HOW TO “KIAI!” | Karate’s Battle Shout — Jesse Enkamp

do you practice the kiai kiai is that battle scream that shout that we use in the Asian martial arts especially karate the first part of the word key actually means energy in Japanese the second part I means to join or to unite in other words you’re compressing and then delivering releasing all of your energy concentrated in your punch your strike your kick or your blow however it’s important to understand that you should not scream GI that’s just the name of this phenomenon instead you should aim for the fighting spirit feeling and don’t think of any specific word don’t think feel now secondly it’s important also to know that you should not scream with your throat instead try this push your hands in above your hipbones like this and then cuff could you feel your hands expanding to the sides good that’s because you’re using your deep internal core musculature those same muscles should be used when you do the kiai that’s why a great exercise for ki is the silent ki I want you to try it the key eye with your hands on your sides but don’t make a sound and make sure that you’re using your deep core muscles instead of your throat I’ll demonstrate could you see that I use the exact same muscles as I did previously when I did the coughing and that’s the correct way to cure I hope this video can help you understand key I better make sure to try this exercise and the good part is you won’t wake up your neighbors so you can do it at home as well good luck and train hard

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