Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Escaping a Judo Pin

It may look like Sorai here is winning the
match, but I have a trick up my sleeve. What I’m going to go ahead and do and face towards
her, just like this, putting this hand on her shoulder blade, and I’m going to go ahead
and get on my knees. While doing this I’m going to push under her shoulder blade, I’m
going to push her face towards the ground, tuck in my chin, tuck in my chin and pop my
head out, just like this. Now not every opponent is going to be as kind as Sorai. A lot of
the opponents in your tournaments are going to hold on very very tight so you make sure
you fight as hard as they are. It’s very easy to think, I’m being pinned, I’m giving up.
But if you still have twenty seconds left, five seconds left, one second left, you want
to give it your all. And learn how to be as kind as Sorai. So tuck in your chin, face
them, get on your knees, put your hand on the shoulder blade and push them down, pop
up your head.

3 Replies to “Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Escaping a Judo Pin

  1. my knee got really fudged up during a judo class and put me out of it for like 6 months and i really wanna get back into it

  2. omg is that judo for u???? naaaa thats the stupid way to scape lol u shoud squeeze the stomach dont try what ur teaching lol u can get choke if they lift ur head and will tap

  3. I'll definately use this next time! A friend of mine always uses this judo stuff when we're fighting, like throwing me and so on. Now he'll pay ]:->

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