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  1. this is stupid. karate is a defensive art, not a first strike art. this is some jamoke making attacks on a guy who just defends himself. why doesn't the other guy attack? because he's smarter. True karate practitioner would never make the first move. ask Funakoshi.

  2. I am a Grappler with Brazilian jiu-jitsu background however it is so unfair to consider this a fair example of what karate brings to the table. I have much respect for the "do damage" mentality of karate practitioners. they are not to be messed with

  3. it's playing, why don't karate guy just hit the judo guy with a kick into a head? the fight will be over then

  4. I have heard people say that judo is no good in the real world like when attacked by a thug for instance. I am evidence that judo is a very efficient means of self defense.
    When I was younger, fitter, stronger, I held a black belt in judo. (I am aware that a black belt in one code means something else in another so for comparison, my training schedule: 6 years, the last 3 years I trained 3 – 4 nights per week with the Kenzo Judo club, Brisbane, Australia)

    In my late teens, early 20s I used to get into a lot of fights: I was an angry young man who drank. Need I say more?

    This is nearly 40 years ago so I don't even remember the names of most of the throws. My favorite was probably a white belt throw, very fundamental: my left hand on the opponent's sleeve, my right arm goes around his neck as I turn and pivot, as he goes over my hip I release my feet and hit the floor on top of him, already in a ground hold.

    Time and again this worked for me. What this proved to me is that you don't need a lot of throws and holds if the ones you know are so ingrained that they are muscle memory, without thought. It also proved that judo is a very effective fighting method.

    Today I am much older, wiser, and calmer. I think I would probably hurt myself if I had to fight. But I know, intuitively, that if I needed to I could defend myself.

  5. The judo throws are nice but the finishing holds are horribly executed……but what do i know… I'm just a musician……..

  6. Misleading title to this film. First of all its just a demonstration not a competiton between the two. Secondly, the Judo red/white belt is NOT a grandmaster, but either a rokkyudan (6th dan) or schichidan (7th dan).

  7. Judo and boxing are by far the most effective combat sports to be used in real life situations. Cross train and you will have no problems. Most real life situations occur from someone putting there hands on you and trying to subdue you I would say 80-90% of the time that happens. If you are trained in judo you can use that to devastating effect. Sneaky punches and pissed cunts throwing haymakers account for the other few %. Boxing is a great sport for this bravado. A good boxer would take any striking based martial artist handy. Judo and boxing all the way

  8. To be fair the karate fighter was a green belt but judo and karate are to my opinion the most beautiful martial arts in the world judo students and karate students can learn a lot from each other

  9. En el judo no existen los "grandes maestros", todos aspiramos a ser solamente sensei, tengo entendido que en aikido el creador, Morihei Ueshiba, se le denomina O-sensei (gran maestro) pero en judo no, además ese video es una demostración

  10. Fake fight! Green belt? Looks like a white belt! A true karateka would have no dificulty to win.

  11. Why the hell do you keep putting fuvking stupid big lettering in front of your videos. Stop doing it as iv now stopped looking at your videos……

  12. Toda diciplina de artes marciales, bien aplicada es efectiva, pero no hay ni una mejor que otra solo va en cuanto entrenas y pules el arte que te enseña tu sensi o sifhu! Todo va en cuanto le dediques al arte que practiques!

  13. Boooo! Demo sucks! 😴 If you're going to pull back punches and kicks, then just start demo from a non-committed start. Instead of providing the poorly, unrealistic fight reenactment.

  14. What gets on my nerves is when the camera fails to capture THE most crucial moment, yet manages to get all of the extraneous other footage. Thumbs down from me.

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