How to Increase Your Speed for Martial Arts and Fighting

How’s it going? Ando here from and Happy Life
Martial Arts. Speed and power. Power and speed. These are the two topics I get the most questions
about. Well, I already made a video about power,
so today, let’s talk about speed. I’ve got three quick tips for you, but then
stick around for one major reality check. Three quick tips. Here we go. Tip #1: Don’t wind up. Look. If my fist needs to travel from Point A to
Point B, I don’t take a detour to Point C. That might actually triple the distance
that my fist is traveling. I mean, look. Instead of just going from here to there,
my fist starts here, goes back there, has to return to Point A, then it goes there. That’s triple the distance. So, even if you’re just winding up a little
bit, you’re still adding time to your technique and that’s dangerous. Don’t do that. No winding up. Tip #2: Stay loose. If you lose your temper and get angry, I know
that feels powerful, but it’s slowing you down. Some of your muscles are trying to do their
job, the rest of your muscles are actually holding you back. So, if you want to be fast, keep your emotions
in check and stay cool. Tip #3: Practice. Once you lose all that tension and once you
stop winding up, then you’ve got to train yourself to just use the muscles you need
to throw your techniques. Always make it a goal to be as efficient and
as economical in your movement as possible. Okay. So, those are your quick tips. Now, for the reality check. The fact is no matter how cool you are or
how much you practice, you can’t just keep getting faster and faster. At some point, you’re going to hit your limit. And as you get older, you’re going to be
horrified to find out that that limit starts to decrease. Rapidly. Trust me on that. But don’t worry, because even though you can’t
keep getting faster and faster objectively, you can increase your speed subjectively. What the hell does that mean? Take a quick look at my logo and I’ll tell
you. Quick story. I was rolling around the other day with this
young whippersnapper. And when I say young whippersnapper, of course,
I mean, dirty #$%. So, we slap in and I’m doing a really good job of keeping him off
of me and controlling the distance. And right when I was feeling so proud of myself. AGH! He jumped up and popped my elbow with an arm
bar before I had time to tap. It’s taken me two months to get this elbow
to stop clicking. Oh, that young whippersnapper. How did that happen? I mean, It’s not like I don’t know what
an arm bar is and it’s not like I couldn’t have been moving faster to keep up with him. But I didn’t. Why? Because I didn’t think I had to. I was hypnotized. I got tricked into thinking that we were going
to keep moving at one fixed speed, but when that speed wasn’t working fro him, why that
young whippersnapper jumped it up a notch. In this case, recklessly, but effectively. My bad. But just to be clear—the secret to his success
wasn’t the armbar, it was his manipulation of time. Here’s the good news. You can do that, too. If you want to make your best move seem even
faster, well, then set it up by moving slower first. It’s like a snake… hypnotize the other guy
into thinking this is as fast as we’re going to move, then explode. This is what the pros are doing when they
talk about setting the pace of a fight or breaking rhythms. They’re just manipulating time. So, maybe you set someone up with a lazy jab,
then you pop in that number two. Or maybe in self-defense, you try to keep
things cool, like, “Hey, man. I don’t want to fight,” then you pop that
fool in the face. The point is if you mix up your timings, you
can mix up the other guy’s mind and that will make it seem like you’re faster than
you really are. So, when it comes to speed, don’t just focus
on how fast you can move, focus on setting up your moves so the other guy doesn’t see
them coming. Because the truth is no matter how fast you
are, if you’re always moving at one speed, well, you become predictable. And predictable means beatable. My recommendation is to take your favorite
combos and try mixing up those speeds. Maybe you start off slow, you set a rhythm,
then change that rhythm and speed up. Or maybe you attack really fast, then hold
back, then go back to fast. You don’t want to be predictable. You want to be a master of manipulating time. Think of it this way—your goal is not to
just be as fast as you can be, your goal is just to be fast enough to get the job done. Believe me, as you get older, it’s crazy to
keep focusing on speed and power. The smarter bet is to focus on becoming clever
and tricky. Diabolical, even. So, train yourself to be a master of setting
rhythms, breaking rhythms, and manipulating time. Hypnotize your opponent and you should have
all the speed you need. If you liked this video, thanks for giving
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keep fighting for a happy life.

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  1. Hello sensei you're doing great ..All your videos are awesome..thank you so much..👍👍👍
    Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. I really appreciate the application of your videos. I am a little faster than I was when I was a young whipper-snapper. I am for a few reasons; I train experienced students who are fast and I have to be faster, my education is in bio-mechanics of movement so I understand better now and lastly because I am crazy and I took the advice of my students and challenged Guinness World martial art records twice. I won the 1st title and now am going after 2nd (fastest punch). I am older like you and I'm training to be faster, I'm a little crazy but that's o.k. F.Y.I. I have to beat 40mph punch, but I think I there.

  3. Hi Ando. Great Channel and glad I found it. I have not training in Martial Arts for nearly 30 years and want to go back to it. Im in ok shape. Any advice for the 47 year old?

  4. All awesome advice that most people are never taught in their art. I think the last one will be the hardest for them to figure out how to do on their own without a good teacher there to help give them the experience. There are also many other ways to address speed and the perception of speed.

