Jim Kelly Speaks On Bruce Lee’s Fighting Skills

who are always kind of experienced now you also had John Saxon Bruce yeah was there anybody else that you remembered specifically there were some scenes that were your favorites or some scenes that were more difficult than others because of whatever mm no no I enjoyed working with John Saxon there’s not sex and great I was very fortunate to have in my opinion the greatest martial art has ever lived you know Bruce Lee talked to you about that later prop I have questions for me on that but in my opinion tell you right now I’ve been I fought the best I trained with the best I know great mark I know great martial artists there’s never been anybody in my opinion like Bruce Lee Bruce Lee was unbelievable mm-hmm absolutely unbelievable guys you don’t know how great this guy was people don’t really know well I think they do actually because he he’s still the icon I mean it’s Fred Weintraub said when you say Western some people may think of John Wayne Sophia may think of Clint Eastwood yeah but when you say martial artist say Bruce Lee’s the first name that’s right you know I’m not just talking about actor or right I’m talking about martial artists Frank guy who knew his stuff mm-hmm this guy was III mean their stories I know about Bruce Lee I don’t even share mm-hmm because I have more respect for the people other people in martial arts and I it’s not necessarily name names I know I know who Bruce Lee’s sparred with yeah I know they won’t tell you it but I know people he sparred with I never mentioned their names either but Bruce Lee was untouchable yeah is it in the book is it in your bow no I don’t miss I mention this I never tell the names can I get everybody to swear to secrecy can you send one nail no and you mix them up can you have a jumble of a name can I guess you probably could yeah I probably could I know I wouldn’t yeah there you go that’s fair enough good well I I just had too much respect for other guys yeah at martial arts well you’re going you know he was the speed the timing the technique unbelievable Bruce was type of guy that he would spar with you he could spar the guy I might say whoever John Doe John Doe the great great champion okay John Doe yeah it doesn’t matter what size you can be a lightweight middleweight heavyweight didn’t matter Bruce those were light lightweight what Bruce 1.55 if he was 40 I so think what like one maybe yeah yeah yeah and what height all five seven maybe nine seven no more he could spark anybody know any sign didn’t matter what size you knew her and he was spar with you and hands and feet and then he said okay let’s just go hands just hands mmm-hmm that’s gonna leave it at that yeah that’s kung fu like some people say to me well Bruce Lee didn’t fight in tournaments because he couldn’t his technique he couldn’t use his technique no that’s not true Bruce Lee would have made the adjustment to fight in even in point karate championship if he wanted to he could made the adjustment you know cup of pee were his students who were karate point karate champions they study with Bruce Lee but when they came to point karate tournaments they made the adjustment you know you can make that adjustment to according to what you’re doing and Bruce would have done the same thing I don’t know if I told you that but Bruce was I don’t think you asked me but I will tell you that speaking of Bruce Lee guy it was absolutely unbelievable you know it is so many people don’t know how great he was I mean people always ask me to come up here they say Jim how great was Bruce Lee I said you don’t really know and and a lot of people won’t tell you how great he was I will tell you and my personal opinion Bruce Lee was a step above everybody I mean everybody it didn’t that era even today I mean holds up today but during that era of the 60s and 70s Bruce was just great and in my opinion he was just so step above no matter how great everybody else was Bruce was boom just a little step above he was just absolutely unbelievable unto my sparring I’m not talking about just working techniques I’m talk about when he came to spawn Bruce was unbelievable unbelievable people don’t know they don’t know he’s like the Michael Jordan of beyond Michael Jordan it’s very interesting Bruce was type I put this Bruce was the type of guy that could spar with you hands and feet then after then after that he’ll say to you I don’t he’ll say okay let’s go hands only it’s just unbelievable he could go hands or you go hands and feet doesn’t matter to him and he was a level above everybody as far as martial arts

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