How to Kick Faster in Martial Arts

Whew! Hey, guys. Ando here from
Today, a fast tip for fast kicks. Sometimes, when people try to make their kicks faster,
they put all their focus into how fast their foot can stick out. Which is fine, that’s
half the kick. The second half. My advice is to spend a little bit of your training
time on the first half of your kick, which is how fast you can get your foot up off the
ground. Because here’s the thing, no matter how fast you can stick that foot out, well,
if I see you shift your weight and pull your leg up, man, I’m going to be home and
halfway through a sandwich by the time your kick gets there. So, today, let me give you
a tip to help you get a leg up on the bad guy by getting your foot up off the ground
faster. I’ll bet we’ve all had that experience where
you go to class, you throw a thousand kicks, and then your hip flexors are burning. And
then you start thinking, “Man, I gotta make these muscles stronger.” Well, not
so fast. When you feel pain, that’s really just your body talking to you. It’s telling
you, “Man, you suck. Man, you’re doing this all wrong.” When it comes to kicking, if you
feel your hip flexors burning, well, that means that you’re treating your leg like an
anchor. You shouldn’t be using your hip flexors to drag your leg around. What should you do?
Well, my body tells me something different. My body says don’t pull your leg up off the
ground, push it instead. I think of kicking like running a sprint–
which is why I’m on a track. When you run a sprint, you start with your foot on a starting
block. When the gun goes off and you’re ready to run, you don’t pull your leg up, you push
off. You explode forward. Well, it’s the same idea for kicking. I want you to think of the
whole world as a giant starting block. Feel the connection between your foot and the ground.
Right now, I don’t care if it’s just the ball of your foot or you’re flat-footed–
we can talk about that another time. The point is when the gun goes off and you’re ready
to kick, you should feel that back foot pushing you forward and exploding off the line. That’s
the trick to a fast kick. Let’s break this concept down into three simple steps. Step 1: Push the foot. Pretend your foot is
a basketball and just bounce it. Dribble it. Try not to use your hip flexors at all, just
relax your leg and use your calf muscle. I mean, that’s what the calf muscle is designed
to do, right? To lift your foot. So, let it do its job. Don’t go crazy– this is not
a big move. You’re just trying to get the leg moving. Step 2: Push the hip. Once you get your foot
moving, keep it moving. Push the hip forward and let your leg swing up into a chambered
position. Drive it up just like you’re executing a knee strike. You can chamber straight up
or to the side. either way, the double push from your foot and core will give your hip
flexors a break. Step 3: Throw the kick. Remember, the challenge
is not how fast you can move your foot from the chamber to the target, but from the ground
to the target. So, focus your training on exploding off the line and you know what?
There’s a good chance you’ll knock the sandwich right out of my hand. Another great way to improve your explosiveness
off the line? Hit the stairs. That’s what I’m going to do right now. In case you haven’t
seen it, I have another video called, “Stair Workout for MMA.” I’ll put the link below.
Check out that video. It will give you even more ideas to put some pep in your step. If
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