Jeet Kune Do Technique – JKD Finger Jab

– I’m going to show you one of the most effective weapons in JKD and that is the leading finger jab. This is one of Bruce
Lee’s favorite techniques. It is also one of the most
devastating techniques in Jeet Kune Do because it’s the longest hand weapon that you have
and when you hit someone in the eyes, I don’t care how strong he is or how muscular he is, it’s
going to do some damage. Now, a lot of people don’t do it properly so I’m going to show you the basics first. Today I have, also, Jason helping me. And I have Hassan also helping me as well. I want to show you how you actually form your hand, how you form the spear. Now, there are two ways you can do it. You can either do it through, like this. You can do it like that, like so and Jason can try it, like that. Okay, make sure, when you’re doing this, this is not like this, because if you miss you’re going to break your thumb. So make sure it’s closed so if you miss This is okay, it’s going to be like this. So when you jab somebody in the eye, it’s going to be like that. Or the way that I like to do it is actually just bend the middle finger. You see that? You can see? Just bend the middle finger. Okay, thumb is in. Now, at first it might take
a little bit of practice. This kind of feels a little bit weird. It feels a little bit… It’s not natural so when
you’re doing other things just practice loose hands and, anytime just form this shape. It takes a bit of
practice, a couple months you should feel quite natural. Left and right. When you are jabbing someone, the key is most people misunderstood
the finger jab as, “Well, you know what, it
doesn’t actually work,” and, “Can it hurt someone in the eye?” The finger jab is not a flick. People think it always, am I flicking? You’re not flicking somebody. This is, to be more accurate,
it’s a finger spear. So you imagine it’s a spear going… I’m not trying to flick a thing. I’m going through it. Even if I miss it’s going
to do some damage, right? Let’s see Jason give it a try. Go ahead, very slow. Very slow. Yeah, do it slow. Make sure, according to form. Proper form, maybe do
it with the lead hand. Just a right hand. Yeah, try it. See, it takes a bit of practice, right? – Yeah. – Yeah it does, but do it slow. Yeah, do it slow. Try that again? Yeah. So, when you’re practicing this the important thing
is, you got to practice your non-telegraphic movement. You don’t want to be like, “Okay,” holding it like this. Chances are this guy is going to know, “Okay, he’s going to jab my eye.” It’s totally relaxed, just jab. Non-telegraphic. You don’t come up from… You don’t go from the side,
you don’t go from this way, it’s straight line from here to here. From point “A” to point
“B”, and again it’s a spear. So a spear, not a flick. I’m not trying to do this. It’s a spear. Imagine you’re hitting
through the guy, right? Even though Hassan, he can see, with this indestructible goggle,
it’s intimidating, right? You can see this hand coming to the eye. Left, right, doesn’t really matter. Left or right, okay? I’ll demonstrate a couple times. So, relax… See that? Relax… Good, one more time. (loud whoosh) Now, we’re not trying to finish the fight with this finger jab. We might, but we’re not trying to do that. This is actually if he has got a stance, this is a setup for everything else because when you hit someone in the eye he’s going to flinch. Imagine someone jabs you in the eye, he’s going to be like that. So while his hand is
up, “Ow, my eye hurts!” Now this other stuff is now open, alright? That’s what I am talking about. Now, you might be saying,
“But then if I jab” “the guy in the eye am I
going to hurt my hand?” “I’m going to break my fingers.” You will, without conditioning. That’s why you need conditioning. What I recommend is the
traditional iron palm techniques. You can get these kind of bags, usually they are filled
with medicine inside, and they have different levels. At first, you would use something lighter and you would just practice. So, the iron palm, right? Relax, relax, and you
use your fingers, see? Watch your fingers. That’s how you condition. You’re not trying to jab it like that, no. It’s relaxed, just like
you’re dropping them. You’re dropping,
dropping, you’re dropping. Relax, relax, and just do it everyday and make sure you put
some te-ga-cho afterwards, some Chinese herbal medicine
to strengthen your fingers. Then you can do, also, do finger pushups to strengthen your fingers. After six months to a year of time, depends on how often you practice, then you move to something like this. Jason can give it a try. Try that. Just relax, yeah just relax. Yes, and you can feel, you
can feel it just like that. – [Jason] Yeah. – Just like that. Just relax. Good. Now once you have enough
practice you can do some… This is much harder. Now you’re doing it like this. You can also do it like
this, or you can practice. Even you have people who
practice with metal sand where they put their fingers through it. Just go through that. Jason, just try it lightly and
you can see the difference. Just lightly. Right? You can feel it. And there you go. So practice, condition your fingers. Make sure you condition
your fingers before you actually try to perform this technique otherwise you will break your fingers. Chances are, if you break your fingers, the other guy is not
feeling so well either so probably, you’ll win the fight. Until next time, practice
well, practice often. If you enjoyed this video
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