How To Throw A Straight Rear Punch – Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Straight Blast Version

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  2. Hi dan, i have practiced jkd many years ago, but now i want to restart, and your videos help me very much and for that i thank you veru much!! Anyway i want to ask you a question. How can i do a spinning hook kick like bruce in his films? I know it's not usefull for the street, but i like so much… please explain this in an video! Im sorry but im italian and i don't speak very well the english… but i hope that you understand me! Anyway thank you again! You are a great sifu of jkd!!!!! Good evening!! 🙂

  3. Very good . thank you Dan thank you very much for being a source of great inspiration.. Be water my friends.

  4. Excellent lesson Sifu. I was just working heavily on my rear (left) punch because my right elbow is injured – great timing on publishing this. Thanx.

  5. I am here. And I am commenting. 🙂 Can you explain the noise made when exhaling? I also heard Dan Inosanto make a similar noise. Thank you.

  6. Love your videos Dan. Much better minus your sifu. You are a better speaker and instructor in front of the camera. Thanks

  7. -The snap of the body upon throwing the rear punch looks like a shoulder fake.
    -In my opinion, the vertical punch is most effective because the elbow is much closer to the body unlike a horizontal punch.

    again, thanks for the free lesson sifu.

  8. I imagine I'm holding my phone to my cheek at the end of my punches to remember to bring my shoulder up to protect me, do you think that would be an effective way to visualize protecting the chin with one's shoulder?

  9. many thanks genius dan lok! the truth that very good technique, very effective. Now, with the hip movement, I think it should be like a rotating ege for any blow, do not you think? I wanted to tell him that the fist bump that my teacher taught me once is the full revolving blow. that comes to be like a bullet hit. when throwing the blow, it turns completely and when it hits it hurts a little differently than a blow. very good video dan lok. Good Life. regards

  10. Thanks. In addition, could you do a video dealing with a firearm, if Bruce Lee covered it? I'd a appreciate it

  11. Dan, maybe I don't remember correctly, but didn't Ted Wong teach it as a horizontal fist with the pinky knuckle slightly tilted more upwards, flaring out the elbow, giving you more protection on the rear punch?

  12. Dan I love your channel so much. I have been a JKD student for about 10 years with so much to still learn. I love the entrepreneur information as well.

  13. I am a great fan of kungfu and wanted to learn all my life but did'nt get a great teacher, please upload such videos more and more , I think I can learn a lot this way,

  14. I am a student of the arts as well…since a kid. very glad i ran across your channel….great j.k.d.instructions and awesome business tips! Im subscribed and hit the notification bell ! Keep them coming! Great work !

  15. Dan is the type of guy who doesnt walk with bodyguards, because they suck compared to him.
    Man with a heart of gold, money worth of platinum and hands of steel.

  16. I practice this for since 4 days punches
    So when I do my kicking
    And blocking practice sir
    I just started jkd please tell me week schedule training please ??

  17. Question: Did Bruce Lee believe in an uppercut punch? Or is it there too much motion involved in the technique?

  18. Dan Lok, you have a unique style altogether and your level of confidence is what i like in watching your videos. As for seeing the content, i have learnt the art of avoiding a fight. But still, your tips very handy. Impressive you are, Dan Lok, you are doing great! ?

  19. Thanks for posting these great body mechanic videos. Im from a different style of Kung Fu and love getting to see how others arts view and practice technique. Not matter what art you practice, truth is truth

  20. Rear straight over-hand left is more powerful because you can leverage your left shoulder in combination with your hip… nobody is going to push you…you don’t defend this punch by pushing… Floyd Mayweather executes the punch better than I can explain in written words.

  21. you havent a fucking clue every part is wrong hip rear foot weres the three forces not there ,,, no power from the rear leg dont you know this you dont drag the rear leg you push from it wernt you taught this no you wernt comical

  22. I will tell u all important 10 punches
    1-ping chuie
    2-Chung chuie
    3-jik Chung chuie
    4- Qua chuie
    5-Ooa chuie
    6-is poang chuie and that’s me punch 3 punches on front or up or right or left
    7-jao sao
    8-bli jee
    9- upper cut punch
    10-shuffle punch
    Now the 12 important kicks
    1- double front kick
    2-double back kick
    3- hook kick
    4- side kick
    5-whipping kick
    6-inside slice kick
    7-outside slice kick
    8-double spinning kick
    9-Obliue kick
    10- spin sweeping kick
    11-jumping spinning kick
    12-Scissors kick

  23. This person Dan seem very sincere respectful guy he is very skillful to teach and humble he care for people and look for that best in anybody…be bless a leader to follow

  24. @Dan lok i appreciate your your videos on jeet kune do ive been practicing for 7 years on and off ive been putting alot of tactical jkd training to use in my sparring matches also being relexed and. Being non telegraphcal with my techniques i gotta say that your videos are greatly appreciated keep doing the good work.

  25. Thanks bro I appreciate that instruction a lot of people in the streets think it's cool or you're tougher man if you swing the way that is incorrect. your way is correct which keeps you safe and damages at the same time

  26. Binge-watching JKD videos is not what I had planned for this beautiful spring day, but I am very glad I am. Thank you! Im adding F.U. Money to the reading list.


  28. Thank you for your excellent classes. I am practicing two years ago in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia; and your technical predictions have been very useful for me.

  29. Thank you for your excellent classes. I am practicing two years ago in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia; and your technical details have been very useful for me.

  30. Solid content as usual and sharp jkd instruction. Strong fundamentals, and the subtle detail of a master teacher. As never before, the need for a "pointer of the way" echoes. You, sir, are, pointing the way.

  31. Hi,I wanna ask what exercises shall I adopt for everyday routien to develop insane fighting stamina and attack power as well as speed?

  32. I saw hundrets videos…yours very good and not anoying like others)
    thank u so much
    Greez from Bali Indonesia from a german/italian expat

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