Ikkyo: Aikido Techniques : Ikkyo from a Hook Punch

This Ikkyo is going to be from a hook strike
to the head, also known as Yokimunichi. As Daniel comes in to blast me to the side of
the noggin. I’m going to come in, I’m going to blend with that. Let’s show you on this
side, as well. Not only am I blending with it, but I’m going to trap that hand. I want
you to see this, because it would be difficult to see on the other side. If he comes on this
side, I blend, and I’m reaching over and then hooking that hand as I did before. I was just
moving in this circular motion, here. Now I want to reverse that motion, if I turn my
hips right back where I was, my hand is on the elbow, my hips and hands are all moving
together, driving that elbow up and over his head. Let’s look at that again. I blend with
that technique, hooking now, trapping that hand. I just did that great maneuver here,
I want to reverse that now, just put it on rewind. Back I go. My hips, and entire body,
are what doing the technique. Now as that elbow begins to go, I also want to step. That
allows me to put more power and control behind the technique. One more time. Get it fluidly.
Here, back we go. That is the Ikkyo control, from Yokimunichi, hook strike.

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  1. @cacyo It depends on the force you flip his arm and how motivated he is to continue fighting. You could always release his elbow, side step and give him an elbow to the side of the face.

  2. @projectbojinka No matter how fast you do it, you can't be faster than an effective hook. By the time you've stepped in and parried, you'd get hit by the other hand.

  3. @pojood Actually I've done some fairly extensive research on Aikido. I;ve studied it's roots and had the chance to train with some of its practitioners. While I find Aikido to be great exercise, graceful and fun to watch, I do not find Aikido to be a practical art for self defense. Have you tried any Brazilian Jui Jitsu? You mention Kumite in another post, are you familiar with Vale Tudo? Kumite style competitions exist today, in MMA, why do you think Aikido is absent from MMA?

  4. @JUSTaSLUG7 Aikido is useing the oponents strenght, trust me the rager and harder the atacker hits it is easier for the aikido technique to be applyed.

  5. All you people pointing out the flaws in sensei's position are right, if you did this on the street you probably would get punched in the face. However, this is just a practise excersise for beginners inorder to allow them to get a feel for the attack and the technique. There are ways to react to this attack that place you well out of harm's way but you cannot master the more complex aspects of aikido untill you have mastered the basics. It is a stepping stone to the more complex defenses

  6. Done slowly like this, it may look like the defender is a sitting duck for a follow-up punch from the other hand, but I've experienced this technique, and it is very difficult to get that second punch in before he does the pivot and is out of range.

  7. This is basic, with a lot unsaid–e.g. there is a simultaneous strike (some like yokomenuchi, but I prefer a straight palm to the face) with the block. If that connects, then you throw using that (and perhaps tickle the eyeballs a bit along the way). The assumption here is that the opponent avoids that strike by blocking with his free hand or leaning back. Either delays his followup. Critical points are evading the followup and checking the elbow. The arm bar is gravy.

  8. @pookieslim in a street fight with a serious boxer throwing that punch you wouldn't worry about doing the lock, you would do the start and throw him or rip is wind pipe out or something to take him out quick as possible to take on the 2nd guy…in a street fight you aren't gonna be nice…they tend not to tell you those things for quite a while in aikido though…they can't read your personality at the start…if a dick you would get sick of it and go and learn MMA or something…lol

  9. @salsalover69laters ..or if you realize that most Japanese based martial arts schools in America are run by white Christian bussinessmen who charge 100 dollars a month for a class, 10 dollars for belt advancement (plus cost of the new color), and also don't allow you to ever learn anything toward black belt unless you join "black belt club" where they have one class a month at 45 dollars, and try to keep you at one belt for as long as possible regardless of skill and you relaize its a SCAM!

  10. @lileichmann continued… at which point you become bored of "theory" martial arts and decide that something practical would better suit your well-being and decide it best to try and learn a battlefield proven "Martial Science" i.e. Muay Thai, BJJ, Sanda, Vale Tudo, Pancrase, where the only belt you concern yourself with is a title belt and the only way to earn it is to fight and win with someone other than the 8 year old karate black belt in your yuppie dojo/coffee shop/yoga studio.

  11. @theguyi26 if it doesn't work, then how come i managed to do it against a guy who attacked me next to the bar?

