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  1. I'm assuming she snagged her leg on the board 4:31 and probably wasn't going to land well, which is why I'm assuming you guys changed to a different kick.

  2. Tae_kwon_do has the WORLDS most powerful kick! Been Proven! And this is the most beautiful of the Martial Art forms. If you are a Martial Artist, or love M/A? there is no way you can not Love this Martial Art. Fu**ing Amazing to do and watch!

  3. My brother Jiwu does this kind of thing and my friend Chiwon…. GOD HAVE MERCY IF THEY LAND WRONG, Chiwon I couldn’t care less he’s annoying but JIWU, HYUNG! 형님! 안돼!
    -Jeongmin Kang. 16. Daegu

  4. Ok, may be the south american in me, but their expressions of awe is how i picture british colonialists meeting the indians (the ones from India) and the south pacific peoples

  5. :O You guys walked on the mat with your shoes on?! :OO I'm not even Asian and I am shocked at the insult. There is no situation or reason that makes that okay. Nice moves

  6. The feats in terms of acrobatics are great, really impressive, but these kinds of wood boards are made to break with little to no effort, the only reason why they don't just use paper with printed targets on them is that it looks less impressive

  7. I went to Korea to participate in the TAEKWONDO KIMUNYONG CUP, and I saw their live performance in the stadium!
    It was even more epic right in front of my eyes, also it was the same group who performed!!!

  8. Hello, the most beautiful channel on YouTube I admire you I want to translate videos into Arabic and share with my friends Is this allowed or not

  9. Now if you do the boosts over and over again, you can make an irl minecraft piston elevator.

    The Real Quality Content

  10. I went to that exact room and did a backflip on the same floor. sub to my channel Lord Feish vid will be up soon.

  11. Keep in mind, this is a taekwondo DEMONSTRATION team. They devote their energy and skills to performing fancy impressive stunts. This isn’t normal taekwondo, which is… a lot more boring. Mostly just patterns and sparring. Patterns aren’t super exciting, just performing a series of moves, and soarring is mostly composed of spamming side kicks.
    Source: have black belt in taekwondo

  12. Gavin has some mad reflexes and tracking skills.

    Real pro performing team, all of them did not fail to stick the landing, and strike a pose for the camera, even that guy that whacked his foot against the metal pole.

  13. Watching the skills of these people put the club where my sons trains to shame. I have some of their videos here at youtube.

  14. I mean, taekwondo is all about discipline. My sabum once called me and told me to stand still, then he punched me in the stomach in front of a bunch of colour belts to show them that we have discipline and we can take pain without complaining because we get hit so much that it becomes normal. Also those boards are meant to be easy to break, real competition power breaking boards are plastic and they are bound by a joint, the joints can come in different frictions which means different difficulties, when you punch or kick those things you can rip your skin up, right now I have a wound of 1 cm in diameter on my knuckle. The skin just slides off if you don't hit the board perfectly. Sorry for the rant and have a good day.

  15. This footage should be used in marvels shang-chi
    Its like they are using anti gravity powers to cowardinate all their kicks and where they will land
    They are like superheroes

  16. Not to take away from how impressive the acrobatics are. These boards however, you can break them with your pinky finger. They are only for show.

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