Is China’s Belt and Road DESTROYING Cambodia?

On this episode of China Uncensored, prostitution and gambling?! Now that’s an investment! Hi, welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m your host Chris Chappell. You know, people love a good story. And there are really only a handful of stories that get told over and over again. Boy meets girl, hero goes on a quest, Chinese Communist Party buries a country in
a debt trap. Yeah, that last one never gets old. In fact, it’s being repeated once again in
Cambodia. Chinese investment is everywhere. Because Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen
loves Chinese investment. Hun Sen used to a member of the Khmer Rouge– the communist regime that killed millions
of Cambodians in the 1970s. But don’t worry, he left the Khmer Rouge… to avoid being purged. And then he became prime minister of Cambodia. For the next 33 years. Now after leaving the Khmer Rouge, he had once called China “the root of everything
evil.” But you know, after being dictator of Cambodia
for three decades, and forcing the supreme court to dissolve
the main opposition party, …and winning a sham election again and again, …your attitude toward the Chinese Communist
Party changes a bit. Sure, they supported the Khmer Rouge that
literally killed a quarter of your fellow countrymen in the
70s, but now the Chinese Communist Party wants
to support you! Water under the bridge! Bodies under the floorboards! Because the Chinese regime is supporting Hun
Sen with a lot of money. Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in
southeast Asia. They struggle with basic power and sanitation
issues. But in just four years, China had invested over 5 billion dollars
in Cambodia. That’s more money than Cambodia’s own government invested in the country during that time. The Chinese Communist Party even pledged 100
million dollars in military aid. All this is tied to Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s
Belt and Road Initiative, a trillion-dollar project with the goal of connecting countries around the world with
China. Now all that sounds good, right? Well, it’s kind of like how the McRib sounds
good. Looks delicious right? Until you go just beneath the surface and
realize that bun is made out of the same stuff they use to
make yoga mats. And yet, even though Chinese investment is
a giant multibillion dollar McRib, authoritarian dictators can’t help but say,
“I’m lovin’ it.” So to look into China’s McRib in Cambodia, we hired a local to shoot some footage for
us in the sleepy seaside town of Sihanoukville. Well, it’s not so sleepy anymore. Chinese investment has been flooding in, in the form of skyscrapers, bridges, hotels, casinos, restaurants and apartment blocks. Construction is going on 24/7. China has pumped in over a billion dollars
here. A joint-country economic zone has been set
up that has brought in hundreds of Chinese companies, some owned by the Chinese government. The southern coast of Cambodia is now home
to more than four billion dollars worth of Chinese power plants and
offshore oil operations. Sihanoukville is also becoming a lynchpin
for China’s Belt and Road Initiative. A new highway will connect the city to China’s
vast global trade network. Not only that, in June, a one billion dollar
joint venture between a Chinese-Malaysian company was announced
that will create a massive resort, complete with water parks, hotels, and even
more casinos and malls. Ha, sounds like a knock off Disney World. What are they going to call it, Wisney World? Haha, what’s that Shelley? Are you kidding me?! That is what they’re calling it?! Well, I guess it will be the wappiest place
on Earth. Now obviously, all this investment has brought
some benefits. And “Cambodian workers on Chinese construction
sites earn three times what they used to on local
projects.” But no matter how good this McRib looks from
the outside, on the inside it’s still made out of yoga
mats. The same story that has played out in countries
may be replaying here. Although the roads in Sihanoukville may not
have as many potholes as before, now they’re being used by Chinese nouveau
riche driving Mercedes. Chinese nationals have flooded Sihanoukville– rich business owners, as well as workers. Chinese make up about 20% of the population
now. And they don’t mix much with the local Cambodians. Many of the new jobs go to Chinese immigrants, who are driving up housing and food prices, which then drive out the local Cambodians. Rooms that once went for 500 dollars a month
now cost 4500 dollars. And all those casinos? The Cambodians can’t use them. Because it’s actually illegal for Cambodians
to gamble. In fact, a Cambodian man recently won 130,000
dollars at a casino, but the Chinese owner refused to pay him because
of the law. Although I’m sure if the Cambodian guy had
lost 130,000 dollars, the Chinese casino owner might have been a
bit more flexible. Anyway, all the gambling has brought some… shall we say…less than legitimate business. Like prostitution. And increasing crime. And according to the regional governor, it’s “in part due to an influx of ‘Chinese
mafia [who] disguise themselves to commit various crimes and kidnap Chinese
investors […] causing insecurity in the province.'” Now this isn’t exactly making the locals very
happy. In fact, ethnic tension is on the rise. I don’t want to see the Chinese do whatever they want in Sihanoukville or the whole country of Cambodia. Not only that, but they create crime. They break into cars. There are now Chinese thieves who steal in
Sihanoukville. They are involved in the drug trade, in murders. City authorities aren’t capable of controlling
their criminal activity. And guess what? All this development in Sihanoukville also includes a 99-year lease on a deep water
port nearby– a port that could eventually be used by the
Chinese navy. Wait, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. Vietnam. And Sri Lanka. So if all of this sounds familiar, it should. This is a pattern we see worldwide as the
Chinese Communist Party comes in with their bags of money: Promise big investment, build a bunch of things, “oops it wrecked the local economy and now
you’re deep in debt”, “no problem, hand it over to us, ok?” But if the Chinese regime and Hun Sen aren’t
careful in Cambodia, it could actually backfire on them. Sure, Prime Minister Hun Sen seems powerful
now, Cambodia could one day see a situation like
Malaysia– where a corrupt prime minister gets kicked
out in favor of a new guy who rejects Chinese investment. And that could have serious ramifications
for the future of the Belt and Road. So what do you think? Leave your comments below. And now it’s once again time for me to answer
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  1. As soon as chinese bastardos takes over a poor country it becomes a lot bastards so hunsen cacel all bastards projects tajt your wealth and money your country roast xi log in your backyard.

