How to Improve Your Martial Arts Quickness : Reaction Punch Drills

Michael Lewis with Yeshua’s Ryu Martial Arts
on behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to talk to you today about speed drills. Now
we are going to help your reaction time by using a drill using focus pads. Now your partner
is going to have to be, going to have to sort of change things up for you, make sure that
there is no timing to it whatsoever, but your partner is going to hold up both shields.
One is going to be slightly closer than the other. Not dramatically like one’s out of
reach and the other ones to close but it’s going to be probably about six inches difference
between the two. Either the right is out farther or the left is out farther. Now my, my responsibility
in this drill is that I’m turned around here and I cannot see which one is closer. So immediately
as I turn whichever one I see is the closest, that’s the one I’m going to throw a jab to.
If I turn back around, I turn back; I’m going to punch the one that’s closest. Now, the
responsibility of your partner is to make sure that they’re changing it up, that they’re
not just alternating between one and the other. They?re going to have to change it up. Sometimes
the right will stay out three times and sometimes the left one will stay out two times and that
way you’ll begin to develop a reaction time. Because you cannot see what’s going on and
you have no idea and you have to turn around and your brain has to be able to figure out
which one is closer and which one to throw the jab to. If you want to make it a little
bit harder and more challenging, not only would you just throw a jab at either or, you
must throw a specific punch to whichever pad. So say if I’m going to throw a back fist at
this shield, if this shield is closer, I’m going to throw a back fist, however, if I
turn around and this shield is closer then I’m going to throw a reverse punch and that
way it makes it a little bit harder so you have to differentiate not only which shield
is closer and which one to attack first but also which strike to throw and of course you
can vary all your strikes so that you can practice all the way around and sort of cover
all your scripting of hand strikes.

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  1. skullsmasher01 (2 months ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply | Spam they ues to do this drill another way….they would turn around real quick and see which hand has the donut in it


  2. Just because your lead fist happened to touch something doesn't make it a jab. Enjoy your broken hand and your unhurt opponent laughing at you, fatty. When you've healed, learn2box.

  3. I don't trust fat martial artists…

    If I'd fight them I'd just move for more than 5 min or distract them with a choocolate bar

  4. would be nice to see some of these drills ..'in action' as it were..demonstrated and explained..maybe having both participants doing it..we could then appreciate the difference between sensei and student

  5. this drill would be fun to do, be nice to see this guy do it tho, he doesnt exactly strike fear in the heart as a black belt ,but on the knowledge tip good drill

  6. My problem isn't the "Weight" issue of this topic, its the "weight" of those punches!
    My god man, he's wearing BAGS on his hands and he looks like hes wrist slapping a child. Even if its a speed drill, the punches being thrown by this guy with his legs FIRMLY planted in the ground makes me wonder if they should be taking the classes versus teaching them

  7. lol subtitles. his accent isnt that fast and for once someone on expert village said something useful. this is great for recovery on any type of kick where u have to spin and expose urself.

  8. @a38gi But weight is also important.. well if you want HARD IMPACT punches or kicks… but still.. I prefer light weight.. But Hard punches and Fast kicks..

  9. It’s funny he teaches self discipline and yet he’s over weight?? How about going to a gym first Looooooooool these guys piss me off don’t motivate others if you can’t motivate you self first!!! Train hard or go Yard!!

  10. As an owner of a martial arts school myself I believe a black belt should lead by example… and being overweight is inexcusable for a black belt… discipline and control are the basics of all martial arts.

  11. So he is a big guy teaching karate, whats the problem? You guys are here to learn how to become better at youtube and not asking your trainer.

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