Jujitsu Defense Techniques : Jujitsu: Thai Clinch Defense

Okay guys, listen here, your opponent gets
you in a Thai clinch, maybe he’s watched a little MMA or a little Muay Thai, he knows
what he’s doing. Number one you got to learn how to pummel in. You drop a shoulder, you
come in, and you get to your Thai clinch position. Opponent’s head down, he pummels in, it’s
a good drill to practice no matter what martial art you do, okay. Next, if he’s got my head
and that’s not good, just need to get out of there. I’m going to frame his neck, I’m
going to turn to the side really quickly and get out of this hold. I’m going to push here,
spin, right cross, left hook, right cross, low kick, get out of there. Okay. One more
time. He grabs. Frame the neck, boom, get out of there. Next, if that doesn’t work,
you can do a little pop here, here down, pop up, and go in, you pop that elbow off of you.
So here, boom, and last but not least if he’s got a very good tight neck clinch, he’s in
tight. You can’t pummel in, it’s too hard, you grab to the front elbow, go on the head,
boom, and twist him off. Show it one more time, grab a little bit more. Here. Bam, bam,
bam, bam! That’s how you get out of there.

21 Replies to “Jujitsu Defense Techniques : Jujitsu: Thai Clinch Defense

  1. @GymRatLee Yeap that may be true,but u also need to think that a jiu jitsu dude,is all about close contact wresling/grapling.There are too many defences for a clinche,thats assuming that it doesnt end up in the ground in a heartbit.Cheers

  2. @CarlitoJohnson All you gotta do is palm strike his face, which can be done just about the same time he grabs to clinch you.

  3. @CarlitoJohnson Right, don't wanna end up on the ground. I was responding to a comment where you said none of this would work vs. muy thai/mma style striking. No mention of wrestling in your initial comment.

  4. "BAM BAM BAM BAM", is not how you get out of there………… I can tell you from experience that any decent Muay Thai practitioner will be unaffected by these techniques if he or she has a full plum on you. The Thai clinch is very very technical, and every little detail is very important. Keep on looking if your in search of a comprehensive video on Thai clinch defense/escapes.

  5. i think these will only work against a very watered down clinch. the guy with neck control is not going to wait around and let you struggle your way out of it.

  6. @dlvt79 you can hit all you can from that position but you have to consider as long he holds your head knees gonna come at you and even takedowns. ofc if you speak about groin strikes then you can hit hahahaah

  7. or on the last one you can do the take down where you hug them tight at the back and you fall with them using your weight.

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