  2. It smuggled billion of dollars shabu in my country and turned our population a walking deaf pinoy so that one day all pinoys will be addicts and grind the meat and export it to affrica for money see hun sen? All your people will be turned into animals that will serve the emperor pig. Even our sea here are used by coomunist chinese army as a resort and recreation for emperor xi pig and his killer army. I love you mahathir you savr malaysia just on time or you will be crying for help.

  3. Chinese-supremacist-racist-culturally-appropriating-toxic-Sino-male-Privilege … ??? … Where’s the LEFT ???

    Silence … Nothing to see here folks …

    War is coming

  4. Who gives a shit about Cambodia then they have a big fucking war in Vietnam did they kill a lot of people then these assholes come over here in America.

  5. To be fair the whole 99 years contracts thingies were learned by the Chinese from the British.
    And in recent history the Chinese implemented what they have learned to any surrounding countries as many as possible.

  6. red china gives loans to countries which can't pay back, then they becames a colony. red china already arange a strong army ,air force and navy to protect its interests .

  7. That would be Jungle Asian, if you ask the affluent Asian. Its like the N word, across the ocean. Culture to fight about, nothingess to respect in reality.

  8. The old Good Chaos, Bad Chaos Trix. Invest, Invade, Plunder, and take plunder from both Plunderers, and Victims of Plunderers. A sweet revenue stream, perpetually. Think how many Countrys there are to invest in !!


  10. In the Vietnam War,The US try to destroyed Cambodia by dropping tons of bombs.Many of the bombs are still being dug up.China is building dams ,roads and factories.China is building a high speed rail from Shinoukville to Phnon Phen to the Thailand s  border

  11. That name "belt and road" means "bait and road-kill".
    Cambodian people must stand up to these nasty greedy murder Chinese.
    Cambodian people might be poor but they are good nature people as comparing to those Chinese who like nothing but money from all nasty ways.

  12. they are destroying the Philippines as well by exporting illegal drugs and building factories of cocaine employed by Chinese staying illegally in the Philippines.

