How You Can Learn Martial Arts At Home By Yourself

(upbeat pop music) – So maybe you’re not so lucky, you always have a sifu
teaching you one on one. One of the most common
questions that we get from our channel is, you
know, Dan, Sifu Octavio, I’m training on my own,
there’s no dojo in my school, I don’t have a training buddy. How can I practice and learn martial art from my home, by myself, what do I do? (upbeat music) So let me give you three tips today. Tip number one, I think
the biggest problem is training on your own is,
you don’t get feedback from a instructor, right? So you have to kind of
learn how to self-correct. So watching videos, and that’s why we make these videos for
you, so you can follow along, you can want to watch it
multiple times to learn the move, and then to make sure you
do the move correctly. The first thing what you can do is, sSfu, practice in front
of the mirror, correct? – Yeah, a mirror’s a great way to start. I mean if you don’t know how you’re structurally moving your body, you gotta especially if you’re watching our videos and you go in and you just scroll through, you can see it, try to imitate it, put the mirror in front of you and put the video up
and just follow along. – Yes.
– Yeah. And that’s a great way and that’s why we’re releasing videos
is for you to learn. But, I mean, you won’t get
the feedback, you’re right. Just what you were saying, but the mirror is a great way to start. – The mirror it’s, if you watch it, if you are kind of critical, right? Don’t no delusional don’t
you’re better than you think, but actually look in the mirror look at your stance,
look at your center line, okay, this is off. Or, is my elbow in or all these things, you will teach you a lot. So I think practice in
front of the mirror, that’s tip number one. Number two is, if you
don’t have a training buddy and you don’t have someone to, there’s someone to hold the pad or to, you hit something, is to
get a piece of equipment. Very often, I mean Sifu
I think is the same way, we train on our own, we don’t
always have training buddy. Get some kind of a heavy
bag or get a Bob, right? Get a dummy or a wooden dummy. Whatever it is to practice, right? – The Bob I think is probably best. The heavy bag is quite heavy
if you’re hitting it wrong, you might end up hurting your wrist. That’s why it’s probably good to get the gloves with the strap, that way you can brace that wrist. And because if you’re
throwing full hard on punch, and you don’t know how
much you’re delivering, you can practically crack your wrist, or hurt your shoulder or
do something incorrectly. – Yeah, yeah. – So the BOB actually kind of
gives you a little bit more… – And it’s got the head movement, and you can, it feels a little
bit more like real, right? – Something with springs in it, yeah I think that’d be best for you. But yeah about the only thing I can really recommend if you’re
doing this on your own. – You know you are an obsessive
martial artist when you all kinds of like weird equipments at home (laughing loudly) You hang a piece of paper, you
got like a ball here hanging and you’re hitting, right? – Right, right. – That’s kind of what happens
and you’re got something in your back yard like a the sandbag. That’s when you know a
serious martial artist, right? All kinds of stuff. You know, you go to Home Depot, you try and find a iron bar
thing to hit your forearm with. – Right right. – Yeah so, that’s the second tip, practice, get some equipment. Start with just one or two, you don’t need to go crazy with equipment. And the third thing
is, anyone can work on, which is something I
learned from Sifu it’s, you work on your physical ability, right? Doing the pushup. ‘Cause the first time I met Sifu is, Sifu how do I develop explosive power? ‘Cause I was expecting some,
oh this is gonna be good. Some like earth shattering answer. You know what he said? Pushup. Dan, do some pushup. I said, what? Yup. And then he showed me like, 10 different ways of doing a pushup. I said, okay (laughing). But that’s it, right Sifu? – You have to practice yourself. Biggest suggestion I can
give everybody out there especially if you’re
trying to follow Bruce Lee. I know everybody is inspired by him and they want to do exactly what he did. To be honest with you, he was an entirely different individual. You’re gonna be someone different. You’re gonna have to
work on yourself first. And the basics are the
pushups, the squats… – Actually the sprinting. – The sprinting, the running. Especially if you’re young, run. Do all kinds of activity stuff. The great players like,
I’d say football in Europe or soccer here in the US. It’s, those guys are
very physically athletic. Watch the way you’re training too because if you over train, that’s when you start to kill your adrenals.
– Yeah. – So you have to watch what you eat, you have to watch how you’re training, how much time you’re spending on it. There’s all kinds of training regimens that we can provide at a future date. But again, biggest
suggestion is to start small. Don’t go in there and start thinking, oh alright, I’m going to
be able to split this paper hold on, I’m gonna practice
this until I split this paper. It has nothing to do with that, it’s about how much
focus and intent you have through the entire training process. – Yeah, and that gives you if you say, oh I got to split that piece of paper, it gives you a false sense
of confidence, right? But at the end of day, best, you want to have some
kind of training buddy and you want to have some kind of sifu. Nothing can replace that. We’re giving your three tips where you absolutely cannot find
an instructor in your town, and you cannot always travel, you maybe don’t have that privilege. Start somewhere, anywhere.
– Yeah – When you get to the
point where you could definitely find an instructor,
that’s the best way to go. Also make sure you check out Sifu’s, I’ll put a link at the bottom. Then you will learn from him and there are other virtual training. Do that, start with that, no excuse. It’s not, oh I cannot find
a school so I don’t train. That’s not avoiding skills, right? So you can start something today. – Yeah – And make to go watch
our other JKD videos. We have a lot of videos. Watch, practice in front of mirror, Make sure you also find
couple pieces of equipment, and then train, get fit. See with me, why I’m busy,
I’ve got running businesses But I still gotta put in the time and you gotta train.

