Jim Henson vs Stan Lee. Epic Rap Battles of History

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  1. Points for acknowledging Jack Kirby, but come on how could you snub Steve Ditko? Also Lee had nothing to do with Wolverine

  2. Stan Lee's impact on this world is so immense that I only think a hand full of other story tellers can even come close to him including Jack Kirby, Shakespeare, J R R Tolkin and the Beatles and although I do really love and admire Jim Hensons work there is really no contest.

  3. Walt Disney…..you were a juggernaut. Your company ruined so many things, I wonder what you would think of it, as it is now….

  4. Ahh, Disney.
    Killed the Muppets.
    Killed Star Wars.
    Killing Marvel.
    Thank goodness they didn't get their hands on the Dark Crystal.

  5. Personally I think 2:58 is one of the best lines in ERB. It's the fact that it's so meta and expresses so much dominance. It's chilling.

    I mean it's not true anymore but hey.

  6. Stan Lee won, congratoin john heson helped me solve how we can get socilsum. We are now able to be soiclist like europe, I gave you some immortal blood today. John henson teached me how ot make acid, but stna really helped.

  7. Stan Lee your an art god but all gods must leave people because they did all they can to help now time to trust humanity doing things for themselves

  8. Whenever my dad and I (the biggest ERB fans in our neighborhood) watch this video, we immediately go to another video when Walt appears.

  9. Jim Henson's voice is so enjoyable in this video, it's so amazing, Getting dissed by his voice would be an honor

  10. "M-I-C… I rock the mic properly… K-E-Y… Turning profits I've got the key" DISNEY OWNED THIS… as a matter of fact, he "owns this whole series." (If you know anything about the history of Walt Disney, ERB nailed it with every word he said.) Props ERB! Another classic!!!

  11. Out of all 6 season so far this beat still the hardest beat I've heard so far. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Straight fire

  12. "Cause I can sense your tension once the verbal fencing starts commencing.
    There's no defense against the dents Jim Henson is dispensin
    And I'm clenching all your strings like a puppet in suspension. 
    Call your super hero friends in
    (Kermit) Yeah, cause this here's gonna need Avengin. If there had to be a "winner", it was this.

  13. Disney is still taking over, and still making shit remakes 😂. Still miss Jim Henson and Stan lee, they knew how to make great movies

  14. DC: Disney didn't and can't buy us
    (Several years later)
    Disney: We are announcing that Wonder Woman has become an official Disney Princess

  15. Jim died before i was born but like most kids i grew up on sesame street. Disney movies too. I never really read comic books but I liked the marvel movies, the early ones anyway, there's too many nowadays. I like the connected universe though. All three men should be honored in their own way. Also put Jack Kirby in there. He and Stan started a legacy, and even though Jack left for DC his works with Stan and alone are legendary.

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