How to Survive a Choke – Self-Defense Tips

Hey. Ando here from and Happy Life
Martial Arts. In case you didn’t notice, I have a skinny
neck. That means it’s pretty easy for my training
partners and, God forbid, real-life attackers, to get their grubby little arms under my chin
and choke me out. But before I tap—or possibly die—there
are a couple of tricks that I practice to give myself a little more time to work my
escape and counters. Now, I’m not talking about magic tricks
here, I’m talking about last ditch efforts to buy myself one or two more seconds. That might not sound like a lot of time, but
remember, when it comes to chokes, when you could be sleeping in 5 to 8 seconds, even
adding one second could make the difference between surviving and dying. So, see if you can hold your breath for 8
seconds and I’ll be right back with a couple of tips. Hey. Here’s a quick warning just in case you’re
an idiot— practicing choke defense can be a dangerous way to spend the day if you’re
not careful. So, please—make your safety and the safety
of your training partners your number one priority at all times. Okay. Trick #1: Smile. No, not a cocky smirk. This is why people want to choke me out in
the first place. Instead, I want you to smile like a supervillain. Like the Joker on crack. You’re going to drop your chin anyways. It’s a natural defense against the choke. We all do that. But adding a smile makes it even better. Do you see what happens to my neck when I
do that? Take a look. You see that? It just puffs up a little bit. The goal is to create a little extra space
to protect my carotids and my trachea. Now, am I saying that your neck muscles are
ever going to be stronger than the bad guy’s arm muscles? No. But if smiling can buy me an extra one or
two seconds, then I’m going face death with a smile. Try it right now. Put your fingers on your neck and just feel
how different facial expressions either strengthen or weaken your neck. Your goal is to find a face that helps you
puff up and strengthen your neck without leaving you too tight to move. Once you find your— let’s call it a choke
face. Once you find your choke face, then practice
it. Seriously, do like 20 reps. Go for a burn just like you would with push-ups,
or squats, or any other exercise. The only difference is that If anyone sees
you doing this exercise, they’ll think you’re insane. Trick #2: Bullfrog. What? I’ll show you. Look. You see that? That movement is caused by pressing your tongue
into the roof of your mouth. Now, just like the smile, you have to experiment
with this. Put your fingers under your chin, on your
neck, and figure out where you have to put your tongue to press into the roof of your
mouth, to get the biggest bullfrog effect. Once you find your sweet spot, add the bullfrog
to your choke face. Together, these will help claim back some
of this space that they need to choke you out. Trick #3: Relax! I mean, relax. Look, I know—if some maniac is squeezing
your throat, the last thing you’re thinking about is relaxing. But consider this—if he thinks that choke
is working, he’s just going to keep squeezing. He’s never going to let you go. On the other hand, if he’s starting to doubt
that choke, if he’s losing confidence that it’s working, well, he’s going to start
thinking about letting it go and moving on to something else. So, when you get choked, don’t just kick
and thrash in a blind panic. That’s just telling him that everything
he’s doing is working. Instead, play it as cool as you can, protect
your neck, and just do what you can to start working your escapes and your counters. Now, remember—if that choke is off by even
a little bit, you can relieve that pressure off your throat, or off the side of your neck,
then you’re not going to pass out. So, if you can’t get out, well, then it
might be a better idea to stonewall, save your energy, and be ready to explode the second
he decides to give it up. One more thing. Be careful about the noises you make. When you’re getting choked, you might hear
you lips start to motorboat. You might even hear yourself making snoring
noises. Now, if the bad guy hears you motorboating
or snoring, he will definitely have a big boost in his confidence. Maybe that’s what you want. Maybe that’s part of your strategy, I don’t
know. Just be aware of the signals that you’re
giving off, voluntarily or not. Oh—and you might have heard that playing
dead or going completely limp is a pretty good way to get out of a choke. Uhh… I’d say that if you’re in a classroom
setting with a friendly training partner, absolutely. That’s not such a bad idea. But in a real-life attack with a real-life
attacker, I’d say that playing dead is more likely to get you really dead. So, my advice—keep fighting until you can’t
fight anymore. Whoo—that got dark. Okay, so, let’s review. Smile, press your tongue, and relax. Three last ditch tips to help you survive
a choke and stay in this world a little longer. If you liked this video, thank you for giving
it a thumbs up and hitting subscribe. To keep up with everything I’m doing, find
the link to visit Until next time, keep smiling, my friend,
and keep fighting for a happy life.