  12. Better hope the attacker doesnt throw the other hand after. Catching a punch IS REALLY HARD. Good fighters throw punches in combinations. I really dont mean to disrespect Sensei but you had better be so fast with that or you will get knocked out .
    I dont accept aphors claim that a good 3rd dan could do it (I have 5th Dan)

  13. Look at this guy instead, he's also from ExpertVillage, but he also does this in another way because he says when you do that, your open for another strike from the other hand.

  14. @captheim yes, the atemi is key but the shoulder is also a target (perhaps the best against a hook) and so is the bicep (charlie horse) as seen on this video. The only thing that would make this technique better is to perform a quick hyper-extension to the elbow right after the block. this will buy time to reach for the wrist.

  15. @aphor No , 5th Dan is in TaeKwonDo , but did Aiki for 12 years. I learnt alot from it and dont mean to sound like some armchair warrior but still maintain that to be effective you should cross train in striking arts. I have no doubt that there are some Aikido practitioners who could tear my arms off.

  16. I am not a bad boxer , and I am reasonably confident that I could throw a barrage of punches at you , which you would find it pretty hard to "Blend in with" because you probably haven`t practised it . Most Dojo`s practice very stylised attacks (Mine included) because we dont want people getting injured.

  17. @aphor
    I am glad you invite people to test it in your Dojo. It would be interesting. No disrespect intended. I wouldn`t have got a black belt in it if I thought it was crap .

  18. @jakesilv
    Oh no offense taken but I'm telling you man it works against hooks. The idea behind this technique and pretty much all of the Aikido joint locks is how fast everything happens. If you're quick enough to tenkan a direct attack such as a hook punch you have enough time, room, and most of all momentum to use against the opponent. You're barely touching the attacker when performing this technique correctly so pulling their hand back wont help them. It"s more like guiding them into a fall.

  19. I'm not seeing how using both your hands to block that single punch works. If the one throwing the hook is a capable fighter, either he's going to throw the other fist or he's going to kick you in the side of your now exposed knee…which could break it in a worst case scenario…It does seem effective, but really only against someone that is untrained.

  20. While you are trapping the first punch couldnt he hit you with his free fist? Or do they teach how to counter that in aikido too? Is so, this is an amazing martial art.

  21. catch a REAL punch in that way, teach and think you can really do it is simply ridicolous and dangerous.
    this is just a show, nothing usefull outside a dojo.
    show me any aikido master or student, in a REAL video, with a REAL attack and a REAL punch doing this, and i'll change my mind.

  22. @mufasamuhammad I agree that if you could catch the puncher at his wrist and elbow you could pull off a painfull lock my point is this punch isnt a hook at all, its all wrong- search youtube and watch this video and you'll see what I mean- Pro-Star Mixed Martial Arts, How to Throw Boxing Hook Punch – notice the distance he is from his target, the lack of space to blend into, the punch is thrown with the body, not the arm.

  23. Search this video to see a few proper left hooks and you'l see why this technique doesn't work against someone who knows how to punch properly "5. Boxing Secrets – Learn to throw a killer Left Hook" – as you can see there's no space to blend into. Hook is not an "arm" punch, its thrown with the body.

  24. @jakesilv
    Oh ok I see what you mean. Well, I was the one who misinterpreted what a hook was and I can see how the hook can be dangerous when trying to use this technique. However, I still think a good aikijutsu practitioner can face a boxer who can throw basic punching techniques like the hook. All we have to do is make sure they don't get that close which is why we "side-step, tenkan, and generally insure we're BESIDE the opponent NOT in front" as stated by my sensei. THANKS 4 THE LINK 🙂

  25. @mufasamuhammad Possible I think. I've seen a lot of the same holds and locks in Aikido, Jiu Jitsu and Judo. I think you could adapt Aikido for fighting but it always comes down to the artist over the art. Never a good idea to stand directly in front of anyone in a fight, managing distance is very important.

  26. I wonder about just 1 thing, who in his right mind would throw a puch with all his bodywieght following the strike? Not that I doubt the technique but you know what? You would have to be at a really high level to succesfully perform this move in a streetfight…

  27. @Varishnu Well it's not like said that it won't work, but if after 3 months of training you successfully performed it than congratulations 🙂 you're probably more talented than most people( or more hardworking). I'm not a native English speaker so I'm not sure what "just horsing around man" is, but the context indicates that he has some fighting experience. All joint applied techniques are really devastating if done correctly 😉 believe me I know something about how painful it is.