  13. Sad, alots of youngful CAMBODIA is crazy. They’re ungrateful!!
    They hate VIETNAMESE, while during in war, VIETNAM send millions soldiers to help CAMBODIA kill POLPOT, to save CAMBODIAN
    But nowadays, they forget it.
    They teach youngful Cambodia bloody hateful Vietnam & think CHINA is their friends.
    Just fews left old-generation CAMBODIAN still thankful Vietnam – who give a hands to helful Cambodian kill POLPOT.
    Thousands VIETNAMESE been kill, dead with Cambodian in villages, in jungles to kill Polpots.
    I dont think Vietnamese is best, but at least not worse like what Chinese did to Cambodia
    Hope youngful Cambodian open their eyes & their mind to see the truth.
    Stop teach their kids hate Vietnam & lying about Vietnam. We was your friend & help you when you was darkest time.
    But all we take back is hateful & ungrateful

  14. China built roads for Chinese people themselves to take or steal every things the way back home to China, it's a debt trap Cambodia country same happened in Laos.
    Laos is a communist country debt trap to China.
    China bought North of Laos land, Laotian people live in Laos have no jobs, no house no farms no food to eat or live in their own country.
    China stole their economy.
    China bought their lands house and farms to do businesses for 99 years.
    China stole Elephants from Laos to China zoo in China.
    China took gold mines
    China took salt mine.
    China took fine gemstones in Attapue province Laos.
    China took timbers from Laos.
    China built lots of hydroelectric dams cause flood the city's live near by when it rain season the dam water it too full and add China let the water go cause floods tragedy the city's live nearby.
    China killed Laotian people, Laotian killed Chinese people.
    China burned Laotian people 's houses, Laotian burned Chinese people 's houses.
    China lie to 3000 Laotian girls to marry them but sell them as prostitution sex SLAVES human trafficking. North of Laos many Laotian people left Laos to Thailand for work.
    China causes very hard life for Laotian people. Before China go do businesses in Laos Laotian already have hard life now even more harder life for Laotian for to live in Laos.
    China bought illegal drugs no peace in Laos.
    China make lots of money from Laos.
    China destroyed Laos, most Laotian people are live in Laos are depending on fish in the farms China let go the chemical from the company to their rice farms had kill the fishs and Laotian people their lives depend on Mekong River but Mekong river the water its killing cause people lives can live only up to age 50 years old and die.
    Blame do to China because China want Chinese people are have good life and good living in China.

  15. "Corrupt leaders of developing nations are easy to prey on for the CCP. First plant them as main opposition and help them rigged the election to get to the power and then get special privileges for Chinese Companies and then invest so much that poor country has nothing to pay back the hefty loan other than leasing out the natural resources and infrastructures." That is just PART of their MO.

  16. That final question is hilarious ? Who cares what you do with your free time? ??‍♂️ You are pursuing your dreams! And providing great content for people like me that are also pursuing their dreams with an interest in world culture and economics??

  17. Now the state of Victoria in Australia has signed on to participate in China's Belt and Road. They even kept the country's Prime Minister in the dark about it. What could possibly go wrong?

  18. 我觉得这家伙挺牛逼的,能做实地考察还能做视频,最关键的还能收智商税,天天到处旅行爽的一笔,还能让几十万人高潮。做自媒体的做成这个样算是相当可以的了。

  19. Is China’s Belt and Road DESTROYING Cambodia?

    Well, the question is, whether it is actually possible to destroy something, that has been already destroyed quite properly. Hun Sen´s post-Khmer Rouge, post-Vietnam occupation and post-UN screwed up mandate Cambodia is destroyed country in its very essence.

  20. Ah, well more anti China propaganda, great. People believe that business people investing in countries economies will make them broke. IT WILL BOOST THEIR ECONOMY. And it’s a stroke of genius by China, to better trade. These allegations seem very illusional

  21. I like this channel, but dear god man, when you spout out stuff like "the MicRib is made from the same stuff as yoga mats" be sure you actually understand what you are saying. Just because a chemical is used for an industrial purpose doesn't mean it is inherently dangerous. Especially if the FDA has approved it for use. Cooking is functionally organic chemistry, so it should be no surprise that there is overlap.

    The chemical you reference, azodicarbonamide, has not been shown to be dangerous by numerous study's from the likes of the FDA and WHO, yet people react to science denialists like The Food Babe who make accusations without understanding the science, and cause companies to replace what is known to be safe additives with ones that in some cases are known to be less safe.

