How to Use Nunchucks (Speed Chucks) : Knowing Different Kinds of Nunchucks

CALAB LABARDA: Oh, hi. My name is Calab Labarda,
I’m a third degree black belt in Taekwondo. I’m here with Expert Village, and today, I’m
going to teach you how to use speed chucks. Alright, so now, I’m going to be showing you
different types of nunchucks, okay. This pair right here that I have with me, are hard,
Bruce Lee styled nunchucks, okay. Like I said before, these right here, these little, fancy,
shiny pins in ’em, they’re just for looks and–to make them look fancy and shiny when
you spin it around, to give it some flair, okay. It has a chain with it, okay. If ever
you used the chain nunchuck, make sure it’s the length of your hand, okay. That’s how
you pick out a good nunchuck. Okay, you could see right here, that two links have been removed.
You can use it, just cut those off with a saw, okay. Also, these ones are more hardcore,
okay. You want to be pretty good with nunchucks before you even move on to these ones, ’cause
they will knock you out, alright. So, when you’re first starting out, you want to go
ahead and use some soft, full nunchucks like these ones, okay. They’re nice, soft foam,
they got a plastic in the middle, like a little PVC pipe and just a soft string, and that’s
also the width of my hand, okay. So, when you start using your nunchucks for a spin-over
and stuff, it’ll help you go into your moves better, alright. So, these are the softer
nunchucks, when you get hit in the head, okay, it won’t hurt too bad. It’ll still sting a
little bit, but it won’t be that bad, okay. And then, when you move on to those, these
ones are for, more or less children. You could see how short the stick is. It’s only about
a little less than a foot long, okay. And it’s got, these are speed chucks. These are
mini speed chucks, okay, and the width of the string is only about an inch long, and
that’s going to be a speed chuck, okay. Now, the difference between that and your regular
nunchuck, okay, look at the string length, okay. These are going to be a lot faster and
a lot quicker. These are going to be little bit slower but it delivers more of a “umph”,
okay. This is more of the whip, okay. They’re still both realistic. They can use for fighting
and they’re both very strong. But this one will deliver a fast whip, okay. They’re delivered
for fast strikes very quickly, okay. Now, the kind I’m going to be using today are the
full length professional nunchucks, okay. You can just order these online, or wherever
you find them. I’d like to test my nunchucks out before I use them, and this is the best
pair that I found. They’re weighted, there’s pins in them, and you can see, this is where
you hold them, they’re weighted, okay. The string is one, one-inch long, okay. And you
can see the stick, this is maple wood. It’s very strong nunchuck. It’s very realistic.
It’s the real thing. I can put it on my back pocket and use it as a weapon.

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  1. foam chucks are deceptive, i really wouldn't advise learning with them as they can lead you to believe that your more capable than you are which can be a dangerous thing when moving onto hardwoods. I'd suggest using chucks that are around 180- 250g to start with, they wont hurt too much but they'll teach you the physics that foamies just don't.

  2. I have a dual core AMD x2 64 bit 1.9Ghz with 4GB ram, I'm pretty sure it's not my computer. It is loading faster today though so I'll bet it WAS my ISP

  3. Anthony, if you can't find them in your area, why not make them yourself. I made my first pair of speed chucks as a teenager, Just get some 1 inch maple dowel rod at a building supply. Drill a hole in the end of each rod. Insert a string into the end, and pin it in place with a metal pin. A nail will work it you don't have a metal rod. It's kinda hard to explain, without a picture. Con't next comment.

  4. But you should be able to figure it out. If you want to Balance the chucks, drill a 1/4 inch hole in the other end of each chuck, about 1 inch deep. Fill the hole with lead shot mixed with epoxy adhesive, then plug the end with a wooden plug. You can vary the weight, to balance at the proper place. You can use BB's with epoxy if you can't get lead shot. Good luck

  5. geez i cant find speed chucks with the 1 inch nylon with a full 12 inch lengh. If anyone knows where to get a pair and feels like telling its very appriciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. BTW, Bruce Lee style nunchaku have a longer chain because they have shorter handles. Very true: unless you are an expert with nunchaku, do not use "Bruce Lee style" nunchaku. But only shorten the chain if you want to make it more awkward for yourself. Again, if you're an expert, you know what i mean, if you're not, don't be using those. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bruce Lee uses those in "Fists of Fury" but more conventional style in "Way of the Dragon" (which i highly recommend for actual weapon study)

  7. Expert village is a joke with their firearms training videos, almost makes you puke at how bad their advice is and could potentially get someone hurt

  8. can someone tell me where i can get some practice speed chucks or regular speed chucks like the one he has??? been searching ebay and amazon and still cant find any good ones that are at a fair price.

  9. After I got the hang of using the foam nun chucks, I took off the foam and started using the nun chucks Bare with just plastic..It hurt when I made a mistake but i defiantly improved my technique and speed. Now I need to buy my self some hard wood. Been using these little suckers for about 2 months.. need new ones ๐Ÿ˜€

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