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  1. It's 4:34 AM here and I can't sleep but I have to be at school at 7:35 AM. It'll be nice watching this vid while I take a shit.

  2. Great tips! A tip I have (that I definitely didn't steal from fight tips):
    Use all remaining force to jump. The momentum of the swing down (remember, he's going to be moving with you) can very well break the choke with brute force. Of course there are many techniques to elbow your attacker, but a dedicated attacker will swallow the pain.

    Above all though, stay safe! Choking shouldn't be happening on the regular (without consent).

  3. Have u ever been choked in real life? One time I came home wasted and was yelling at my family… my stepdad got me in a choke hold. Of course that was before I started living with the martial arts spirit everywhere I go

  4. One of my instructors told us the story of how he almost got choked out at practice, but got out of it because he began to whistle. His sparring partner was so surprised and as you mentioned yourself began to doubt the effect of his choke hold and he released his grib.

  5. Our trick is to 'do the Princess Diana', especially for one-sided chokes like the under-arm headlock you demoed at 3:32. Tuck your chin and press your cheek into your shoulder so you're facing towards his body, and that particular choke will no longer be able to access your carotids or throat. At that point he's basically squeezing your skull, which is hardly ideal, I know, but at least you can breathe for a moment.

  6. You made me laugh in the middle of my Trick #1 neck exercise, and I almost passed out. I learned a lot here today, OSS!

  7. Good tips. Chokes are windpipe closers and strangles are blood flow closers. The vital targets are in the same location in the neck. The driver for the tech is most likely the hand behind your head…grabbing the pinky on that driver hand can relieve the choke. And once the pinky is broken they won’t be able to strike you with that hand either. Strangles are loosely based on triangle area…half base times height…yeah, grade school math. They will want to decrease area to cut blood flow driving the neck into the corner of the triangle thus reducing the height of the triangle. Getting a hand inside their tech can increase the area of your neck and negate their tech…kind of like having cushy pad around your throat. The choke face is an easy way to increase the area of your neck…great tip. Stomping on the foot is always a good escape in real survival situations…your tips work in both gym and survival.

  8. "I have a skinny neck" he sais standing in front of the camera showing that his neck is almost wider than his head.

  9. Great tips! As I watched I thought to myself: "my, my, my…how many times one has to be choked to figure all these things out. 😉

  10. Surprising advice! But I'm sure they work so I already started to train #1 and #2 advice I just learned;. Will not do this in the busses or in the parks!

  11. I found Ando podcast on smile. Pritty Entertaining.
    You may like it too. Check it out.

  12. Watching this video again, and yes, playing dead will get you dead. Everybody agrees, especially after having watched this other video about PLAYING DEAD, NOT A SOUND!

  13. Thank you. I like your videos. I like your advices. I get some new information about martial arts and also improve my listening english skills (my native language is russian). Thank you. You help for my mind and body. Sorry for my english. I still short in english.

  14. Why this chanel is not popular? Why stupid videos more popular than something good like this?
    Sorry for my english. I wish you understand me.

  15. Sensei Ando. Do you have any tips on how to build stamina for sparing. And also how to recover faster from injuries like knee and ankle sprains or bruising? How to build endurance for sparring?

  16. Most people that try to choke others usually have more than one person worth of stress in them & when it works they are going to savour every second.