  5. Self Defense number #1. Avoid a fight never use attitude and pride. Never telegraph your skills. #2 Walk away if possible. #3 End a fight with one motion and render aid. #4 Live somewhere safe!

  6. Changing the rhythm wasn't something I ever thought of. I'm fast but then people can get used to it. Mixing up the rhythm is soo good and I love playing mind games in my spars.

    Thank you for the wise tip!

  7. Sir I want to learn basic of martial arts so please are you having any id on facebook so please send me your videos my user name Mohammad yunus

  8. Thanks I needed a tip
    I'm in karate and I beat two of
    The best fighters in the second class
    But I have more to go u really helped me thank u so so so
    So much😃

  9. Point A to point B detour to C has nothing to do with the ACTUAL SPEED,it's about economy of motion and saving time, but by SPEED I think everyone refers to it as the body''s ability to move faster, contracting the muscles more efficiently. You can delete any unnecessary movement from your technique, doesn't mean your body improved speed, only that you learned how to reach your target in less time.

  10. I have a short temper but I use my anger for strength and speed because I stay in control sometimes I try not to get angry so thx for telling me to stay calm

  11. Ok I posed up and tried to hit my dummy i tried to hit like you did and it was super fast I couldn’t see my hand but just a blurry figure move back and fourth

  12. you increase speed by moving faster and doing training that makes you faster and training your muscles and brain to fire quicker. eg making your body lighter for its self so you can move it easier. like a fat dude with skinny legs trying to run.., now same dude no fat and leg muscles that can carry 3 times his upper body weight.

  13. Sensi Ando pure wisdom, I've really learnt a lot from your videos, you have a beautiful mind and practical ways. My full support Sensi Ando, I would love to talk with you about psychophysics and psychophisiology MMA, Tendons and Neurology and other related subjects

  14. Thank you. I am 53 and still have it. All is mind, let go of the false self. Everyday I want to learn more. I do not think it jst happens as catching a baseball. I have gotten wounds from the many battles and I still have pain. This is why I love the way you simplify kicking.

  15. Sorry but there is no way I am going to share this video. Don't want any of the "young whippersnappers" I have to spar with seeing it..

  16. Speed is mental. Here is a video I made to help cultivate and develop that.

  17. If i try I can hit 6 punches in 3 seconds. And my fist has my middle finger slightly out, causing all energy to go in one area

  18. It's nice to learn from people who made mistakes and share what they learned from it. Less arrogance more wisdom. Thank you so much. You are truly a good teacher.

  19. Amazing as always. The manipulation of time and cadence was in bruce Lees Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Also ive seen the same concept played out in Ufc champ Max holloway's striking style

  20. Feint is a good way. I fight using fist without using leg then when they don't expect me to use my leg, I send a roundhouse kick to his face by a feint and knocked him out.

  21. Thanks Ando, there might just be hope for me lol… I'm 52, and yes feel 152.. back to the basics….mix up rythem and speed and practice, yes I need to get to practicing again..

  22. By cocking you tell them what you are going to do. Same with feet. The art of the feet is the same as the hands in a way. You can do a JKD front hook kick or it can be called the the front roundhouse. (Meaning the starting point of the leg) It has a little less power but it never misses with the proper timing. (Break the Rhythm) I believe in using all. I can act like I am going to use my lead foot to kick because now that I told you it is now routine. Than I deliver the back left like a left cross with the foot Everything has to do with the play. Never be to serious take it lightly. I was reading Bruce Lee's commentaries and he said, "if they are cool be cooler. Be the matador not the angry bull. Blind side them you can move left to the side or right to the side. Keep the Veil on what your intentions are.

  23. Wassup Ando thank for the tips it help me even though i been in martial arts all my life i got three black belts for three different styles and been training in some mma everything helps i have be feeling bothered that somedays have good days when i train and feel the good energy flowing but there are the days when i am not having a good day my energy is just not there even all the many years been training i am 36 i just want to know how to keep me more energy going and keep me going.🙂👍😎

  24. I always found speed to be the most key thing when fighting, im sure there's more to it however seems to work for me in a bar/street fight , am i wrong ? be constructive if you reply, im just curious what others think.

  25. This is hard because when I increase speed I hit really hard and I always hold back even if they are trying to break my neck because whenever I’m training or fighting and I’m not holding back I just make their mouth bleed or hit their tooth out easily

  26. Hey there! Honestly speaking, I'm a Black belt in Martial arts, but unfortunately I had to take a break of of about 2 years.. And starting this routine again that is now, is really tough as that old speed, that old flexibility, those techniques and combo's is hard to get back.. Though I'm trying my best and practicing kicks daily as I'm having trouble practicing the round kicks and back kicks, could you please upload a video on them.. Because it's really great practicing kicks and all the stamina things by seeing your videos….. Please think of it of uploading the round and back kicks Sir .

  27. Hi Ando – Greg here again. On the subject of speed – this is the best video I have ever seen on the subject

  28. You can put your hands higher , lower your hands or even one inch punch your opponent but what I can't stand is unintended wind-up punches. I hates it so much that I would usually counter with a jab but I go for an elbow instead.

    Don't do it unless you distract your opponent let's say you jab then wind-up and get over your opponents guard and punch their face. Seeing a unintended Wind-up is like seeing someone side kick with their toes pointing up.

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