How to Translate Stick to Empty Hand

Hey there! Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit
Martial Arts Centre. Today is a beautiful day and it’s a great day for
me to show you a few things. The topic for today is how to translate stick
movement to empty hand movement. So I’m going to show you how to do this okay.
There’s a three-step stage to this: First, you practice the stick movement.
Second, you analyze the movement. Thirdly, you’re going to replicate the
movement with the empty hand equivalent. So let’s show you how we
can do this here. We’re gonna start with single sinawali. Many of you know this.
Okay. So we’re gonna do modern single sinawali.
Ok. So this is what it looks like. Many of you know this. So you go here here Pretty easy! So that’s the first stage:
practice the stick movement and then the next thing we need to do is to analyze
the movement. What does it consist of? Can you break it down into component parts?
I think you can with single sinawali. So let’s look at this, okay? So it’s a
four-count. There’s one and there’s a downward motion. This is a cross body
motion and the downward motion. Okay. nice Cross body down, cross body and down. So you
have a cross body motion and you have a downward motion. Okay. Now
let’s think about this. Let’s replicate this with empty hands so we’re
gonna pick the sticks down and we’re gonna do empty hand single sinawali.
It’s part of a translation from stick to empty hand.
So let’s do this. So you have cross body and down, cross body
and down, cross body and down. Okay. Now you can use single sinawali just using the
cross body motion, like this here. Ah! Okay we’re getting somewhere now. Okay
How do we apply this to self defense? Okay. So let’s think about
somebody throwing a punch or reaching out to push us and use this cross body
motion which all started with the stick version of single sinawali. Okay.
Remember, practice the stick movement analyze the stick movement, and replicate
it empty hand. And now we’re going to apply this for self-defense.
So Alex is gonna reach out like he’s a thug trying to push me around and you
can use this motion here. So right here Bam yeah.
Boom! Yes and now we’re getting somewhere here! Okay. That’s how you apply the stick
movement to empty hand. Okay this is one of the major concepts of Filipino
martial arts. But some folks struggle with this, with the transition
from stick to empty hand. Now let’s try something else here.
Let’s use the concept of palis palis. Palis palis means to
sweep on one side to the other. Okay. So we’re gonna do this against angle
one. Again, practice stick movement, analyze the stick movement and then do the
empty hand version of it. Let’s use those same analytical tools. So
let’s do at palis palis angle one, okay? We’re gonna do this slow so you can see
this sweeping motion here. So you have this here to here. See how I swept it from
one side to the other? It’s here and I’m sweeping to here, okay?
One more time. Here to here. So if we analyze this, what’s happening to his arm?
His arm is going from here away to here. Let’s analyze what my stick
is doing. Here I’m sweeping this from one side to the other. This hand is
doing the same thing. Here to here. But another thing we need to realize is that
in real life, it’s not stick against stick. it’s gonna be stick against arm like
this here stick against arm. Ah! So that might give you an additional
clue as to how to apply palis palis to empty hand, okay?
So let’s put the sticks down. So it can be against a punch or knife attack
It really doesn’t matter okay? I’m gonna do the sweeping motion against his
attacking hand from one side to the other, okay? You want to get from the
inside line to the outside line. So he goes here, right here. Ah! I’m on
the outside line now. I can do with something here. Okay? All right. So let’s do
that but slow. Okay, so he does this here. Ah, I’m on the outside line. That’s
how you can apply palis palis stick version to empty hand. Now I can do
anything from here okay? Finish armbar and all that. Okay, so that’s
palis palis. Let’s give you one more example of how you can translate
stick to empty hand and that’s the punyo, okay?
All right so we’re gonna switch sides so you can see. So I’m gonna do a cut block
against angle one, okay. And this is the common move here. Then you stick that
punyo into the ribs right here. Okay? and a lot of times I’ll follow up with
this kind of move, okay. But let’s think about this punyo here okay.
You go here to here. So practice the stick movement. Analyze the movement:
What are we doing here? look at the orientation of my hand while
I’m doing this, like this here. Okay? Now we’re gonna put the stick down and do
the empty hand translation of this and then we can see what the empty hand
translation is. Okay. So try to replicate the movement
empty hand wise. You go ahh we have a hammer fist here.
From here, okay, we have a hammer fist you can do the same thing as I
demonstrated it in a couple of seconds ago. Here boom to here, okay.
So when he does this, boom right here boom! Okay. So I’ve given you three
examples of how to translate stick to empty hand. You think in terms
of practice in the stick movement analyzing the movement and replicating
it to empty hands and applying it to self-defense. I hope this video
has been helpful for you in terms of analyzing stick movements to empty
hand. If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel. Please comment,
like, and share and come back for future videos and have a great day!
Thank you! you

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