    Personally, I prefer not to have unknown substances in my food, but that is partially why I prefer we use ones that are experimentally shown to be safe versus forcing companies to switch because of attention seeking morons who promote shit like drinking literal bleach (MMS) and carcinogenic flesh burning compounds (Black Salve), and hate all GMOs yet eat grapefruit (made through nuclear irradiation) and seedless watermelon (made using chromosome destroying chemical process).

    You can't pick and choose the truth unless you want to be no better than the people you call out.

  22. China will protect Cambodia
    from the people of Cambodia; it will never allow their beloved leader to be
    threatened by foreign, western ideology. China proved it was the big brother of
    Cambodia when it helped Cambodia between the 1970s and 1991 to readjust after
    the French colonialist surrendered the country in 1953.

  23. i have been there in 2011. back in the day the only gas station sold fuel in old whiskey bottles. the streets where full of cockroaches. shianukville was the ugliest place I have ever been to

  24. Honestly if what China does as a country, one does to another person, he/she would be investigated for abduction, rape and attempted murder.

  25. You would think that a country like Cambodia who basically killed a quarter it's own people during the Khmer Rouge regime would learn to stop working with China. Cambodia unlike other nations learning from their mistakes they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Idiots…

  26. I was almost hopeful when you said the situation would change but then I look at the opposition party cause they been trying for almost as long as he is in power too so us local shit out of luck

  27. “Body under the floorboards” is going to replace “water under the bridge” for the rest of my life now, thanks China Uncensored!

  28. ‘一带一路’ has been naively translated as 'One Belt One Road'. ‘一带一路’ actually means 'I Lead, you follow'.

  29. Chinese came and they destroyed all nature things, corals, water, seashore , I wondering when will Cambodian will be wake up? They really need their city turn to Macau and didn’t paid attention when beaches are crying everyday? Thanks for western , these islands still be protected .

  30. Usa didn't help cambodia. They are everywhere to destroy. But china want every country like cambodia is develop and strong

  31. No, it's not. Chinese is bringing to Cambodia with prosperity. It's he US who had destroyed Cambodia. And it's still doing the same thing now. The American invests in prostition around the world, Thailand is an example.

  32. Salah satu negara paling miskin di Asia Tenggara yakni Kambodia adalah salah satu contoh sebuah negara yang menjadi korban yang tenggelam dengan debt trap, akibat kemiskinan dan petinggi negara yang korup.

  33. Saw it personally. Was a nice town before (Sihanoukville). I hope that life will make them pay for destroying this place.

  34. Another Western's anti-China propaganda. Shame on you! What did American do for Cambodia beside bombed it to the stone age during Vietnam war creating the vacuum for Pol Pot to come to power? At least china's help boost Cambodia's economy for the last 10-15 yrs.

  35. Maybe you didn't know that USA also supported Khmer Rouge ?
    I'm Cambodian.
    American bombings in Cambodia 2,756,941 tons of bombs . Do you know how many people died? And how many UXO left?
    Both of you is the lesser of two evils . Go to ask Nixon and Henry A . Kissinger .

  36. at 2:00. China gave $100 million to the Cambodian military -Seriously, when is China going to stop bribing the government officials? And where do they get this money from? No doubt it's from the bank of China, where else? It's great when you are given access to an endless supply of public savings.

  37. Cambodia is already a colony of china, u can see millions of chinese migrants in cambodia, and china controls dams, power plants there.

  38. Crazy talk show mother fuck, you should say usa destroy Syria Aganistan Libya Iraq haha china alway help Cambodia

  39. China are not European devils, they don't destroyed, they help you grow, European made to destroyed others nations, but China Made to rescued the one who need it the most ,china
    Also here to help, keep away from European if you need to get some where in life. European been in Africa for decades the only thing they do there is corruptions created diseases to killed African, stole their gold, oil, everything they continent have, they brought black people to the highest poverties and live them there, all a something God sent China to help them , people like you devils act's like China is a bad move, they only thing is bad. Is. To invited European in your business.

  40. China is buying there way into your country and then the drugs and then there military then you belong to China.

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