Judo for Kids : Two Arm Shoulder Throw in Judo for Children

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Angel
Perez with the Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida and we would be teaching judo for
kids. Okay the next technique I will be showing you is called Moreto Seoi Nage now we would
be using both hand the last one was a single hand over the shoulder throw now it is a two
handed over the shoulder throw. There is 3 ways of doing this always very important the
grip very important we have 3 different ways of doing this technique we can do it from
his left side lapel, his right side lapel, or his right shoulder. I’m going to be demonstrating
from the right shoulder again I need to break his balance coming forward, get my elbow underneath
his armpit, step back. Jonathan show us from the double lapel.

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  1. The man seems like he knows what he is teaching–but what do you do if the OTHER guy doesn't have a SLEEVE or
    isn't wearing a Judo Gi?

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