How to Kick with More Power and Accuracy in Martial Arts

Howdy. Ando here from In my video, How to Kick Faster, I talked
about how to get your foot up off the ground. Today, I want to talk about the second part
of the kick— or most kicks– and that’s your chamber. Having a strong, balanced chamber is important
for at least three reasons. First, when you bring up that knee, you’re
setting up the big muscles of your thigh and butt behind the kick, so that means more power. Second, when you bring up your chamber, you’re
giving yourself the capability to kick up high, kick in the middle, or kick down low. So, that gives you more options. It also makes it harder for the other guy
to read what you’re going to do. Third, a chamber is the guidance system of
your kick. Wherever you aim that knee, well, that’s
where your foot is going to go. So, the more control and precision you have
over your chamber, the more accurate your kicks are going to be. So, today, let me give you two simple drills
to improve your chambers. If you do them, I think you’ll find your kicks
are going to get stronger and more accurate. Okay. Drill number one. Knee Ups. Now, I’m not talking about running in place
and hitting your hands. Although, that’s a fine exercise. I’m talking about trying to touch your shoulders
with your knees. Like this. Touch, touch, touch, touch. Now, keep in mind, I said touch your shoulders,
not hit your shoulders. You could create an impact here. (Grunts). Don’t get carried away and give yourself a
concussion. Now, do you always have to lift up your leg
that high to throw a kick? Of course not. But if you’re capable of doing it, you’re
going to give yourself some options. My only warning on this exercise is to not
cheat. I’ve seen some people get a little lazy and
they bend down to bring their shoulder up a little bit closer. And then inadvertently, they smash themselves
right in the face with a knee. Which is hilarious. Unless it’s you. So, don’t do that. Keep your head up and just touch your shoulder. If you want to make your Knee Ups more challenging,
then turn them into Knee Hugs. This time, instead of just touching your body,
catch your knee and give it a squeeze. This isn’t just good for developing your balance,
it’s great for building a habit of keeping your chamber close to your body. Sure, sometimes, I have a need for speed,
so I just stick that foot out there and kind of bypass the chamber. But if you’ve got the time, bringing that
chamber up and in recruits those big muscles so you’ll have more power extending your foot. So, be a lover and a fighter… get that chamber
up and give it a hug. If you’re having trouble getting your knee
all the way up to your shoulder, don’t worry. Let me show you a little trick. The truth is I’m not just lifting up my leg
by itself. If I just lift up my leg and keep my back
straight, well, my leg only goes so far. Once I get my knee to its top point, well,
then I use my lower abs and my hip to swing the leg up. So, this is a full body movement not just
a leg movement. So, crunch your core and bring that leg all
the way to your body. If you want to practice the same feeling of
this move another way, hey– try good, old-fashioned mountain climbers. No, not like that. That’s how babies do it.>>What did you call me? You heard me. Okay, that’s a little better.>>Damn right. But you could still crunch your core a little
bit more. There you go. Your goal is to get your foot in between your
hands… or as close as possible. Just keep your head up and work slow and steady. An even better drill is to add a kick after
the hug. So, hug-kick. Hug-kick. Just chamber up, find your balance, and let
that foot fly. If that’s not enough for you, okay, hotshot. Try adding a hug after the kick, too. So, hug-kick-hug. Kick-hug. Kick-hug. You can either alternate legs or
maybe try for 10 on the same leg without putting your foot down. Oh, by the way… so far, I’ve only been demonstrating
chambers for maybe a front kick, but you could do the same thing with side kicks, or round
kicks, or whatever kicks are in your arsenal. Which brings us to Drill #2. Drill #2. One of my favorite ways to warm up for kicking–
freestyle chambering. I just mean do a little shadowboxing, but
instead of focusing on your kicks, focus on setting up your kicks. Remember–if your chambers are floppy and
sloppy, then your kicks will be floppy and sloppy. So, make your chambers as strong and precise
as you can. And that’s your tip— train your chambers
as a separate skill set and, I promise, your kicks will be more powerful and more accurate
than ever. If you liked this video, hit subscribe. And don’t forget to find the link to sign
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