How to Use Your Attacker’s Clothes for Self Defense

Hey guys, Nick Drossos and welcome to
Code Red Defense. Today, we’re going to look at how to use your attackers
clothes. Now to me, I’m always grabbing on to something right.
So, when I clinch, I’m grabbing here, I’m grabbing with one hand,
I’m grabbing always the clothes, because I can get a much better grip. So if your
jujitsu or judo guy, grabbing the clothes are great. The only thing I’m not
going to do is sit here and wrestle with it. I’m going to strike. So if we clinch
and I’m here, I can use the jacket we pull in here, to pull him there, shots. Sorry Pat,
it came right into my forearm. And one of favorite moves is by striking, he
doubles over, boom put the jacket over his head. Guys, I made tons of videos, why do I keep
on making them? Because shit works it’s simple right. So once I clinch, so if he goes in
and I’m here I’m here I’ll grab here, I’ll here, here. I’m
always grabbing something to keep him close. So I’m grabbing with one hand and
striking with the other okay. Even if he had a sweater, a hoodie and I can control
the body through here or like again, putting it over the head is the easiest
and best way, which means if I strike and he doubles over boom. What I
do, is grab and yank him back, why? Nothing better than me standing, and him
on the ground boom kick to the head, lights out, done and you’re out. So I hope
you guys enjoyed the video. If you want to learn more self-defense go visit our
website, we have a great video on Common Attacks,
an hour and a half action-packed, theory, drills and some self-defense
scenarios. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Stay safe and stand strong. [Visit Code Red Defense]

9 Replies to “How to Use Your Attacker’s Clothes for Self Defense

  1. Great video, good principles. Maybe you can also do a video on how to break grips when an attacker grabs your clothes.

  2. Hey Nick Can U please make a video how to protect your self from an attacker while Injured/Hurt so badly

    Thanks nice vid by the way

  3. i had previously watched the video on how to end a fight in seconds i personally would end it using my hands as knives, i mean my hands aren't knives and they aren't steel either but personally looking at what weapons do to a person notice that brute force like with hammers and other blunt objects just crush things whilst swords and knives can dissect somebody in a fraction of a second. looking at this knowing i'm a scrawny white guy without much muscle build i can't really do much… but most fighters just start taking their cloths off, put two and two together, and with a bit of time they are just laying out the welcome Matt for me to disembowel them. now obviously i can't and won't do that… but it'l hurt like heck if you felt my hand poke Ur liver from behind the skin. in my opinion if Ur like me… go for the really weak spots the ones without much material protection… like the stomach or the neck… but mostly the stomach. i mean when someone is about to get in a fight with you, your going to want to start to them your grabbing their shirt and jabbing the face with Ur fist. but when you go low with a pretty good joker smile impression and you jab your fingers into their belly area , let's just say any of their buddies aren't gonna wanna see what you could do to them. despite the fact that you can't. so don't, let them fear you, let them look at you and think this guy might just kill me… then let them be the ones running away screaming and crying for help. and the thing is if they call the cop's about a psycho killer and you didn't disembowel someone, then use your physique as a defense, i mean look at you your not a hulky giant brute, you'r a guy trying his damndest to keep safe. cause i mean u are… if your using this to kill a bunch of people it would be obvious that the scrawny guy card couldn't be played do to the fact that it takes at least a bit of strength to feel some liver, so yea we all can see that that hand was made for stabbing don't do it take the pills u were prescribed and have a damn fine day.

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