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  1. One of my favourite martial art videos from you to date, Dan. Hope you're doing well.

    We'll be in touch soon.

  2. I like the way you demonstrate and explain the moves.
    Obviously a good move if you are up against a thug with no martial arts training. Better watch it though if someone knows how to do a stop-kick!
    I can imagine Bruce would feint a leg kick, then go for the head 😉

  3. I really liked this video. Great explanations of proper kicks. The style I practice has same kicks. Once you achieve proper form, practice breaking three foot 2×4 pine wood to achieve proper power and follow through on your kicks.

  4. Great video post. That was also a technique taught to me years ago when I studied in the American Kenpo system. In fact we were also taught the bigger the opponent then work them down if you can like a tree. Take their legs out then work your other strikes. chest and neck or ribs , kidneys and ribs and vidal other points of pressure to try if you can successfully and knock the other guy out.

  5. I have been studying martial arts for years now doing it on my own but can you do some bag work on Jeet Kune Do?

  6. Wasn't it also one of Bruces' techniques to break the guys' posture, so he didn't have to kick high, but be able to both kick and punch in a lower height?

  7. High probability you're gonna pull something or get hurt throwing some flashy kick, and maybe it's raining or ice on the ground, so many variables. But a wild kick is the last thing I'd want to try just from an injury prevention standpoint.

  8. i see all the taekwondo people in my club practicing head-level kicks, 360, 420, 720 jumping kicks of all kinds, and i really cant be bothered. hell, i prefer not to even use simple spinning kicks, ESPECIALLY the spinning hook (if your going to, use spinning side, no-one expects it as much from TKD) front kick, side kick, round kick, hook kick, crescent kicks, axe kick (if your really flexible/tall) thats the craziest you should really ever go. and thats just for sparring. if your in a real fight? nah, to hell with all of that. toe stomps, and knee kicks. almost undefendable, fight ending when done right, just such a safe and reliable option. allows you to make use of reach without getting schooled by leg grabbers, not to mention its got a cool movie scene explaining why it works.

  9. well , l have saw during my life many teacher , many , ,.. but you are the best ! and l know what l am talking about trust me on this point !

  10. Oh wow, Dan. You're so impressive. You're not only a killer in business but you're also great with martial arts.
    Great mentor!

  11. Hey Dan, the kick you gave to the punching bag is very dangerous and can hurt the knee. I know someone who has been injured. It is best to practice this kick on very lightweight targets, for example you can use a thick rope hanging from the ceiling,
    But if you still want to practice the punching bag when you work on it you can only touch it without strength.
    Something else, I've seen people fight even after being kicked in the testicles, so I recommend practicing follow-up techniques that take into account the opponent's natural reaction but not its out-of-use.

  12. I learned, in southern style, the two gate system – high gate and low gate. Knee up, but never kicking above the waist, from a teacher with a pile of Tae Kwon Do trophies. He used to fight in tournaments just to show them their weaknesses. I am in my 16th month after two surgeries for a broken kneecap in a 10-speed accident. Kneecaps are vulnerable. Best to strike below the knee with a side heel kick to back the opponent off. This injury has set me back about $20,000 and put me in debt, even though I knew to go to Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok . It is rated #9 among the top International Hospitals, and provides the very best care at 1/8th of that in the states. Ever show up in an airport on a walker? Play fair until there is no further alternative.

  13. Have dan done this in a real fight or even in sparring? The oblique kick is not a knockout kick. If you want to destroy someones knee with it your opponent needs to have his leg straight. If the leg is bent its to no use other than not letting your opponent get close.

    Also. You cant simply walk in to someones kick and knock them out with a punch. 1. To knock them out you must time their kick so you go forward right wgem they start kicking. You must hit them before the kick is even halfways. Which is hard to do since kicks have a further distance. 2. Fighters keep their guard up as to not let you punch them in the face. In muay thai , if you kick a right roundhouse then you keep your right hand out to block any punches.

    I highly doubt that don dies any kind of sparring with any martial arts which has been proven effective, such as boxing, muay thai and mma to name a few. One more thing that strenghtens that conclusion is his attempt at a roundhouse kick at the beginning of the video. It was incredibly weak and he didn't even turn his hip. Probably didnt even pivot with is left foot.

  14. Dan I really enjoy all of your videos!!!! thanks again for your time and help! I am not a martial arts student of any form but I really get excited about JKD and am a huge fan of Bruce Lee!! How can I get my own tee shirt that I see you wear? Again I appreciate your time and help with the art!!!!

  15. He wrong on the part said it's a stomp. It's not stomp. Its kick and combo it up to finish the fight. Don't fight with control. Fight with intentions

  16. lol dam I thought I was going to see a kick to the pill's, but love watching your videos wish we had teacher's like that in Newfoundland

  17. If the distance close between you and you opponent tu executed correctly sidekick efficient sidekick you must do get up your knee higher.
    To fix an swinging shots you need distance or you must do go very speed very fast faster than your opponent walk on you. And this case it was necessary to use the the armed side kick.
    so anyway I think you use your sidekick about distance and camera so thank you for explanation so clearly and deeply.
    Best regards

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