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  2. I seriously need to learn some martial arts. I have run into some men who do not take no for answer. Taking classes are expensive. I guess have to learn some online.

  3. Im new to the idea of learning a martial arts. I have recently decided to commit to my beginning. However my inspiration is to become self aware of what boundaries are and how far past them i can push.

  4. I clicked this video out of curiosity, I wanted to see dan lok doing kung fu, don't try the billionaire, he's a badass

  5. I studied and practiced teakwondo and judo. It doesn't matter how you learn it the martial art as long as you can do it right.

  6. This is great I just found out about this fighting style….and my city has a school that teaches this… between these videos and that school I will learn 💯

  7. Mr. Lok, too bad that you are not a Professional Instructor. You can tell that you have been taught by Bruce Lee's students. I know that you show the moves slowly, so that everyone can see and learn. Whenever you throw fast moves and combos, you are as fast and as lethal as Bruce Lee himself. I'm not just making reference to movie scenes. I'm talking about the footage that still exists of real contests that Bruce Lee was in I believe around 1968 in L.A.

  8. Ooh, Octavio is in my home state. Too bad I live in Central Oregon and don't have the funds for an instructor. I'll try keeping him in mind for when I do.

  9. I clicked on this video hoping it was a joke and that it was pointing out the safety factors of learning to fight; that you need physical feedback if you want to learn a physical skill. but all in all, there was actually some really good advice in here… regarding "training".

    To help people stay safe and based in reality, I think most MA videos should emphasize that training is not fighting, and that these types of videos are intended primarily for conditioning and educational purposes. if you want to learn to drive a car, you should probably practice driving a car.

  10. thank alot….helped me alot….I always practice alot at home….use to watch IP MAN'S MOVIE ALOT AND BRUCE LEE TOO HEHE

  11. Im a really huge fan of your work Dan. It really amazes me how you from a poor immigrant boy to a self made millionaire. I hope someday i will be successful too and your videos help a lot and it really inspire me to go out there and do something. I can do this! Really hope I can see you someday.

  12. Martial arts means stamina flexiblity ,footwork ,stricking , blocking -redirecting -trapping,takedowns ,grappling that all about it does't matter what style they all have these instrument in. That so working on that and combine them all 😎

  13. Dan lok I'm also a Bruce lee fan.I watched all your video's of Jkd. I was all so bullIed in school. I love martial arts so much.
    I licked on the website the art of Jkd. com
    But I live in South Africa but there's no schools. Thank you for making these video's. I really needed it.

  14. You can't learn martial arts alone. That's easy to answer, it's not fully possible to master it alone. If you have someone with you in an actual place, maybe you'll get somewhere but never alone…

  15. In my experience, for an absolute beginner, it's impossible to learn anything at home by himself. He has to be assisted by an instructor. On the other hand, an experienced person in martial arts with a solid base in at least one style of martial arts can learn something. Still, he needs the help of an instructor and a partner if he is trying to learn refined traditional styles like Wing Chun, Aikido, JKD, Pakua Chan Ju Jitsu, and similar techniques.

  16. I’ve been wanting to learn for a while, I’m actually inspired by dragon ball and not Bruce Lee and I wanna be able to do amazing feats like you see in the anime. Am I crazy lol? There’s no really good dojos in my city that I know of, and I once asked my significant other if we could play fight and she said she might lose control of herself and try to kill me, so there goes her as a training partner out the window. This video is helpful so I thank you.

    But can you split a piece of paper?

  17. I am a half Chinese and Ip Man taught Bruce Lee everything he knows to let Bruce Lee be the greatest man in martial arts so I am here to learn Chinese martial arts by people teach in youtube

  18. This dousing even show you how to learn martial arts al tho I do wish I would have u as my martial arts teacher because u seem nice

  19. I do calisthenics in the morning everyday to jump start my brain power, body and cortisol (yes, it is good at the right time). When your body move, your brain grows.

