How to Punch with a Bare Hand for Self-Defense

Hey, guys. Ando here. I just got an email
from Steven. Hey, Steve. Steven wants to know, “What is the best fist for fighting?”
Great question. It can be confusing trying to figure out how to throw a real punch. That’s
because there is so much conflicting information out there. You’ve got the guys who will
tell you to turn your fist all the way over. Then you’ve got the flat fist crowd. The
three-quarter crowd. Vertical fist. You’ve got guys who will tell you to hit with your
big knuckles, guys who will tell you to hit with your bottom knuckles. People who curl
up their thumb underneath. Some will put their thumb on top. Some who use knuckles punches.
How about ridge hands? Sword hands? Leopard fist? Some guys will tell you that you shouldn’t
even punch someone in the head because you’re going to break your hand. You should only
use your palm heel. So, with all that information out there, how is anyone, beginner or advanced,
supposed to have confidence in practicing their punching? Well, today, let’s see if
I can help shed a little light on how to throw a real punch. When it comes to a real fight, the best fist
is the one that hits the other guy and doesn’t hurt you. So, which fist does that? All of
them. And none of them. Cute, huh? Look, here’s the thing… the best fist is the one that
fits. I’ll say that again. The best fist is the one that fits. Here’s what I mean. Take a look at my face. Let’s pretend for
some demented reason, you wanted to punch me right in my smug, fat-lipped face. You’re
not the first one. Take your fist and put it right up to the screen and imagine you
wanted to punch me right on the point of my jaw. What does your fist look like? Now move
it up. What if you wanted to punch me on the nose? What if you wanted to punch me in an
eye? What about across my nose? What about the temple? What about the angle of my jaw?
What about the hinge of my jaw? The corner of my eye? Straight into my throat? The side
of my throat? Even with just this one target area, look
how many ways your hand can change its angle to fit the target better. What you don’t
want to have happen is have a point of impact on one knuckle, leave a gap, so that when
you’re following through, it tweaks your wrist or breaks the bones in your hand. Now, even if you decided, okay, I’m going
to use a flat fist right to the point of my chin, great. But what happens when I move
my head as we’re fighting? Suddenly, all those angles change. What happens when you’re
shuffling around and changing your position? Again, all the angles change. So, there is
no one all-purpose super fist that fits every single angle of your opponent. So, the best
fist is the one that fits. And that’s going to depend on two things. One, your positioning,
and two, your targeting. So, how do you throw a real punch? How do
you know which punches to practice? Easy. Practice all of them. Yeah. That’s why the
martial arts take so long to master. You need to make it your goal to hit any target from
any position. But bad news. You can’t learn how to do that punching in the air. You need
to hit something solid. I don’t care if it’s pads, or bags, or boards, or people,
hey… whatever you have access to. But you need to train your fists to make those last
second adjustments to hit the target well. Even when you’re sparring, even if you’re
wearing wraps and gloves, and you think you can get away with your one size fits all super
punch, I want you think about fitting, not hitting. That’s right. When you’re sparring,
instead of thinking about hitting, think about fitting. Here’s why. Let’s say you land your super punch on the
other guy. Maybe it hurts him, maybe it doesn’t. But if you hurt your hand because it was the
wrong punch, you may not be able to continue the way you want to. On the other hand, if
you land that super punch and it was the right fist at the right time, well, whether it hurt
him or not, you’re still capable of continuing that fight. And you may have to. So, it’s
worth the time to keep training hitting solid objects, different sizes, different shapes,
static, on the move, so you’re picking out the fist that fits. Hey. A little secret for you. You know all
those guys who tell you that you shouldn’t punch to the head in a real fight because
you’re going to break your hand? Well, to be honest, I teach that same thing. But only
to beginners. Once you know what you’re doing, you can absolutely punch to the head
and your fist is going to be just fine. So, don’t let anybody tell you that you’re
punching the wrong way. Just make sure you’re doing the work and you’ll punch the right
way. Steven, I hope that helped to clear things
up just a little bit. For everyone else, if you dig what I’m laying down, don’t forget
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go hit something, and keep fighting for a happy life.

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