How To Grow Your Martial Arts School (Without Wasting Money or Time) ???

– Many martial arts school owners have no idea how to navigate
the social media landscape. So these guys in Florida invited me to be the keynote speaker where I’m gonna teach martial arts school owners
how to attract more students and keep their old students and engage their online community using social media marketing. (upbeat music) My favorite part about social media is that you can use it for anything. Whether you have a martial
arts school, product, service, business, brand, it doesn’t matter because once you know how to
use it right it’s like a car. You can drive it or take it anywhere. (upbeat music) Yesterday’s trip took
18 hours door to door and I was exhausted by the end so now waking up at four a.m. It’s a beautiful sunrise
here along the coast and I’m just reading the attendee guide of this conference where I’m speaking at and look what they did. They actually gave me two full pages as the keynote speaker. Thank you very much. Huevos rancheros. You know as a martial
arts school owner today you cannot afford to not
understand social media because that’s where
everybody’s attention is. Have you ever noticed
people walking around checking their phones all the time. Well you should be there
in the phone, right? Makes sense, yet I see so many people wasting both time and money and resources and doing a pretty bad job at social media and it does more harm than it does good for their school’s brand. (birds singing) (upbeat music) (screaming) And six, alright? – So how do I get a station black belt? – Well, you have to earn it. You don’t get it. (laughing) – I’m gonna earn it. – It’s almost showtime. Social media is all about understanding how to distribute and
manage attention of people ’cause you only have a few seconds to catch somebody’s attention
before they keep scrolling. The exact same principle applies offline and that is why I’m gonna
be wearing this pink belt to illustrate a very important
principle of social media and catch people’s
attention from the beginning of the keynote until the very end. (audience applauding) Thank you, thank you. Social media, the most
misunderstood medium of communication in the 21st century. In my experience most
martial arts school owners fall into one of three categories when it comes to social media. Those who use it fully but
not always in the right way. Those who used it half assed because they still it’s a
fad that only the kids use and those who don’t use it at all because they’re still skeptical. Maybe you wanna attract new
students, more students, the right students. Or maybe you would rather
keep your old students because as we all know
it costs seven times more to get a new student
than to keep an old one. Or maybe you just wanna
activate and engage your students online. And social media is not
a transactional process. It’s a transformational process. It’s about constantly
providing your audience, your market with content
that makes them know, like, and trust you. There are three ways that you
can stand out on social media. Either you could be the
first, which is very difficult or you could be the best,
which is also quite difficult or you could be different, easy peasy. And nothing keeps me more
productive than social media. Now when I say productive
I don’t mean busy, I mean efficient and resourceful. And the reason is simple. I’m not a consumer of social
media, I’m a producer. That’s when the time and money you spend on social media becomes an
investment and not a cost. That’s what social media does. It doesn’t take time and
money, it makes time and money but only if you use it right because I truly think that
anyone can be successful on social media if they just use it right, and all it requires is
a shift in your mindset because what worked in the past might not work for the future. Times are changing and if
you don’t change with them you’re gonna get left behind. (audience applauding) Whoa, if you guys wanna
see my full keynote I’m gonna post it on because it was too big
to include in this vlog. So just go to or click the link in the video description to watch my full keynote
about the three secrets of social media marketing that every martial arts
school owner needs to know.

58 Replies to “How To Grow Your Martial Arts School (Without Wasting Money or Time) ???

  1. Sensei Jesse, several months ago August 2018 I left a comment on one of your videos stating that I was about to open a Karate Dojo in Honduras Central America. I can say it has been successful, but My flow of new students has stopped and I have been thinking of ways to attract new students. This video has come as an eye opener for me, and your words very inspiring. Thank you very much. I wish you more success and also thank you for all you do for Karate. God Bless Sensei.

  2. Hey Jesse, my karate nerd dude. Another great video you posted. I’m thinking of doing the same how-to-grow-your-business technique that you’re doing for me expanding my social group that may have to do something with karate. Thanks for the idea and hope I can tell you all about it if I can. Keep up the vids.

  3. Great initiative Sensei Jesse, I was lucky enough to grown up in a family of marketing and economists. So even though I chose another path, I have been very aware marketing and especially using social media, but always responsible. But always with the Dojo in focus and what we can offer, but always targeted at everyone from 3 – 100 years old. You can never be too young or too old to start training Karate. Great video as usual, Sensei!?

  4. Excellent motivational and inspiring speech Sensei Jesse, greatly appreciated, Osu! ? ☺ ✌

  5. Greetings from Ukraine, Jesse! Great performance out there! How important for a karate school is to be in any sort of karate association?

  6. This where we at. All we have is 3 people cause we left our old school when my friend became a Sifu. I advertise on facebook, meet up groups, website. I get people interested but I can't get people to actually commit to coming. We do first class free and we got it cheap as hell right now. I was thinking about posting ads in gyms on billboards. We do wing Chun. But just out of a garage right now. But we live by military base so we trying to get a gym there where it's free. But definitely hard to keep people cause everyone thinks they can learn it all the first day.

  7. I totally agree with what you said. I take life like the old games of super mario if you don't keep mowing forward and adapting yourself in any situation using the tools that it is given to you correctly you might gonna be eaten by the world who keeps constantly moving forward and if you're not fast enough or efficient you gonna stay trap and left behind.

  8. Congrats bro I really like your vlogging quality, did you change any equipment? Maybe equipment showcase on a next vid? Check out my channel when you have some time I’d love an opinio/ comment from you. Os from a green belt in case you remember my grade. Thanks for sharing the speech.

  9. Hola Sempai jesse lo que veo muy interesante pero no puedo traducir al Español ! Veo tu pasión al Karate _Kobudo igualmente desde aquí Argentina Mar del plata Shorin riu Abrazo Oss .

  10. "ATTENTION!" is one of the most valuable currencies we can obtain. As you said, Social Media is one of the best ways to gain that from today's society. Great content as always.

  11. Jesse you are amazing 🙂 ….. could you please explain, How many classes are enough per week and how many hours per day ….?

  12. Thank you Jesse sensei for another great video! As someone who wants to open their own school in the near future, this information is incredibly useful.

  13. I'm going to say the thing that nobody wants to hear, which is that I think LUCK plays an important role as well. Some people do everything right but it still goes all wrong for them, for some reason beyond their control. I've had some small success with social media, which I attribute more to the stars aligning perfectly rather than to accept full responsibility, because, let's face it, I didn't know what I was doing. I threw something out there and it stuck. The takeaway from this is that if you throw something out there, and it doesn't stick, keep trying! There may have been something else going on in the world that distracted attention away from your work. If you keep trying, your odds of hitting it go way up.

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