How to Punch Hard and Correctly

MW: You see when he’s coming in, and when he forces it in MW: Like the body, see the whole body? MW: Yeah that’s how you get the whole body MW: Hi everyone, it’s Master Wong here today MW: Somebody asked me about how to punch hard MW: And properly MW: Now you can see some of the gear they got here at this boxing gym, Bodyshots, yeah? MW: We come in here to check some of the stuff out and ask how MW: To punch hard, now you see this? MW: It burst from how hard people have been punching and kicking MW: This type of movement MW: It’s hard look at that, big biz MW: But today I got my man here MW: Jordan MW: Thomas MW: He’s the world champion in kickboxing (?) MW: Karate MW: Karate not kickboxing. Similar thing? MW: Kick and punch same thing? Exactly Exactly MW: So how do you punch hard in this kind of thing? JT: Most people think, you just use your fist JT: And your arm, that’s not true JT: You have to use all the muscles in the body JT: Start from the legs, and drive through JT: So you drive from the legs, then the hip power JT: So the hip power for the rotation JT: And then from there, that’s when the shoulder JT: Biceps, triceps and the fist JT: Come into play after that MW: So that’s how you’re getting the whole body in a good stance and whole body together MW: So whole move body pump that together, so that’s how you do the movement MW: So if you want to use this one, show moving around MW: Give a few, show them a few basics MW: You see when he’s coming in MW: Amount of force, he’s forcing in MW: Like the body, see the whole body MW: Like that, yeah MW: That’s how you get the whole body and movement together yeah MW: You understand, so if you force the whole body, force it in JT: BAM BAM MW: Big difference. And that’s where to drive right in MW: You know your rib cage is gone then MW: To broken, and that’s how you’re going to talk about punching hard MW: Same thing, if you are in this position or you are here in the clothes MW: You’re trying the same, so your whole body MW: It work the same like that so force MW: Right through when you like this MW: Or you go like that MW: The whole body here like that, not this MW: YOU BITCH MW: You have to make sure MW: Whole body will go right in to the body MW: So that’s how you practise the basic MW: How to contact. Anything else we wanna hear about? JT: Also you have to make noise JT: You know that exertion of power, so if you JT: Look at Javelin MW: If you look at, you know, shot put where they scream and realease, they scream MW: So to get the whole power out there JT: We need that power, same when we go through our punch JT: That exertion of power to get maximum force JT: Don’t be scared, you’re a warrior JT: Your a warrior, you scream and you hit. And you break MW: And that is how you punch MW: Somebody hard, and you can see somebody MW: Some big boy here MW: Big, fat, ugly one like this MW: And that is the person, see that mark how big that is MW: That bash him up, and that is how to deal with somebody MW: Is that how you’re going to train? HARD MW: Okay for me the Master Wong here and my man MW: Okay he is doing the MW: 10k into the… Tell them a bit about 10k JT: Yeah 10k come see it JT: April 16th. 32 Athletes. JT: Going for 1 price. £10000. MW: And you will be there fighting yea? JT: I will be there, and this man will be presenting JT: I will be presenting, he will be there. If you wanna check him out, how to punch properly MW: Doing proper stuff, and that’s where he gonna be MW: So check him out onto the Facebook MW: And check me out I will see you later underneath there JT: Jordan Thomas Karate MW: Yeah MW: Jordan Thomas Karate, all the information underneath there MW: I will see you later on Subscribe to Master Wong HE IS THE REAL DEAL HE IS THE WING CHUN MASTER SUBSCRIBE BEFORE YOUR ENEMY DOES OR HE WILL MAKE YOU HIS BITCH TAKE CARE BYE

100 Replies to “How to Punch Hard and Correctly

  1. Same energies used when throwing a baseball. Sometimes you'll see guys wind up and throw complete slobberknockers to guys dome * practices in mirror and strains groin*

  2. These guys would have the shock of their life fighting my dad…..hes 6"5 154lbs and hes a 5th degree black belt and taekwondo …
    Considered the quickest black belt in state of maine …..knock both of those fuckers right out in a couple techniques

  3. These guys are very good fighters and I know what I say, but if you want to learn the best punching technics you should get into some video about boxing

  4. 2:48 no sound effects actually does anything to the power of your fist, only motivate you for idk more hits that youll do, and you can see that the end of his example the master said with confused face "and that's how…"

  5. If you can put the weight of your head inside your of your palm. Then your fist becomes like a wrecking ball..punch to punish. Kick to kill.❤❤

  6. So many rude comments. A bunch of 3rd graders in the comments. Listen learn and watch the fuckin video. Take notes. Most of y'all can't defend yourself. He's giving y'all free game. Where the fuck is y'alls attention? Dam children

  7. A Wing Chun practitioner suggested, in one of his video, that one should not used closed fisted punches in a street fight. I agree. I wouldn't use it anytime during the fight throwing it untimed, carelessly for the sake of throwing and only when i know i have him at my disposal easily to be hit by a closed fisted punch. 1 reason for that wing chun practitioner to back up his suggestion of not using closed fisted punches is because there is a risk of breaking your wrists and knuckles.

  8. My dad is a black belt and he taught me how to punch. If you have your hand in the right position your going to hit with your index and middle fingers nuckel

  9. Yeah, I punched a wall once, there's only one thing sure here, something's gonna give way, whether it's your fist or his skull is a matter for debate.

  10. It seems that the grip of your hand to the teacher is stronger than the second person because the momentum is greater. This is good when you learn mixed martial arts such as kung fu with a boxer or karate and a Thai boxer like in the UFC circuit. I appreciate your work wish I could see Jeet kune do

  11. Wong u can't even hold your hands up correctly let alone punch lol. The karate kid has a good 1-2 and that's where it ends. I wanna see some sparring tough guy, all u do is run your mouth!

  12. Dear Master Wong Keep up the spirit of training and don't stop making many more training videos on youtube. ?? ???✌

  13. Sorry Master Wong. The karate guy described it correctly. You did not. It is not the whole body rotating at one time. It is a sequence of rotations from floor to fist. When done correctly it almost looks like all at once, but it’s not. It is a much higher quality punch. This method works for all punches , including hooks. It is high level and will allow short range power to develop fully w minimal wind up. You are leaning too much into punch while trying to impale. Let power come from hips to shoulder and get reach w good footwork. The waist is mostly level w the ground and not tilting forward to propel the shoulder.

  14. 3:09 while the kick boxing guy was saying “be a warrior” and shit, master wing was just looking into the camera with a scared face?

  15. The art of martial arts have no financial gains only medals trophies. BOXING, Soccer, Rugby have financial gains . I like my kid he doesn't love martial arts like me. He loves soccer.

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  17. Master wong how can you win against a boxer if even yourself dont know how to throw a punch ?? Ohh i know you,ll gonna grab his egg? Lol

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