  28. @ziemekzz Who would throw a punch with all his body weight following the strike??…..the same guy who would throw a haymaker punch!

  29. @mufasamuhammad Yea, that sound great EXCEPT many good punchers can deliver a punch faster than you can move your whole body to get to the side. Also, if you don't get that close what's the point? He can't hit you and you can't hit him, at that point it's not a fight….it's a dance.

  30. @wamoo The defender of the punch does not "catch" it. he instantly block the forearm and slides to the wrist. It would be virtually impossible to catch a fast punch (fist). (EX.) When you block a punch you're blocking the arm that is attached to the fist, right?, not the fist. It's the same thing!. With practice it can be done when you get used to recognizing the attacker's shoulder movements prior to the oncoming punch. If you think it's ridiculous then you've never seen anyone block anything.

  31. @jeffsor47 this is the point, i've never seen anyone doing this because its not possible, there are thousands of videos about fights, real fights, brawls, just show me one and i'll be agree with you. only one.
    No use in sitting and talking about martial arts, the only thing that matters is the skills must work in a real situation. period.

  32. @jeffsor47
    Well, Aikido is used to get away; trying your best not to engage in a conflict (punching, hitting, etc) so the further the better. In actuality, I would do more than just try to "dance" around an aggressor. I don't disagree that the ART of Aikido is impractical but the techniques are useful in a real fight when you plan on using the element of surprise. In other words, WHILE fighting someone you can apply the technique b/c Aikido is not expected but I would never spam it in a fight.

  33. Lol… saw his mic and pack. It's not often you actually see that in the video. This guy is normally pretty good at keeping his back away from the camera.

  34. @aphor So, a mr. nobody walks into a dojo where the 3rd. dan can execute a technique and claim it is valid? Let him try that on someone his skill level, like an ameatur MMA fighter, for example.

  35. @aphor

    I study Japanese Ju Jitsu and It is still very hard to pull these type of techniques off when someone retracts their hand. God knows how many years training it would take to be able to do what is described before someone could pull their hand back at "combat speed" as you put it.

  36. @aphor I'm saying that people that don't know how to fight, won't put up a challenge. This might works on grandmas and special education students, but in reality it will not work in the slightest.

  37. Mmm, once you are at the part before you bring the hand back, you are open to a strike from the other hand. If you aren't able to grab the hand instantly and start the technique which is likely, then it seems to me that this could be the end of the fight for you because of that.

  38. @thethunder7ulti7 It is a late response, and maybe you figured it out yourself, but I wanna answer you.
    The principle of Aikido is to gain control and not to damage on purpouse, or endanger the opponent, If you control him and drive him down to a lock that he could fell could break his arm, the average human being will understand that he has to stop right there or bad for him.
    With a throw you can do damage, but what will happen? The guy is likely to get back up, and charge you again.

  39. @hazmatac in cold mind yes, on a practical thing like in the streets, virtually nobody will have the readiness to go for another punch, and even if they will an expert aikidoka completing the movement will be much more quicker tna the mind of the attacker.
    Tested by years of Bouncing 🙂

  40. Excuse me for coming in like that, but I just had to confirm what you wrote.

    There is a very human component too, in the whole intention behind the techniques in Aikido. You *could* break the opponents arm but you don't. And the opponent can see that. So perhaps he gives up fighting, calms down, and you can talk like human beings.

    From all techniques of Aikido this one is the most difficult to adopt. You don't damage on purpose but rather try to stop the useless fight, doing no harm whatever.

  41. if the attacker charges you again then, unfortunely it's time to break some bone and not simply drive him down and control him: he had the first warning.
    I'm happy to see someone willing to ccept another perspective instead of marking it as BS.
    In the end, there are different ways to solve a situation.
    I say do what you know will work in that stuation.
    It is simply a matter of philosophy behind the martial art, and personal choice.
    Thank you for your respectful and intelligent reply.

  42. Normally after I throw a right jab I follow up with the left. So in slow motion… as you turn and go to block my right jab, by then my left should be landing to the right side of your face.