  17. besides your awesome content Ando, you have a very good eye for symmetry when you frame a lot of your shots in your videos. I'm a photographer in real life (outside of youtube hahaha), so I appreciate your artistic sense 🙂

  18. Here in the streets of downtown Tokyo-ish areas (Within or around the Yamonote line) there is a very good possibility of getting jumped by a guy and the first thing the mugger will do is put you in a choke hold along with a knife to your throat. The only thing you can do is give him everything including the clothes on your back and running around naked. At least, that's what one guy at the hospital taught me. Another guy I met was a member of the Yakuza and told me that in his days, fights would start with head butts since men would often stand too close to punch. As a child my one true technique was hitting the groin. Throwing sand in their eyes, kicking their groin and head butting have proven useful to me. I live in hachioji and there's always a bunch of goons at Hachioji Station at night. Hopefully I won't have to fight ever again. Keep pumping out more Sensei!

  19. I learned in self defense class back in the Stone Age to A. Drop chin and B. If the jerk is using two hands to choke you, shoot your hands straight up between his arms. If he’s using one hand; sweep his arm away with one of your hands as hard as you can and then f*** his face up with your other fist. Or something along those lines. 😉

  20. Put your hands together, like your praying, and thrusting your arms up should separate their arms. If that doesn't work, your hands are now right in front of his face and you can use your two thumbs to press the two stop choking me buttons located in the eye sockets*.
    Alternatively/as well, you could try spitting in the face*&**, horrible and gross I know, but their shock, disgust and recoil could buy you some seconds; if they're that disgusted they might even stop choking you with one hand to wipe their face, then they may be open to strike whilst partially blinded by spit or a wiping hand!
    *Do what you must, if you're being choked, it's already become uncivilized!
    **Not a technique you try on/with your sparring partner; unless you no longer want them as your sparring partner! 😀

  21. it really depends on how you are being choked. even without counting on an actual skilled opponent there are a few ways that basically untrained (I saw this on tv types) might try.

  22. This youtube video reminds of the beginning of the second karate kid movie installment where cobra kai karate group sensei johnny kreese placed johnny Lawrence in a chokehold and that creepy criminal stalker mistreatment myagi saved johnny's life

  23. crotch banging..elbow slinging..leg grabbing .. instep stomping..eye/throat jabbing……what order would you recommend ?

  24. You’re teaching them to eat the attacks and take it that’s just stupid. Why should I wait for him to stop choking me if I was ever in such a situation. I’d do something while staying calm like ok this guy’s choking me I’ll push kick him away while elbowing his hands to go off. Am not that kind to let anyone kill me. And playing dead makes it worse you deliberately say kill me a person high on emotions would still not stop he’d know his game is getting higher he would keep choking 5-6 seconds long turning your fake death into a real one

  25. On wu-hsin (no mind In martial Art. What man has to get over is consciousness of himself. Stay out of the head because it gives you false direction. The story of the centipede. The fluidity a martial artist seeks can best be described by the story of the centipede. The many footed creature was asked how it manage to walk on all its feet. When it stopped to think about how it managed its daily function, it trip and fell. Life should be a natural process.which development of mind is no allowed to throw the natural flow of life out of balance. When man is thinking he stands off from what he is trying to understand. When not interrupted & dissected by ideas or concepts.. The moment we stop analyzing & let go we can start truly seeing, as one whole. Remember: Sensei Ando, this applies to me as well. I am totally opposite and feel deeply. SUN TZU Art of war. I am here to remind you. Your brain is your general of your head, & if the general is angered his authority can easily be upset & of beat with reality. If you are always hunting for for secret you're going to miss it,man. Kicking & punches are not necessary aimed inwardly to invade the opponent. It can be aimed at fears, frustrations. If one prepares to protect his front his rear is weak. If he prepares to the left his right is weak. And if he prepares towards the everywhere he will be vulnerable everywhere? The true power of skill is self knowledge- liberation of the self because what is the self today but built in false knowledge. that the ego calls the self today. Your instinctive skill should be well tempered with self inventory and self judgment. I too am guilty of this by not controlling false witness or what I take as such. Martial arts his a way of life that in 10 life times we may never reach the the true Dao or . We must work on being "compassion", "frugality", and "humility" Cantonese Tao .慈 儉 不敢為天下 先

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