How To Intercept An Attack In JKD – Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

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  1. Hi, new subber here, I like what you do. I like your videos and I thank you very much for sharing what you know with us. I find it very interesting. I studied under Grand Master James Crowder who learned Kenpo from his Grand Master Jerry Knowles who brought what he had learned from years in Okinawa. Master Crowder boiled off a lot of show and taught it. Toward the end of a ten year learning experience I began to read "The Toa of Jeet Kune Do and found it to be extremely interesting. So much so I was inspired to write down what I read (I didn't own the book but was borrowing it from a friend) and drew pictures and my main stance is from his book, sideways stance with one hand low (protecting the groin) and one hand high (protecting the opposite jaw). It has a Floyd Mayweather look and feel to it and you shoot the left jab from the hip. It is very fast and distracting which allows for about any other follow up you want to take. I love what you do. I'm broken down now and old with a bad back and can't do anything but nurse it into a painless day. I made it to 4th degree black before having quit over my health and I miss it so much and it's nice to watch you guys work out. Thanks for that happiness.

  2. strangely enough I have developed this sense in a way recently, I am able to attack my enemy exactly when they are attacking, I play video games, but I can still feel my enemies intent to hit… and then I counter attack and catch them off guard, sometimes I even let them think i'm open and hit them as they go to attack, dan lok, if you would like to know how to do this I may have an answer to this skill

  3. Your vids are very informative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing these principles. I’m 5’4 and weigh 125 lbs. people doubt my ability in combat and you make me feel like I can do some damage. Keep up the good work Dan!

  4. I Used the principles in JKD to wing chun, and it works I Kinda punched my friend when he was still about to punch me ps: we were having a friendly spar but I was a bit brutal


  6. if I have high emotional quotient, would that literally be the difference between the reaction and knowing when to strike rather than watching small movements, body hints, and cues? Kinda like when u can feel when ur words angered someone who is quiet but letting sit without expressing it. (even tho I feel people force themselves to express their feelings when they block them off)

  7. Incredibly awesome! !!

    The interesting thing for me is that Lee's philosophy is usable in all kind of martial arts not just confined in to his special type JKD

  8. I knew Joe Lewis back in the day, are you referring to the kick boxer. If so when did you train with him?


  10. It's funny I never see these guys in actual competitions or real fights! Yeah he's right it's easier said than done when you're hitting a dummy stunt guy that don't hit back! I once saw a one of these so called masters get their ass kicked by a MMA guy! Great way to get rich and run a business though

  11. I have probably watched all your videos Dan :), will keep on watching; I liked the verse on how the art can make you a better son, husband, and father. I just didn't like the use of the f word. I do not know it takes some seriousness out of the vids, the art is about temperance is it not?

  12. Now this is – imho – one of the best videos about a specific martial art ever made.
    It is honest, shows the basic idea and philosophy without any posing.
    Very impressive.

  13. I'm late to your Jeet Kune Do page but I absolutely Love your discipline,Mr.Lok. I hope you make some more martial arts vids in combination with your mindset vids. You do great work,Sir.

  14. Those concepts make all the sense in the world, regardless of the martial art studied. Crawl, walk, run, jump, fly… It takes a lot of time and effort to develop to a point, where 'basic knowledge and physical techniques', start to become 'advanced natural execution'… where one does things without having to think about them… and just does them naturally when needed and does them at the right time, with the right placement, and the right level of force.

    Bruce worked hours on end to develop those abilities… and the hard work paid off, not just in the physical ability… but in terms of the almost legendary confidence he carried with him in life.

    Definitely enjoy your videos Dan!

  15. In the short time I’ve discovered your channel you’ve helped gain a deeper understanding of martial arts and training. Your channel has helped me further my life goal. Thank you for the experience

  16. Really enjoy these videos. As a child I was introduced to American Taekwondo and was lucky enough to spat with people like Chuck Norris. Understand I was only 9 at the time but he was less than impressed when I kept asking him about his meetings with Bruce Lee. I stopped practicing a couple years later at brown belt because of my parents divorce. Fighting became a way of life for me due to the schools i had to attend. One of those schools the beat on you because you are different. Bruce is very inspirational to me. As are these videos. It's not the same but it's still inspiring to know that there are people out there with more than just themselves in mind.

