Jujitsu Defense Techniques : Jujitsu Strikes

Okay, here’s a follow-up to the crossed wrist
grab. If the guy’s strong, sometimes it’s difficult to pull off the one I just showed
you. So if I step in, if he extends his arm, pushes his arm out — extends it — there’s
things I can do from there if I can’t get the first lock. Right away, I can take this
elbow right here and strike him there and break his elbow. So that’s one option. Another
option is, anytime a guy’s arm is there and you’re caught in this wrist-grabbing type
position, I can strike it with my arm, my shoulder, and break the elbow, and use my
chest. That breaks them this way. I use my chest and extend it and a little bit of a
twist. See how he moves? I have enough control where I don’t break it, but a little bit more
and I could have. So as he grabs me, I step in. If he extends his arm, boom, I strike
it right there with my shoulder, I grab his wrist here and I make a little fulcrum, a
little bit of leverage. Just a quick little shoulder pop. So the first one’s here; I can
use that elbow. Second one’s a shoulder strike. And then I can also follow him down to the
ground. If he extends and I can’t get that lock, I can take this elbow and bring it over
into an armpit arm lock, take him down here: He’s vulnerable to knee strikes. Or slide

11 Replies to “Jujitsu Defense Techniques : Jujitsu Strikes

  1. or hit them with a left hook ? lol

    Yeah… if you want to get hyper-extension of the elbow or a broken wrist :-O

    Once a lock is on, it fucks up your opponent's ability move freely and twist… also once you have control of a limb, you don't just stand there… you move into something more, to ensure that your opponent's choices are reduced
    I do JJ and this is one of the many controlling techniques that we study and practice. The idea is it can lead into something else like a strike/takedown.

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