How to improve footwork in Taekwondo | Olympians’ Tips

My taekwondo tip for the day is something which is used
frequently and is fundamental. Steps. STEPS Practising steps can seem a little repetitive
and pointless, but when you train,
picture your opponent and their movement
in front of you. Using your steps, you can
dodge from kicks this way. Or, with head kicks, like this. With longer kicks, you can move forward while turning your shoulders
to dodge it. It’s not just a kick. There are many different kicks and even with short
and long kicks, there are tens of
ways to deal with it. For example, with a round kick. Depending on whether it’s a
long one or a short one, you might want to step
away if it’s short. Or in for long ones. If you train steps, imagine
your opponent in front of you and I believe you’ll get better and feel more natural in
real sparring situations. That was my first
taekwondo tip. I hope watching this video
was useful to many of you. Thank you. HOW TO…

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