  17. Dan Lok, great video. Your vids are really interesting, really helpful, and it truly shows the importance of observation and reaction.

  18. Excellent explanation – not interpretation – of Jeet Kune Do, The Way of the Intercepting Fist. ?

  19. Martial Arts saved my @$$ many times. It is more than a hobby, an art. Its an unseen weapon I carry.

  20. This was the lesson my father taught me when I was in the first grade. He said “always try to avoid a fight son..but know your opponent, read him, expect him to be to fight dirty, because most real street fighters are dirty fighters. So, if you realize that you can’t avoid a fight, don’t wait on him, hit him first and never, ever throw just one punch. Keep hitting him till he goes down, then stomp on him untill you’re sure he’s not getting up. Then and only then is the fight over”…still the best advice I have ever gotten when it comes to fighting. As a result, I have never believed in self-defense; I have always practiced self-offense. Great vids though sift! Especially, since most people who have not been in many real fights, wait on the fight to happen to them…screw that.

  21. In self-defence Bruce Lee had what was called a stop hit… in order to do that you have to know what a leg check or an arm check is!

  22. The wing Chun, I mean the original one is doing the same thing atack and defense at the same time.. First you start with one punch, one sound, later 2 punches 1 sound and later on 3 punches 1 sound, and if is not like that that my friend is not real wing Chun,Is something totally wrong ,so I'm sorry for this contradiction but you don't have write in this point!! Of course Bruce was and it will be my idol like many other martial practicioners, and to talk about another aspects, their is no better or worse style, I bealive the measure of a martial art is been given always by its students.. So their for I say that they are only bad students, and no bad styles

  23. How do you stop a grappler ( j j ) ? …they tend to attack center of balance…1st ,then grab a body part and twist it …..

  24. I’m not trying to correct anything, but I’ve found in sparring situations the stop kick at the knee/shin works best if you hold your balance or lean away instead of putting your weight forward. The reason for this is because if you miss or your foot slides of, you’re slipping right into your opponent. Not hating or anything. Just thought I’d share my experience with the technique. 🙂

  25. Few years ago, I was lost and tried different kinds of martial arts. I'm not putting down any system but I found myself in JKD for it was an art without a system and it actually requires you to honestly and completely express yourself. There's no JKD school here. All I know about JKD came from this channel, from you Dan and from the books and quotes of Bruce.

    JKD.. it isn't about fighting. It isn't even about teaching you something like this or like that.. It's about continuous learning and adapting the good, disregarding the bad ones and putting you in shape not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    I've been practicing JKD for roughly 3 years and also Wing Chun for 2 months and I learned more about myself and how I see life.

    Just like martial arts, life is not about getting breakdowns and losing something, it's actually learning from something and using it as an advantage the next time you face another challenge. It's about being true to yourself and what you are capable of not fighting someone just to get a girlfriend. And just like life, martial arts is a life without system where you have to express yourself honestly and comepletely. You have to stop yourself from being imprisoned in a specific style because it prevents improvement.

    You'll find the true essence of martial arts in you…

  26. I have been putting off martial arts for a long time
    It’s time for me to start
    Thank you Don
    You are a true inspiration

  27. So in case viewers know, aside from being a bad ass martial artist this guy (Dan Lok) is also a very successful businessman. I've watched several of his professional videos and have learned so much about the business process from the prospect to the close from this guy. He's amazing

  28. Great video I have studied different arts for years and love JKD. I am visually impaired and I can't rely on looking at the eyes, bu I can look at the areas from the shoulders to the hips and can see the intention, but it takes time to learn I do the best I can and always have done so, but the videos here in this series are great wish we had them years ago. Thank you Mr. Lok for presenting this in such a positive way and for motivating folks with no nonsense stuff that you get from others. I took a lot of time off from training and you are inspiring me to get back into it so many thanks.

  29. I wonder if with Jeet Kune Do, since we attack first when the other person is attacking, in the actual situation and in court, you might be asked: who attacked first?

