How to get to Osaka Castle, and Osaka Castle Park Night Walk Guide with Local #217

it’s a really fancy bar I’m here by myself still people are practicing Kendo like a samurai can you hear the sound? life it’s beautiful even no money! hey guys welcome to Rion’s TV
I’m Rion “Seeeno” Gaooo! actually I am in front of Osaka
Castle maybe it doesn’t look like Osaka castle right yes but this is how the
nighttime Osaka Castle looks like I’ve seen many Osaka Castle video on the
YouTube and since I’m a Osaka local youtuber I wanted to make something
different so that’s why I’m gonna introduce about how the nighttime Osaka
Castle looks like I think that will be interesting but beforehand let me
explain how to get here and how long it takes from the train station by walking
alright so let’s go back to the station let’s go back this is JR and Midosuji
Morinomiya station if you visit osaka castle by train you need to get those
stations so basically when you get here you can see the osaka castle in
front of you so I believe you won’t get lost, but let me show you the way to
get there while I’m walking to Osaka Castle let me share my knowledge of the
Osaka, since there are so many videos explained about the castle itself on
YouTube I want to explain about the owner of the castle so Osaka Castle was
owned by Toyotomi Hideyoshi he was the first person who reign all over Japan in
Sengoku period many Japanese people like him because he was from really
lower-class family but became a general at the end yes it is a huge success
story like an anime speaking of his story when he served his former Lord he
was called monkey and it is really popular story in Japan
so whenever Japanese people hear about his name we immediately remember a
monkey he acted like a clown in front of his former Lord but he had the huge
dream in himself after the former Lord dead he successfully reign Japan yes
sounds like a really strategic person right
yes maybe that’s a reason why Japanese people like him as well so when you get
here actually inside the park you can find Lawson and Starbucks, plus bakery so
if you worry about a convenient store don’t worry about it because you can
find one of the most popular convenience store Lawson inside the park that’s good
okay so let’s keep walking towards to the castle let’s go there are several
ways to get to the castle but this is my favorite way to go there the reason why
I like one it is faster – two you can enjoy the view so I recommend to use this
street when you get here you can turn left so that you can get to the castle the reason why I love this route a lot
because you can see a lot of autumn leaves you see the autumn leaves over
there it is beautiful right and also you can hear a lot of nature sounds yes this
is the reason why I love this route okay so let’s keep walking one thing you have to be careful about
this route as you can see there is a huge stairs over there so if you have
strollers or huge luggages probably you shouldn’t pick this route anyway so
let’s keep walking can you see the castle over there still
a bit far but you can see the right by the way look at this actually they have
an illumination area the price is 1,500 Japanese yen well I
believe it should be good since there are so many free illumination
in Osaka so this time I skip that from here finally you are going into
the castle area at this place you can see the town from the castle side look it’s beautiful right and also you
can have great view of osaka castle all right so let’s keep walking as you see
it’s a long way to walk to the castle but don’t worry about it there is a
shuttle to the castle inside the park so if you’re with small children maybe you
can use the ride the price is 300 JPY adults and 200
JPY for childrens so it’s not that bad and here we go that’s the Sakura Mon
which is the main gate of the osaka castle and look at that this place used
to be water you can find beautiful grasses and then, what is that?
something white it’s beautiful though alright so let’s keep walking look at this gate actually it is really
thick and heavy I’m wondering how many people are dead in front of this gate
Wow I can feel the nice history over here and here I go this is the place that you
can enter the Osaka Castle it took a long time to walk to get here okay so
anyway let’s wait for the night all right night has come let’s start
exploring the Osaka Castle as you see even the Osaka Castle gets so beautiful
however we can’t get into the Osaka Castle but still there are so many
places to explore so let’s walking around the different
places as you see even in the night time there are so many vending machines over
here so whenever you get thirsty you can have a drink and even it’s a winter if
you wanna have ice cream here we go the price is 350 Japanese yen it’s a
Haagen-Dazs so not bad right anyway so it is really cold out here let
me buy drink so maybe this hot latte yes even it’s in a really cold winter you can
have a hot drink from the vending machine it is really warm okay so let’s
