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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts. In this video, how to slip punches using the 5 basic head movements. Alright, so 5 basic ways to slip punches using head movements. This is a valuable strategy for defense, along with how to block, because it allows you not only to protect your face,
but also to close in distance to set you up for counter-strikes. Now, this is the basic
video, we’re gonna be seeing counter-strikes in a future video, so subscribe to our channel
to stay tuned. So, here’s the overview first, from your fighting
stance, 1: slip in, 2: slip out, 3: lean back, 4: duck under in, and 5: duck under out. Those
are your 5 basic head movements. Before you tackle this, make sure you’re fresh on your
fighting stance, check out the video right here if you missed it, as well as the punch
video, to know what’s coming at you, as well as the punch blocks video, because it’s always
easier to block, than to slip. So, let’s look at these techniques applied.
There we go. So first, the “slip in”, I’m gonna use this most likely off of a jab, I
always want to go towards my partner’s back, that sets me up for easier counter-strikes.
So right here, I’m gonna go slip in off of the jab, again, a little bit faster. Now,
a couple details, the slip in, I’m gonna use all the joints in my body, so it’s faster.
I only need to move my head about 6 to 8 inches to the side so the punch misses my face. So
I’m gonna use my knees, I’m gonna use my abs, my neck, and my shoulder all together, and
I’m gonna go… my head moves to the side, it moves down, and it moves forward at the
same time. So it’s a 45 degree angle right here. So I’m gonna bend my knees, crunch my
abs, bring my shoulder forward, so in case I don’t go far enough, at least my shoulder
is protecting my chin, right here. This is my final position, so if you imagine a punch
coming here, I slip, I miss the punch. That’s the slip in.
“Slip out”, very similar, except I’m gonna go to my front fighting twist, so I’m gonna
use here… again, if you missed the fighting stance video, front fighting twist, right
here. So, bend forward, lift my, pivot my heel in the back, bring my opposite shoulder
forward over here, crunch my abs, chin down, shoulder up, right here, so I’m out of the
way of the punch. Also going forward, to this side, and downwards, right here. Let’s look
at that one applied. That’s gonna work most likely off of a cross, right here. One more
time, there we go. That’s the slip out. Next is the “lean back”. Lean back, very important,
I want to keep my chin down, as I lean back. That works pretty much off of any punch, I
can always lean back, we’ll see that applied in a sec. But first, from my fighting stance,
I’m gonna move backwards, extend my arm to create a counter-weight, bring this one up
so I’m protected, and bring my chin down on my chest at the same time, so I’m protecting
my chin. If my chin is up, very easy to get knocked out, send my head backwards. So, chin
down, right over here. Also, I don’t want my head to go any further than my back foot.
Right here is my limit. If I go any further, I’m gonna have trouble coming back, OK, that
limits my countering possibilities. So if I want to go further, I’m gonna have to step
back further with this leg, I can easily push and come back. Now let’s look at the application.
So, off of a jab, lean back, there we go. I just want to go far enough so the punch
basically misses my face. Even if it grazes me, there we go, I absorb the impact, and
I’m not gonna get knocked out. OK, so it’s all about the details, and precision. And
it can work as well off of a hook, just enough, or an uppercut, like that. OK, so that’s the
lean back. Next one is the “duck under”. Duck under works
most likely off of a hook, it helps me go towards the partner’s back, and position myself
for counter-strikes. So, duck under, right over here, “duck under out” first, I’m gonna
go away from it, shoulder protects the chin, crunch down with my knees, switch shoulders,
transfer the weight to my other leg, and then pop back up. If it comes in the other direction,
same thing, here, protect, go down, switch, go back up. Let’s look at the application,
so duck under in, off of a lead hook, I move away from it, right here, so I’m protected,
so I’m absorbing part of the impact with my initial movement, duck under so the punch
misses me, transfer to the other side, then come back up. Same thing on the other side,
we’ll go in the other direction, here, away, under, and back up, in her back. A little
bit faster, lead hook… again… back hook, a little bit faster…
OK, so it’s all about timing, we’re gonna see the counter-strikes in a future video.
So next step is gonna be to combine these movements together to develop continuous head
motion, as well as to combine that with steps, so you have mobility as well as mobility in
the head so that your head is a moving target, very hard to strike. Also, we’re gonna be
seeing some counter-strikes off of those slips in a future video. If you can guess what they
are, leave a comment below, and also subscribe to our channel to stay tuned for that video.
Next step also is gonna be to learn to apply that with a partner in sparring, always safety
first. And we’re gonna be seeing also the other ranges of fighting, so how to transition
from this into a takedown, or on the ground. So, subscribe to our channel to stay tuned
for all that, click like if you enjoyed this lesson, leave a comment below. Till next time,
I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts, remember, practice well, safety first,
and use these techniques only for self-defense.

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  1. i love the fact that your channel is not only about one martial art but more about the basics of a lot of martial arts to be a better well rounded fighter!

  2. Excellent work Patrick
    We are enjoying every second of it
    Amazing how you guys are covering all the details in the video
    Very professional

  3. You are a good teacher who gets right to the point. Some teacher beat around the bush so much that the technique they are teaching becomes confusing to the student. by the way, I wish there was some kind of mechanical device that would throw punches at you where you could practice these moves without a partner. Of course one could use a slip bag like the kind Mike Tyson used to train with.

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