  20. Interesting topic. Yet, I'll give some advice, and the advice given may not be appreciated or liked. Yet it's the raw broccoli that some people need in there lives. It really depends on what your goals are by training at home. I also believe it will put you slightly higher on the self defense scale. Some people might laugh at that, but if seen this first hand. Yet, it wont complete you. You need to sharpen the edges you forge. Iv been around martial arts for a very long time and have studied multiple over the years. You really start to appreciate, and realise how deadly traditional martial arts the older you get and have had experiance with real violance. Yet it's very true that someone who has trained in mma for 2 months will beat a karateka who has trained for 15 years. You need real, live combat. The truth is that even mma cant hold up against experienced, strong street fighters that utilize headbutts, gauging, and very angled and dirty strikes. I bounced for 2 years when I was younger, and seen guys that trained mma weekly, get beaten by street thugs that had no training what so ever. They just went in with raw power and aggression. Jujitsu didnt work and there clean western boxing didnt work. Now, on the latter, if seen karateka join our mma gym, and get humbled by someone who has trained for only 2 months like I mentioned. That does not mean there is no hope in traditional martial arts. Or training at home. We also had one guy join the gym, and we could have sworn that he was in boxing for years. His hand speed and power were amazing. Yet he lacked defense and tactic and setups. He shadow boxed in his workout regime for years. He was incredibly offensive, which is what you want on the street. You dont want to waste too much time being defensive in a street fight. You need to except your going to get hit and look for openings. If you start covering up, your going to get hit hard with something that you wont see coming. So yes, training at home can have its advantages , but you still should try get some love fighting in. Dont find a street fight, just go to an mma gym for a week or two. I highly recommend it if your starting a traditional martial art to. Mma junkies laugh at king fu and karate, but after 10 years of being thrown, punched, twisted and extended, I prefer a dojo more than an mma gym. Beyond that, if you practice karate or kung fu and practice your timing and finding an opening for a hard strike at the beginning of a fight. Than youv just won that street fight. You want to hit a person once or twice really hard and get out of there. Karate and certain kinds of kung fu can teach you that. You need to be very realistic however. If you want fast hand and a strong strike, than train at home. Itll be better than nothing and give you a good edge. If you really want to know how to defende yourself however, try get some training in. Btw, the only jujitsu you want to know is defensive jujitsu. We live in a world where you cant take someone down in public and break there arm or choke them out over a fist fight. Remember that. You will get charged. That's if you win.

  21. Sifu Dan how do you learn defending when there isnt no1 I have to practice with whsts the easiest thing to make or do ?

  22. Yesterday I had a problem with a girl at my school that she attacked me and my friends were so amazed Bc I didn’t physically touch her and I blocked every punch and now she said that she is gong to bring someone to fight with me.. why ? Bc I didn’t let her touch me. But now.. what should I do ???

  23. As for me in 20's I learned TKD for 3 yrs. But job change I became a truck driver, not much exercise in that,but I always carried small weights for yrs. Now I am retired turned 60,and my flexibility is bad,I must stretch…And living in small coastal town in Tx. of 9,000 people their is no Martial arts training here, nearest is 48 miles away..So I practice alone, I remember still many of my TKD teachings… But I now use the form of JKD I find it more better for older persons to put strong side forward.Age is a state of mind, I core work out and have been lifting weights for 5 yrs. now, but not over do it…. To me it is enjoyable to learn,stress relief and in this world today ,to use it should I be attacked,but hopefully it never comes to that….I was a self taught 18 wheeler driver,I went to no school, I drove 24 yrs., no accidents,no moving tickets, your mind is one of your strongest points, be a can do person… You can learn at home, but I also suggest you find a partner friend, your spouse, etc… not grandma 🙂 to practice with to get the feel of real contact person to person. Great advice and thank you Dan Lok and your teacher for sharing this with us.

  24. I'm also practicing my self to do splits, to learn flexibility. I don't even have a punching bag due to being poor! It doesn't matter when you're poor, forget all the laughing but don't end your mission our life doesn't matter in bullying it matters in our real vision of our mission and always think about the vision of your life!

  25. Not to be mean but this wont work in a street fight here’s why because 90 percent of street fight end up on the ground

  26. I trained taekwondo for like a month legit all the black belt kids did nothing. I quit but I want to learn how to defend myself not be perfect or a master at martial arts.

  27. It’s awesome to see you blow off steam with this hobby despite your jam packed schedule as an entrepreneur

  28. I have to learn this so I can kick my bully’s ass when school starts, ain’t going back home with a black eye anymore.

  29. I really wanna do martial arts or some sort of self defence but my mom is like “it’s not lady-like”.

    She’s that kind of mom..

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