  30. Way Of The Intercepting Fist…or Foot or Elbow or Knee or whatever part of your body you can use like a weapon to intercept an attack. Also it is sometimes easy to intercept intention because less advanced players look intently at where they intend to strike or grab. My favourite intercept is to kick the leg the kicker is using to kick with before it has come half way up when they are attempting a rear leg roundhouse. If you've properly learnt the mobility and footwork described in JKD Tao and the Fighting Art books it becomes apparent very quickly that you can now execute any technique sometimes what seems ten times faster than the classical approach to footwork when punching/hand striking, blocking/parrying or kneeing/kicking in Karate, Kung Fu or Tae Kwon Do…this intense unlearning and relearning how to use the body efficiently for certain tools is hard, but worthwhile. To be a proper JKD man you must be willing to empty your cup even though it is full of all you thought you could need to know.

  31. You have reinvigorated my love for Wing Chun, JKD, and the philosophies that they brought. Thank you.
    "The eyes see it,
    But no hands can take hold.of it
    –The moon in the stream."

  32. I've been checking out your videos for a while, and I have to admit, I'm impressed. You're a real inspiration. Thank you for confirming that my dreams can become reality.

    PS: how the hell did you get so fast? I'd really appreciate it if you could share that with me (and anyone else who is interested of course).

  33. This is “intercept the intention” that you’re describing it’s nothing special. It’s called telegraphing. And every martial art teaches how to read telegraphs and every martial artist strives to telegragh as little as possible.

  34. That’s JKD some of the other videos on here that claim that they’re doing JKD is not JKD. They are doing rehearsed routines which is what Bruce said was counterproductive. This is coming from a student of Ted Wong who was one of Bruce’s original students. The technique isn’t what’s important (that’s a given) but the concept is.

  35. Dan, I've seen bjj people who left jkd after getting ground and pounded. Because they didn't understand jkd, what works on the ground is wrestling/jujitsu/grappling and so it is a necessary part

  36. Without discipline.. your core, soul, and mind will stagnate… As a teenager, I was always alone. Which became a explosive anger from lack of my peer's understanding. That led me to my first fight, my first day, in a new school after my house burned down. I was maybe 12/13 years old. I was using the restroom when a boy came from behind me and tried pushing me into the urinal. My first reaction was,"why are you pushing me"(minus a fowl word or two). Instantly he attacked me with wildly thrown fists. I took 3-4 hits before I asked him, "i hope this is what your intentions where" which was obviously to pick on the new kid. My mind wasn't disciplined, that's when i struck back.. it wasn't my intention yet my first strike broke his nose… the fight was done… or so I thought.. the karma was the new kid broke a kids nose first day, he must be a bully. I got in alot of trouble for just defending myself… that's when I remembered Bruce say on TV interview about knowledge being key … then I realized, my mind was not mature, therefore created a need/want for self control to have the knowledge of myself, to not allow anger to blind me. The very next day I joined a MMA class. Which still today, was the only reason I harnessed my true knowledge. Your battles are rarely chosen. The anger, yet was the misconception from my untrained mind. "How could I be flowing water if I was always heated?" I asked myself. Until I watched your videos today, I was clueless to why MMA was my home, my comfort and I see that is the knowledge I was missing… I was too worried about wanting everyone to like me I forgot to like myself.. MMA as now my only way for structure and peacefulness.. with that being said, Dan, when I watch these videos I finally see.. "I'm a human being" and with training I can overcome and outweigh the cons by never stopping. Water flowing can erode mountains, but it's the river that give the water direction. .. I could really use your help with understanding my fears and feelings through JKD. I was trained BJJ, 6yrs and none of the hrs in that dojo did I understand as much as I understood your videos. I dont expect a reply but The closed mouth doesn't get fed. I had to ask you for any advice that could help me understand myself through MMA, especially JKD. I'd love to be able to learn more from you man. Thank you for your peace and knowledge, spread throughout your vids.. with every motion, you remind me of Bruce Lee. A human being.

  37. How would you explain this to a Judge in your defense?

    I read his intentions and struck him before he could hit me.

    Reading intentions may win you a fight in combat but will it win you a case in court?

  38. It's the most awesome video about JKD philosophy I've ever watched!! I'm a JKD instructor from Kyiv Ukraine. I always learn. And it's one of the most importaint things in Jeet Kune Do, to be an eternal student!

  39. Love watching your videos. I have been taking jkd for 2 months now. I am 55 and I am in martial arts for the long term. Thankyou for your videos.

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