Jiu-Jitsu & Judo Submission Moves : Jiu-Jitsu & Judo Submission Moves: Front Naked Choke Holds

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Angel Perez
with Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida. And today, we will be teaching you Judo and
Jiu-Jitsu submission moves. The next technique is the front naked choke hold. We’ll have
my assistant John, tech you this. From the full mount position. I’m on my back. He’s
fully mounted me. Notice how he has my legs, fully controlled. He comes under my neck.
Again, applies his arm to his bicep. His other arm comes in front. and he squeezes his head
towards mine. Till I tap out. If I don’t tap out, I will pass out. O.k. Again, please pay
attention to how he positions his arms. He comes down to my neck. And from there he squeezes
down, hard. In real lifetime. O.k. guys, this is a very dangerous technique. This is nothing
to play with at home. Make sure you only practice this at your Dojo with a Sensei present.

21 Replies to “Jiu-Jitsu & Judo Submission Moves : Jiu-Jitsu & Judo Submission Moves: Front Naked Choke Holds

  1. @NonchalanceInvasion get to half guard and break him down. Or try the Upa. The objective is to get out of Mount.

  2. @mialuca04 no a arm triangle is where instead of your hand blocking one of the arteries in there neck your opponents arm does the blocking of the arterie hope that made sense to you later 🙂

  3. For instruction purposes, it really helps if you are the one performing and teaching the technique, rather then being choked while talking XD

  4. I came to this video from the IBJJF rules pdf (1st edition). This move is illegal for whitebelts but legal for bluebelts and higher, which is odd since it's basically a no-gi mounted Ezekial. All Ezekials are legal for whitebelts in IBJJF but not kids.

  5. Your love of this move doesn't decide the legality of it in IBJJF competition for white-belts. If I am mistake, prove me wrong.

  6. lol why so aggressive, what I was saying is that it is bullshit that they decided it to be illegal. I don't doubt ur facts.

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