Japanese Ninja does bizarre trick with his body

The word Ninja consists of two hieroglyphs mean which means to hide to these guys and the voiced [shah] which means a man the Invisible man that hundred years ago could easily terrify the most courageous samurai’s. Masters of disguise and sudden attack they all were well-prepared. Experts in fireworks, a little bit of sulfur. Sulphur and gunpowder made this simple mixture and was an invariable part of armoury of any ninja. It helped to confuse it for and escape unnoticed. Sixty four years old genetic Ibaka me is known as the last ninja of the century he considers himself as a successor of an ancient clan that appeared more than five hundred years ago in the mountainous outskirts of [Eager] city now it is [mere] [prefecture], this is a homeland of Ninja. He started to learn secrets of the ninjutsu the martial arts of Ninja when he was six here He shows the steel claws which is thought to be a dual ninja had been using to climb sheer walls But in reality they never used it This is just one of many fictions that were imputed to ninja [ultimate] color [Amazon] says that the world’s great [images] Despite our murderer interest has nothing in common with the real ninja in the Hierarchy [of] medieval society of Japan Ninjas were somewhere [in] between Samurais and Peasants they lived in Villages and use their skills [to] protect themselves Their families and the community of course when they were in [tourney] sign feuds they use their arts against their enemies for that purpose Ninjas alongside with well known Katana swords had different kinds of weapons to neutralize their rivals swiftly and silently what this is what must have been Included in an arsenal of every ninja iron Star Shuriken dangerous weapon you throw it this way hold it vertically forefinger is parallel to the ground middle finger holds lower part of the shuriken the left leg is in [front] right is back Target and throw the main qualities that ninja must have are the clear mind the nerves of steel and the strong health this is a mysterious ritual interweaving fingers in nine different figures You’re supposed to control streams of energy and open the way to the supernatural abilities of the body Ninja has to be [able] to pull himself out of any traps He must fully control his body and for instance shift his bones out [of] joints. I’ll show you We were the first to whom kawakami son Have shown this trick But he as well admits that in today’s world to be a real ninja is practically impossible Most of the skills such as fire box dot indonesia stars and making poisons are just out [of] demand in Japan Ninja has already become a Mythologize Hero still very attractive young people think he’s the niftiest symbol of Japanese Culture and at the same time ninja is and probably will be an undiscovered mystery of the past forever Segi Manga reflects a Peace Corps Vista [Mir] and Fukui prefecture Japan

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  1. Ninjas are real.. kung fu also has a law to never teach or to show it to anybody.. but now it's worldwide.. this is the new era they don't want the ninjas to be forgotten in the culture of humanity..

  2. 2:30 holyshit cant believe it. Real ninja warrior . I love it, anime not lie ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️????, sensei can you teach for me … ??????????????

  3. A Japanese guy named Yuta said that there are more ninjas in the US than in Japan. Why? Because there are almost no ninjas in his country, but the US is full of people who say: I'm an Excel ninja, or a cooking ninja, etc.

  4. They watch too much Western ninja, 'love showing off'. Real ninjas is secrecy, silent assassin, thieves, saboteur, shame to brag about.

  5. I don't see any schoolgirls shooting each other with water guns. It must not be a real ninja school.

  6. What this Japanese dude does at 2:30 is NOT a trick but a symptom called SHOULDER SUBLUXATION. The causes of shoulder subluxation are as follows.
    1. Trauma :
    Subluxation can result from accidents or injuries that damage the shoulder's joint or other structures that provide stability. Common examples include falls and motor vehicle accidents.

    2. A sports injury :
    Contact sports, including hockey and football, often cause shoulder subluxations, as do sports that involve falling, such as skiing and gymnastics.

    3. A stroke:
    Strokes often cause muscle weakness, which can lead to destabilization of the shoulder joint, followed by a subluxation. One review found that 80 percent of participants who had experienced a stroke also had a shoulder subluxation.
    Conclusion: The fact that he has the above symptoms means that his shoulders are much weaker than normal people. What he is saying is just like a person who has duck feet is boasting he can do some feet trick. If the above Japanese dude work hard on his shoulder muscles, he will NOT be able to do his "self-claimed trick" any more . As long as he can do "his trick", it simply means that his shoulders are still very weak. that's it.

  7. This russian video had their own commercial agenda…fuckers dont even let the ninja master talk….
    Theres other video where master jinichi..actually explain what ninja is…
    Damn u ruskies

  8. But ninja’s don’t carry throwing stars, iron is scarce , hard to throw and is METEL. When the best thing to do is blend in to your surroundings, it’s going to be weird when their is the one dude with clinging metal when he could just bend down and use a free rock? unless if you get someone in the eye, it will only stall for seconds while reveling your location

  9. Later corrects shurikens were part of samurai arsenals and not commonly used due to terrible reliability.

  10. He recently said that he bumps to someone and pretends that his shoulder was dislocated to earn some money…. Smart guy…

  11. Can you teach me and my brothers the true martial arts and teach how to use the ninja swords, sai, and bow please

  12. When i was young boy,many t-shirts had been victims for me covering up my face/head in my quest to be a ninja ????

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