Jiu-Jitsu VS The World

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  1. I was a Thai fighter and a Karate-Do.
    I wrestled in high school and then got into striking, I went to a new academy about 10 months ago and they have a great bjj program.y first thought was my grappling is fine, I can wrestle.
    Then I got choked.
    Been doing bjj 5x a week since and Thai boxing is secondary.
    Bjj for life!
    (And I don't get punched or head kicked as much hah)

  2. I watch this video once every few months, or really whenever I'm feeling frustrated with training, and it always makes me feel so much better

  3. Jiu-Jitsu, without any doubt, help me to fight against my borderline mental illness. Really Jiu-Jitsu changes and saves lives…

  4. This is absolutely amazing. It's been awhile since I've watched a documentary that connected with me on an emotional level.

  5. not trying to be a dick, but I've never seen so many ear deformities in one scene before….is it the sport or something in the water in their area?

  6. That was beautful…
    What i can say..
    I got injured my neck befor 3 years and keep training untel now.
    This year the injury is getten much worse.
    my doctor toled me to quit or things will be more bad.
    We all know that we cant quit , its part of our life.
    I hope things will get better and hope safe training for every one.

  7. My 12 yr old daughter has been in jiu jitsu for almost 6 months now and I couldn't be more proud of her. She was was brought to tears after she came off the mat for the 1st time because she loved it so much. We watched this together and it made her love for the sport even stronger. Thank you so much for this. JIU JITSU FOR LIFE!

  8. 51:08 Exactly why all law enforcement should have bjj training. It's invaluable as a tool to incapacitate somebody without actually causing them serious damage. Awesome story.

  9. Ok. So I liked the beginning of this video. But as a women who does Jitsu – the section on women in Jitsu was kinda weird… I think it is important to understand the history of jitsu treatment women and the experiences of women in jitsu today but the focus on safety and daughters felt kinda off.

  10. I’m 53 years old and tonight was my second BJJ class. While I am in excellent physical condition and can humbly say that I am much stronger than most men my weight; tonight I felt the uniqueness of BJJ, having been controlled (easily) by a physically weaker man. I dedicated nearly 10 years of my formative years to amateur boxing, culminating in a State Golden Gloves title. Boxing is called the “sweet science”, and no disrespect intended, tonight I realized that BJJ is truly THE thinking man’s/woman’s sport. I’m looking forward to this journey.

  11. I disagree what the Valente bros said in the beginning of the video. That jiu jitsu is a complete self defense system. I think it’s essential. It has to be part of any self defense system, but alone is not complete. If that was the case, then ufc fighters would only be training jiu jitsu.

    I like what Jeff Glover said. That “the fusion of wrestling, judo and mma is the coolest thing ever”..

    Also, Jiu jitsu alone will not teach you how to defend against multiple attackers in case you can’t run away.. you at least give your self a chance if you know muay Thai for example.

    Nonetheless, jiu jitsu is awesome..

  12. I believe that one thing that is missing many times in jiu jitsu, is the destination between the sport and the self defense Jiu-Jitsu.. that line many times isn’t very clear.. you can learn all the moves, and some of them look really cool, but you can’t apply every one of them in real life self defense.

    I think the Gracie’s are one of the few that do focus on that distinction..

  13. I read the title wrong. I thought it said "Jui Jitsu vs the sword". I thought I was going to see a bjj guy get the shit beat out of him by a guy with a bokken.

  14. damn the comments on this vid, i know i need to watch this shit. i just started training. yo dude used hot coffee to mold his mouthpiece ahahahaha. NOICE!!!

  15. Wym “control then tap” that’s some bullshit, you should just go straight for the tap. Tap from being mounted, having your back taken, or don’t even pass a guard or let them pass you and just go for leg locks. Lmao, who needs control?

  16. If you have just a little bit of courage to walk into the gym and just a little discipline to give jiu-jitsu a chance, it will change your life! If you really, really give it a chance, you'll see, it will change your life!

  17. I know nothing about ju jitsu, but man! This documentary makes me feel like I'm apart of it. I gotta try it out. Beautiful film, respect to the art and the artist keeping it in motion.

  18. The secret of the black belt is found within the fundamental refinement of the white… White belt mentality. Learning is fluidic and never-ending. There's always more.

  19. Man, every time I get a little sad, I watch this doc and realize how lucky I am to be able to participate in this wonderful community.