keep exploring speaking of this place even in the nighttime there will be less
people however I think it’s pretty safe look at that osaka castle over there
it’s beautiful and also next to the osaka castle there is a building called
Miraiza it’s a beautiful building right so let’s
explore inside the building let’s go well look at that it’s a really fancy bar
a beer prices from 700 Japanese yen which I think it’s not that bad
and I’m pretty sure you have a beautiful view from this place to be honest I
haven’t tried this place yet but I’m pretty sure it’ll be good so if you
wanna have a beer in front of the osaka castle in the night time maybe you can
try this fancy restaurant over here you might like it so that’s Miraiza it
looks pretty good, but seems like a bit pricey sorry that I can’t show you
guys inside the building maybe in the future when I get more subscribers and
then when I have more budget for the video I’m gonna show you guys how it
looks like from the terrace bar I can’t go to that fancy restaurant but I found
the wonderful seats over here whoo I found a good place you know on the
terrace will be really expensive to drink coffee but here 130 Japanese yen so good you see the moon tonight
it’s really beautiful I love in it yes life it’s beautiful even no money
alright so let’s keep exploring by the way this Miraiza opens until 10:00
p.m. so even you come pretty late night you can get here okay so let’s keep
walking look at that place over there the place
yeah I believe we can see the beautiful view not really, so let’s go back look at this Sakuramon in the night time looks totally different and also can feel the
atmosphere, silence I think you can feel the Japanese culture more that’s what I
believe in front of the osaka castle there is a
shrine this place called the Toyo Kuna shrine Wow look at this beautiful place
I’m here by myself it is a really good way to escape from the crowd right the moon is beautiful alright, sweetie let’s keep walking
and next to the Toyokuni Jinjya there is a Shudokan which still people
are practicing Kendo like a Samurai can you hear the sound yes
still they are working really hard and in front of the Shudokan
can you can see yep that’s the one I talked about in the
noon time the illumination streets look at that so this is the entrance of the
illumination Street it’s beautiful huh but it still I can’t pay 1500 JPY for this tonight
maybe then in the next video yeah I’m gonna try that anyway so let’s keep
exploring yeah I believe it must be beautiful all right so let’s keep
walking right now I’m walking next to the Osaka Castle look at the street it is
really quiet and you can see the Osaka castle as well I’d love to take a walk
in this place speaking of this place there are so many hotels over there next
to the Osaka Castle so if you stay there you can enjoy night walk here as you see this place is really fun to
take a walk and quiet as well however it’s better to be safe so if you are
lady by yourself then probably you shouldn’t come over here by yourself but
if you are with someone even in the nighttime this place should be safer all right so I came back to the first
place how was the Osaka castle night walk video it was beautiful right there
are many other Osaka videos so if you’re thinking to travel to Osaka please check
my other videos as well this video pretty much that’s it thanks for
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my videos, Arigato so bye bye

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  2. Bonjour Rion ! Gaoooo ?Editing is on fleek (maybe in my top 3 fav. videos on your channel) ???
    very useful, I discovered the visit of Osaka Castle in a different way by night, very cool full moon atmosphere! thanks for the great work ?
    Shudokan and kendo training by night should be amazing, do you think it's possible to visit?
    Arigatooooo ?? and road to 3k subscribers (and more coming, I hope) very soon??

  3. The night view is so beautiful and I also find it so peaceful and therapeutic to stroll down the park like this. Hope you reach 3000 subscribers soon. Ganbatte!

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  6. When we visited Osaka Castle, a volunteer historian showed us that the massive stones in the wall by the gate were actually two halves of the same stone. You could see the same blemishes and the way the curve of the rock was the same on both pieces. Very interesting.

  7. How beautiful! I love that you show the way up to the castle. I didn't know there was such a big park and so many things to see on the castle grounds!

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  10. Hi Rion,does this mean we can linger at anytime at this castle area?it doesnt have any time limits to walk or take photos with osaka castle at the background at night?

  11. Young Lion! ? This was a nice video. I wish you would have gone inside the castle, but maybe it isn’t allowed to shoot video in there. Still, the grounds are beautiful, and I’ve always wanted to go there.

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