Jay White and Intercontinental Gold is within reach for Goto! (#njpst)

Tomo, no matter how hard you hit me
in these preview matches… On that day…
November 3rd… You actually have to beat me
in Osaka to get this. However, he sure is… He’s so serious.
Even though there are many days to go. He’s so damn cute, in that way. We’re on the final stretch, now.
He played it cool in the beginning. Now he’s really messing with me, isn’t he? He used to not want that title,
now he thinks of himself as a champion. What the hell is with you, anyway? Are you still searching for your own voice? You really changed, after you joined Bullet Club.
But now everything looks half-baked. Stand across from me, confidently.
As a champion. What’s wrong, champ? The champ is worried, isn’t he? I could have just stolen the IC title
from him, tonight. But I was raised better than that. I’ll get it the right way. There’s children watching,
so I have to do it the right way. Hirooki is such a good guy, isn’t he?
He always does what’s right. But as you saw tonight, I’m 90% sure…
No, 100% certain, Hirooki will win in Osaka. He was the first to want to be double champion.
And, finally, Hirooki will make it.

21 Replies to “Jay White and Intercontinental Gold is within reach for Goto! (#njpst)

  1. No one in New Japan can end the title reign of Jay White, Kenta, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, EL Phantsmo and Ishimori. Come Wrestle Kingdom, Bullet Club will dominate and stay united. BC 444 Life 🤘🏽

  2. Believe Jay White's going to win in Osaka but his overconfidence will be his downfall at Wrestle Kingdom because he will lose that title back to Tetsuya Naito.
    Believe that.

  3. I’m behind a bit on the shows so I don’t know if this is been mentioned, but Goto will become the first member of chaos officially to challenge for the Intercontinental championship since 2016. Also about the double championship idea with Oakda not wanting to win the Intercontinental championship, is it something to do with Nakamura. Like Goto to becomes the first guy to challenge the belt, and he was a guy that had a rivalry and didn’t join until Nakamura left, and was the last want to beat Nakamura for the belt. Just something I’ve noticed in the story. Tell me if I’m wrong.

  4. English SubTitles… Please? I'm aware it's not a priority, however for those of us not schooled in Japanese, it would be a minor blessing to know what the Japanese wrestlers are actually saying.
    I'm not even asking for it during matches, not even SwitchBlade matches, just in the post-match promos. Much obliged I and myriad others would be. Thank you in advance.

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