24 Replies to “How to Get Out of Two-Handed Front Choke | Jiu Jitsu

  1. Or you could just tickle his armpitts and make him move on his own, then follow it up with a stiff palm to the nose. While his eyes are all teared up, punch that fuck in the wind pipe and kick his knees in the sides and watch him fall down. Just saying, I've been in a similar situation and this worked for me. I came up with it on the fly too. People can do crazy shit when they are under stress like that.

  2. "__" Check the black guy's hair lol !!!and i don't know y but i have the feeling that he is blind come replay and think bout it !!! X__X

  3. If your enemy tries to hit you with the knee…not a problem…if he tries to connect with a knee then he has just given you a super one legged opportunity to devastate him…You're low and centered, but the other guy is off ballance and standing on one leg…plus the head roll is rather high for an average guy, unless he is a kickfighter where he isnt gonna try to choke you like an amature…

  4. I have been a studier of the arts and fighting for surivival since a child. I grew up in the south Bronx where life was cheep. As a child I use to want to be like a white Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee.. At that time there were a lot of Vietnam veterans. They would sparr with me and show me ways of combat. They grew up in the streets as well and had a lot more to add. They taught me to always feel my way out by keeping it simple. There is no time to think in battle. There is no if he does this than you do that. I like how you keep your moves simple that will fit any situation. Thank you.

  5. Lol if u getting choked out by sum1 more powerful, n trained u finished lol no protection, I've done it

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