke I come up off my knees, I like to drive forward on this, on the balls of my feet and
push forward with all my weight, and choke him out. It’s going to take five to seven
seconds, maybe nine seconds, but he’s going to be going to sleep. So side to finish the
arm triangle choke right off from that standing duck under head and arm control. Finish with
the osoto gari throw, and finish with the triangle choke on the ground. Okay here is
the arm triangle finish from head and arm control. See it’s rather quick, I don’t like
to, you know, two seconds to finish him off with the choke, that’s your finish. Here’s
one more way, it’s a little theoretical, but if you’re good at your boxing, good at your
slipping, and I believe I saw Chris Lytle do the standing once in pancreas early on
his career. If you threw a cross at my face I could parry you, step to the outside, shoot
this arm through, and get to this position. So if he’s here and I’m good at paring, slipping
punches, if he punches, I can slip through and step in, if he punches, I step in, pare
it, and come to this position, and then finish off with the same land. That’s how to finish
the arm triangle choke.

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