  43. That would mean you are punching with both your fists at the same time. Who the fuck punches like that? This guy in the video is doing ikkyo reaaly slowly for display purposes, a proper ikkyo is normally exequted before the energy from the first punch is gone. You can't land a second punch because you're already looking in the other direction and your body is in the way. Tell a sensei to do sankyo on you, then try to punch him in the face. Good luck.

  44. I really appreciate your style, and technique, I have experience in various kinds of mixed martial arts, kickboxing , Brazilian Jujitsu, excetera, but even with the knowledge that I have, every time I've tried to apply your techniques, when my opponent is striking, I can bring him down by grabbing the hand and lifting the elbow up over the head down to the ground, as you say to do, but each time that I try it my opposers always keep their fist clenched, and I feel like I do not have full contro

  45. Aikido techniques are banned in MMA, mostly because if done at full speed they result in broken bones and nerve damage.

    Try bending your own wrist too far to see what I mean

  46. idiot, aikido is for dealing with the opponent's momentum, hence opposite of resistance. in the Japanese culture they actually do recommend training in a striking art with aikido so I hear.

  47. No, this is Ikkyo, not Nikkyo. The redirection is different, the Nikkyo not being applied. (And I wouldnt say Ikkyo and Nikkyo were totally different techniques)

  48. First of all, dont call someone an idiot for asking a good question. Yes, Aikido works on someones momentum. Aikido includes the atemi waza too. There is resistence in Aikido too, especially in Shodokan Aikido. That is something Aikidoka should train with, so yes, resistence is and should be part of AIkido.

  49. sir, you have to get out of opponent range.

    leave aikido sport, get rel aikido, for real stret fight.

  50. in street fight there are samurais.

    i was arrested a week due to defend myself.Judge said i used not justified violence and the oponnent couldnt work for more then two months, and i put his life in dangerous, etc bla bla bla…i just use my hands.

  51. we have to see how an aikido master can block a punch from a mike tyson hook combination. In theory here you can block the punch but in real you must be in good shape to see the punches coming and to catch them which is actually impossible

  52. is everrything in your mind, so you can do waht you want.

    once i was in a bar and everybody stated attack each others, i finished my cup of ice tea whilke everybody was fighting, and bodies almost hit me, then , and i got out of the bar, passing in the middle of confusing, with out being toutched.
    did anyone tried to puch me, yah i rmember that at least on tried, but he even toutched me,

    i think they realised that Iam a strange guy with strange moves, so they attacked others, and leaved me.

  53. people this is sport, and techniques, if you want real fight, need to know real aikido, knowing slow moves is just the starting, but not enought for rel fight, so stop stupid comments around here.

  54. did you killed your parents with horse shit, ?? they seems they liked and lived to much time with horseshit, so they like it for sure!!

  55. I'm sure if a pro aikido and boxer went at it, aikido would win. While boxing is an art of speed and strength, aikido blending and deflecting would counter a boxer just fine. Boxing is about power. Aikido is about using power against them. I know too many police officers who use aikido to take down large and aggressive individuals. This technique is NOT a fail. If anything, aikido is the art of spine manipulation mostly because it deals in throwing your opponent off balance.

  56. Agreed. Boxing is too predictable. Aikido/Ikkyo has a variation for just about any circumstance. And with any, you can throw your own combinations in there (backhand to the face works great after deflection to throw them off balance). Weight and Power are useless if you deflect it with minimal effort; either towards the ground or against the limitations of their own joints…

  57. You're thinking of "small joint manipulation" – that's not things like wrist locks. It refers to things like the fingers.
    Look, I do Aikido too. But fact is, Aikido is just not a good MA for cage fighting. It's good for a lot of other things, just like all martial arts are good at different things, but modern cage fighting just isn't one of them.

  58. Dumbest move I've ever seen.. You never move into the inside of somebodies strike like this because there's his other arm.. You could just as easily slip to the outside as even a pro fighter would and grab him near the wrist and Palm strike him in his elbow thrusting his face to the ground with his arm behind his back. from there.. FINISH HIM!!!

  59. this is just to learn the basic tecnique. in this move you punch, atemi strike, his face at the same time you are blending, then you apply ikkyo.

  60. It is a brlliant martial art, but its only effective if you are well trained and ULTRA alert. No good trying to defend yourself with it after a night out!

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