Jujitsu Defense Techniques : Jujitsu: Rear Drag Defense

For everyone out there this is the defense
to a rear drag, like an abduction type pull. If he’s going to grab you by the neck, take
you back, throw you in a van, take you to the back alley where they can do their crimes
on you. So you got to stop that, you don’t want to go to a secondary location. All right,
so when the guy comes up to grab you number one he’s defending your neck if he already
gets around you. If he comes up to grab you, number one you bring your hands up, get your
fingers in there, and pull your elbows down, and make it like attached to your body, drop
your weight. But he’s bigger than me, he starts to drag me backwards. As he drags you backward
what you do is you time the step, okay, and you step into him, you step behind the leg
and you step into him, here. Okay, you get side to side, side to side with him. And then
what is is keeping this tight, and you’re going to keep low, keep a nice base with the
knees bent, and then you’re going to do a twisting motion, twist him down. There’s your
takedown. You follow up with whatever you need, punch, kick, call 911, get out of there,
all right. So I’ll show it a little more, three quarters feet perhaps. As the guy comes
to attack you, defend the neck, you’re dragging me backwards, step into him, twist him down,
throw him down to the ground. Standing arm lock, hits, whatever you want to finish with.
Okay. All kinds of good stuff you can do to him while he’s down there. One more time.

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  1. yes u can shoulder throw by grabbing his wrist and forearm with 2 hands pull him tighter and lower the body by bending knees get your hips below his(important getting below his centre of gravity) then swing hips to the left as you bring body and head down to the left to throw him over shoulder

  2. your videos are really cool. You're the first one I've seen teaching jiujitsu as self defense as opposed to just cage fighting techniques. I just recently got involved in training, and it's an awesome fighting/grappling technique to know. It can be literally deadly, and scary to get in a submission hold. I wrestled for years and was good at it, but when I rolled with an semi experianced jiujitsu guy, I had my ass handed to me. Now, I BELIEVE. I can't wait to learn more. thanks for the video.

  3. Being able to see the whole body around the beginning of that video might have been a bit more helpful. Sacrificing knowledge for nice camera shots.

  4. @DanTheWolfman this is more jiujitsu for when your on on the street, like cement street, i wana see some comp jiujitsu!

  5. Not quite.

    Punch, kick, roll, draw, aim, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire, call 911.

  6. haha, and oldy but a goody of mine…this is me in the vids here. Sub my new pages, this one for Grappling and MMA, Rolling & Sparring w Pancrase/UFC Fighters, and my other page for Combatives Street stuff and MMA interviews

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