20 Replies to “Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman

  1. Superhuman is a to tuff word as they use to call him as a Superhuman, because they can handle with ice…, because Superhuman can do with anything and anywhere…, and he not !!!

  2. As one studying genealogy and human biology in the Univerisity of Yale, unfortunately, this is a matter of revisiting ancestral properties. The breathing exercises and therapy would only work for people of Nordic or North Germanic descent, or any other part of the world with a big history of embracing intense cold. Black people and Arabs, for example, the people with history of bearing among the most unbeatable heat resistance on the planet, will not fare the same way the "iceman" of the Nordic tundras enjoys the cold.

  3. I cannot understand that when he is swimming in cold water under the ice that he doesnt sink because of weigh of his ball’s of steel?

  4. wow what a beautiful story. I hate the cold I need this mans classes. My ancestors came from above the arctic circle so it makes no sense that I cant stand cold

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