  20. I've had about 15 operations, mostly related to Crohn's disease. 5 of those surgeries were for a hospital-borne staph infection in my femur at the knee joint. I'm 33 and have a permanent medical device (ostomy) on my abdomen and limited knee/hip/hamstring mobility because of scar tissue. Daily yoga is helping that though. I didn't think I'd ever be able to do BJJ with an ostomy, but I got a protective belt for my device, said screw it, and I've been training BJJ now for about 3 months — I submitted my first opponent this week. It was his 3rd class, and I exhausted him in side control before mounting him and getting the kimura. It showed me what was possible. I'm on "the path" now and I don't see it changing.

  21. Before I started jiu jitsu I was a hot head. I had a lot of pent up anger and somewhat of an inferiority complex. Jiu Jitsu taught me to let trivialities go. It focuses on what is essential, my temprament has cooled off so much. It's cliche to say it's a life saver – but it's said so often that there must be some truth in the statement.

  22. Not all jiu jitsu is BJJ.
    You should've titled this video: " BJJ VS the world". It's more acurrate because what we can see is BJJ.

  23. As a general failure in a fight. I have trained martial arts since I was 9 and I finally got into a real fight and I just didn't want to hurt the guy so I didn't know what to do! I got mounted after taken down and I didn't know what to do so I attacked his eyes with a claw tactic and he screamed and hopped right off of me! That was it and he split but I'm glad I didn't take out his eye or two! I want to train GJJ so I will know a good way to escape mount and finish the fight with something kind to do to someone! I practice Tai Chi frequently and they teach application of force and and escalation of force. I like the GJJ I've studied more than any other martial art so I don't do something awful. I just need to train it and get a comprehensive understanding. I have been training for 33 years now in martial arts! BTW, In Tai Chi they suggest joint locks before pushing or pulling someone to the ground without using force against force and using minimal force. MINIMAL FORCE!!!! Trust me learn your GJJ! I like to call it World Jiu-Jitsu because the entire world has contributed at this point! Thanks to the Gracie family and everyone in the art!
    Peace and One Love,
    Hippy Mike artist

  24. I would love for this director / production team to consider doing a doc on the relationship that the BJJ community has with UAE and Abu Dhabi.

  25. Jujitsu was designed by samurai it was adjusted by Relio Gracie, and many others after him including bravo and danaher. But it wasn’t judo and then the Brazilians changed it to a ground art the teachers of the gracies were contemporaries of the creator of Judo and also happen to be his students on paper but they came with their own family styles ko-ryu the ones that went to Brazil were newaza (ground) specialists they were the original judo clubs best newaza specialists and preferred the ground they never identified themselves with judo, they taught their jujitsu from their family which was handed down from the Japanese samurai. How people honestly believe Brazilians created a art and called it jujitsu in perfect Japanese is kind of strange . How do you ignore that all the original ground manuals for judo have Japanese names for all the original techniques in the Gracie arsenal is hard to comprehend. Yes, without the Brazilians these arts die on the vine because judo became Olympic and did away with the ground aspect as a core focus. Without Brazil,it doesn’t escape Japan but the people who actually died for these arts were the samurai. Someday we need to actually pay homage to these ancients Japanese soldiers for creating these arts which were created in times of centuries of feudal warfare. No samurai no ju-jitsu. It came purely with men trying to murder eachother needing to solve the problem of what happens when I lose my sword. They needed to figure it out because if they didn’t they would die in gruesome circumstances. And the Japanese created a very engineered approach to ending a fight with vicious finality something totally unique in its ability to kill or mame. All props to The samurai, and all the further schools who took in a new direction.

  26. Over 20 years in BJJ, Just received my instructor tabs on my black belt. Jiu-jitsu has helped me in so many ways. The martial arts in general

  27. I got a question and i need an answer from guys that have been traning Jiu-Jitsu for long time or coashes none else. I got injured while back and now i got medical nee and my ankle also i got bad eye sight. i can walk and run on my leg no problem. My question is can i train/gabble Jiu-Jitsu safe without causing further injures to my leg? how about training partners. how often one get injured in sparring matches beginners or pros

  28. This is an inspiring film. I am a year into rehabbing a bad rotator cuff injury, and want to get back into shape while furthering my self defense skill set. I boxed a bit when I was young, but have never tried anything that requires ground game. So here I am at 42, and coming off this injury. I truly wonder if my shoulder would hold up undertaking some BJJ training? Guess there’s only one way to find out.

  29. 3 months and 1 week in love with the Art. Thanks Jiu Jitsu for showing me the path. This is a love for a lifetime

  30. Second day already had to spar 3 guys and got smashed I still have so many simple basics to learn not sure if it was a gauge test or just smash the new guy thing I tried to learn something from each one of the guys that I rolled with and I did but so much going on hard to apply right now anything I may have picked up but man I want to get there

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