JACKIE CHAN Shows You How to Fight with Random Objects

(upbeat music) – Duster, this good for comedy. You can turn it around here. Hurt people with it,
you see? Hurting people. Or somehow you grab me
maybe I just gonna dust here then he do that achoo then after
achoo maybe I just do this. See it hurts. Boom, ah. In the bathroom, the bathroom is good. He might grab me somehow
he grab me then I push away his hand he just like grab like this and then I just ah!Bonk, Ow! Right? He comes as soon as the
‘ow’ and then I just boom. Ah! Just like that, pow pow. Then somehow broke, then
I just crash like this. Then pow! Then coming back, then boom he’s out, then I put it back put back
on the toilet and go away. (flushing sound) I think somehow this is good. You grab something, you put
it on the face just like this then he try to – they try
to grab you know grab this then you boom, he try to
grab grab grab there this Take this side take this,
grab here, grab here, it’s a look it’s a look, (singing) somehow if it’s longer then I
can, it goes right here, boom. Grab even longer, grab
grab, yah yah yah, boom. And go away. (whistle) That’s how I fight, how I create. Whatever they give to me then I fight. Even I can fight with this. (laughing)

100 Replies to “JACKIE CHAN Shows You How to Fight with Random Objects

  1. This man teach you how to kill people with everyday objects with smiles and laughs, what a sick man, this man is a real psychopat Lol

  2. ??? can't stop laughing, who brings a duster and a sticker around. And how you remove the, toilet seat in the first place?!?

  3. These would actually work especially the feather duster if you put that in someone's face it's extremely uncomfortable and tickles

  4. LMAO when he couldn’t say the words to his actions so he’s just like
    KAPAWW aaoowwww WUUHUII owwwww lmao I’m dead ??

  5. Jackie Chan is truly a goat lol I bet that if you give this man a piece of tissue he'd STILL find a way to beat someone up wit it

  6. If incident occured as this i will used these technique love you jacke chan my idol respect warm love from NEPAL

  7. Okay but like I’m super slow.. so.

    is getting attacked while in the bathroom

    WAIT WAIT! JACKIE TAUGHT ME SOMETHING IN A VIDEO BEFORE.. give me a sec to find it. I need the tutorial-

    gets knocked out ….

  8. Jackie is so creative and funny! "Put the toilet seat back" made me laugh so much; definitely something I'd expect in a typical action comedy sequence by him. I wonder if they'll ever be another person that can craft fight choreography like he does.

  9. He’d get on with John wick, he improvised all the time

    – quickly modified an antic revolver to make it lethal
    -broke someone’s neck with a book
    -and who could forget, killed THREE men in a bar, with a PENCIL, a FOOKING ✏️?

  10. I love that Jackie puts the toilet seat back after he beats the guy up with it. He's too polite to leave someone hanging with no toilet seat!

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